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  1. I would like to see it too.
  2. Tuneskit

    Love it!
  3. I would like to know how do I upload torrents if I have a VPN and private internet service? I want to upload rare stuff that I have to MySpleen. So yeah!
  4. Skype name?
  5. I did recorded 3 episodes off from Nickelodeon Canada since they are showing re-runs.
  6. geEEVsH.png

    I'm now an Uploader!


    Thank you everyone!

  7. Hey, Ryan. I've sent you an email. Sorry about that, but I love Fangbone! and Atomic Puppet.

  8. Here's how to rip videos from Familygo.ca: 1. Go to Familygo.ca (Sign in your Canadian cable provider). 2. Pick either Family Channel, Family CHRGD, Family Jr. or F2N. 3. Pick any show from their website and pick an episode. 4. Before you click an episode, for Firefox go to "Developer", then click "Network", and wait until you get the subtitle and video playlist. I recommend to restart a bit to play the video. The subtitles file name is starts with "XPG000....vtt". And the video playlist starts with "index_2_av.m3u8?null=.m3u8" (I recommend the name "index_2" cause it's 1080p normal). 5. Go to CMD and type cd C:\ffmpeg\bin, and then type "ffmpeg -i file link -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc filename.mp4. 6. Convert your subtitle file vtt to srt with "Subtitle Edit". 7. Mux your video file and subtitle file to MKV with MKVToolNix. (Also rename your file.) That's it.
  9. Has anyone tried Chromium?
  10. I have the complete first season on iTunes, I will give you them ASAP.
  11. Unis will re-air this show on January 3rd at 7am every Tuesday-Friday. I may record them when I have to set the alarm for that.
  12. I saw some episodes on YouTube that has the North American dub and the British dub. I know Netflix USA has the North American dub. Treehouse is still airing that dub, I might try to record it.
  13. Just got my Elgato Game Capture HD!


    Now, i'm going to upload them in SD quality with composite, i'll will get an HDMI splitter to bypass HDCP.


    Which content you want me to rip with this capture card? Comment below?

    1. JMan1988


      More new episodes of "The Loud House", "Atomic Puppet" and "Fangbone!".

  14. Well good news that Netflix is getting an offline mode for iOS and Android. I hope it's still has DRM on it.