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  1. forgot to change the avatar url on AB
  2. lel \o/ has a very similar signature to myself
  3. just another 10 years and I will be there has a profile gif that makes me feel like I am being scolded by rias
  4. Isn't very good or creative with this game
  5. I'm gonna pitch in here; I will watch and judge silently contributing nothing :3 lol P.s love how I'm included in these when like I have no releases and they all need patches
  6. don't worry Akame soon™, Michiko 2020 as well I'm afraid
  7. mebs in 2020 lol
  8. Many thanks for the awesome Signature and avatar man keep it up !
  9. lol I believe you that there are listed as 720p and were encoded at that resolution, but with a file size that small the bitrate simply is not high enough to retain the details even at 480p and so hence even though it is 720p HD your viewing experience will be significantly worse due to the numerous compression artifacts I can almost guarantee such a bit starved encode would have. I would recommend you grab a proper encode (Exiled-Destiny isn't exactly the best either but better than lucifer). I specifically highlighted the word Proper in my statement, just because it is listed as 720p does not make it high quality, the higher the resolution the higher the bitrate needs to be to retain the details in the original source (hence the filesize will be greater), the encoder you mentioned is notorious for low quality re-encodes which are in every sense worse than a well-done 480p encode, not to mention the anaemic audio on top of that at the end of the day if that's what you want who am I to stop you, just thought I would make you aware.
  10. I can almost guarantee it is uncensored, as Shiro uses Blurays as his source. Which are nearly always free of censorship and in the event they are still censored most likely all versions available will be too, I can't speak particularly for the release you mention but I can vouch that nearly all Blurays are uncensored and so his version should be.
  11. what DTK said although tbh I bet it's barely SD at that size if you want proper HD encodes or even SD ones for that matter you are going to have to accept file sizes are going to be much larger than 150MB per episode. Especially for Dual audio releases. Exiled destiny 480p > Lucifer 720p, I would avoid mini-encoders like him if you want a reasonable watching experience.
  12. Thanks for all the releases, they are very much appreciated wish you all the best good sir o7
  13. You are the master my friend you know far more than I that's fair enough in my experience I have only ever converted tracks that were 20bit as quoted by Eac3to, all be it that experience is rather limited. Thanks for the clarification, in this post I was mainly just trying to breeze over the bit depths merely mentioning 24 bit is considerably larger so forgive my blatant over simplification and generalizations.
  14. nah your all good honestly good on you for trying to help fellow members understand stuff, no need to be embarrassed at all. Tbh all of this discussion depends on how much stock you put in quality, in my case I like the bast available but I know others really aren't that fussed. So in a certain sense some people may agree that a re-encode can look good but from my perspective it's a definite no.
  15. Pretty sure just mini just refers to small file size (miniature in this case I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) if the 2GB file is an encode then yes that would be a mini encode and will most likely have a notable quality drop despite the disparity in file size not being that large. Think of it from a logical stand point, if the source was 20GB and you encode it down to a 5GB file a ton of raw data has been lost. The data that is left was taken from the source as a whole though hence the quality need not be bad at all as most of the missing information in this case would hopefully be redundant data, whereas in your example where an existing file is re-encoded the source file itself already has a massive reduction in information to draw upon such that any more information that is lost has a larger effect on quality and hence you cannot expect the result to be identical or even close to the original source or the existing encode for that matter. For whats its worth a re-encode "could" probably look somewhat close to the encode if a ton of bit rate is thrown at it to help retain every scrap of detail from the original encode but in this case the result will still be worse and most likely the file size would end up being larger lol. Basically re-encoding is just losing more information from an already lossy source ergo quality loss is inevitable. Again not hating on mini-encodes but they certainly don't exist for the sake of quality that's for sure . Hope that answers your question.