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  1. Basically what the title says. It'd only be for the VIP cartoons section. You'd create and manage a free google drive or mega account for me and give me the password so I can access it/upload looney tunes remuxes to it. They're remuxes of shorts from the platinum collection blurays.
  2. Dinosaurs are cool and all but definitely robots. It's not even close for me. I wish I could have a cybernetic body like in Ghost in the Shell. Idk if I'd want a cybernetic brain but I'd definitely want to replace every single body part except for my reproductive organs with cybernetic parts. UFC or WWE?
  3. I tilted my head back to chug a red bull (my 6th today that can't be healthy) and a bunch of it went up my already fucked up nose and it burned like a bitch fuck me for being so careless.
  4. Fucking electric grinder being a piece of shit and difficult and frustrating I need to get a mini blender so I can throw this piece of shit in the trash where it belongs
  5. There's also remuxes which are untouched rips, no encoding. These are THE highest quality video files. They're also fucking gigantic, movie remuxes can range from like 10-45gb. A 7 minute looney tunes short remux is 1gb.
  6. SPARKS, GECKOS, SA89, CHD, ROVERS, CiNEFilE, CtrlHD, DON, HDMaNiAcS, D-Z0N3, TayTO, WiKi, TrollHD, VietHD, REVO, niizk, philosophy-raws, the list is endless I could go on forever Hell theres a bunch here on Kametsu: Koby, Moby JJ, Shiro, Moodkiller, Pn8, CTR, deanzel, AC, Koten-Gars, ShadyKrab, Tooncore just to name a few off the top of my head I'm sorry if I left anyone out. SA89 used to upload here to but from what I understand he no longer has interest in animation and doesn't upload stuff here anymore. His uploads are still here. Most of if not all of Tooncore's links are down cuz someone dickhead kept reporting his links. #FreeTooncore
  7. Not only are they the absolute worst, but they're the only ones with significant amounts of seeders (sometimes the only ones with seeders at all) shit makes it impossible to get stuff in so much as what I consider watchable quality. Fuck YIFY and fuck everyone who fucks with YIFY. Y'all polluting the community imo. I do understand people not being able afford adequate storage space as well as operating systems capable of playing certain codecs and what not seeing as how I myself am broke, jobless and in debt; but I'm a quality junkie.
  8. Looks like I'm a goodfella now
  9. I'd donate but I'm broke/unemployed/owe a friend $2,000 I think I start working for my dad's boss sometime next month so I'll have to start donating whenever my first paycheck comes in
  10. While I roll with WB cuz of Looney Tunes I think the disney castle is a way cooler logo so I'm going with the Disney Castle. Not that disney isn't very near and dear to my heart, it's just that nothing's as near and dear to my heart as Looney Tunes. Oh snap Arian beat me to it while I was typing so I gotta answer his Bikini cuz it's more revealing. Both r mad sexy tho Chevy or Ford
  11. I see, I'd imagine it could get annoying getting notified every five seconds cuz a no-lifer like me has so much love for everything here lmfao. good thing I'm close to becoming VIP
  12. I'll have to like the post tm seeing as how I've used all of my likes for the day. I'll have to start donating for stuff once I start my job and get my first paycheck I feel like such a bum not being able to give back to this legendary forum this place means everything to me. Being unemployed and owing my friend like $2000 really sucks.
  13. Nothing worse than transferring with usb 2.0 that has to be one of my absolute biggest pet peeves
  14. Would it be possible to give users the ability to like more than 10 posts a day? This forum is way too awesome and likable to only be able to like 10 things a day
  15. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I'm so sick of everyone my age going no way bro Regular Show and Adventure Time are the best shows CTN ever had. While they're both totally awesome they're not nearly as good as the old stuff and I'm not just saying that cuz I grew up with it. I grew up with animaniacs and I while I thought it was the best show ever when I was 5 I don't think nearly as highly of it now, like the first time I rewatched I was like this is the best show ever out of nostalgia but the 2nd time I was like this is decent (although the Pinky and the Brain episodes are really really good those still hold up for me). Ren & Stimpy's one of my absolute favorite cartoons and I hate when people say you just say that cuz you grew up with it bcuz I acutally didn't. I was born in 97 and completely missed it I hadn't even seen reruns of it growing up. Sadly my first Ren & Stimpy experience was Adult Party Cartoon in like 7th grade (A horrible way to introduce such a legendary show) and as a result it didn't interest me too much. APC is meant for longtime fans who enjoy the spumco style and who can overlook the fact that Billy West isn't the voice of Stimpy (To me having someone other than Billy West play Stimpy is like having someone other than Tom Kenny play Spongebob, it just can't be done, it shouldn't even be considered). I only found it like a year and a half ago and have worshipped the spumco era episodes ever since. Fuck nickelodeon for how they did spumco tho as well as ruining the progression of american cartoons the moment the spumco squad brought us back to what made the cartoons of the 30s-50s the best cartoons of all time on top of ruining Ren & Stimpy. At least they're getting their shit back together with the progression of Spongebob I'm sooooooo hype for Spongebob's future. And you're damn right there's good Canadian cartoons. 3 of the 4 Best cartoons of our time are Canadian: Ren & Stimpy, Cow and Chicken/I Am Weasel and Ed, Edd n Eddy. You're also damn right that they started importing all the garbage ones. I'm glad you said up to 2008 cuz while many consider 2005-2008 the dark ages of CTN (unlike us we see that we've been in the dark age of CTN for 8 years) they had super fire shows. Camp Lazlo, Foster's Home and Chowder were soooooooo good. My Gym Partner's a Monkey was also one of my favorites from that time. Plus Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans. Not to mention the original Tom & Jerry every morning. Wtf happened to those days man. Cartoon Cartoon Fridays after school, The Top 5, all that stuff. At least toonami's back (and better than ever now that they play more adult stuff and censor anime less). Anyway LG cuz my last tv was a samsung that crapped out on me of nowhere for no fucking reason at all while I was watching Looney Tunes of all things, my favorite thing in the entire world and cuz my new tv's LG and it's 5 inches bigger and the picture quality and color is wayyy better than the samsung that crapped out on me. Damn that's quite a read sorry about that. I get super passionate about CTN and nickelodeon and how they've fucked up so much since I was younger. Pizza with extra cheese or pizza with extra sauce?