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  1. thank you very much

  2. Please. Do you have classics hanna barbera more quality? Example: touche turtle, quick draw mc graw, breezly...., rocket pockete, popeye 1979-1981 ... Plasticman 1979, spiderman 5000 1981 dvd, spiderman and his amazing friends. Thank you to work.
  3. Please dvd spiral zone and visionaries best quality?

  4. good morning. post popeye adventures great cartoon 1979-1981 please. thank you.
  5. thank you for visionaries. Good work. Do you have dinosaucers 1987

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    2. lordashram


      I have M.A.S.K. on dvd and plan to do it asap.

    3. lordashram


      So they put the first 21 eps of Dinosaucers back up for streaming, they have had it before and took it down some time ago.


    4. fabio


      thank you lordashram

  6. please plastic man 1979. thank you
  7. thank you for great work with popeye
  8. thanks for great classic hanna barbera. excelent
  9. thank you very much for great work