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  1. hello what u need?
  2. I have started to add the episodes on MEGA too! Check out my episodes thread
  3. thank you very much! Yes I was searching for these only!
  4. Can anyone get episodes of Charlie Chaplin and Co. Episodes or can anyone tell where to get them?
  5. Here you can find more episodes recorded in Hindi TV Ripped (Cartoon Network India) http://www.toonanimeindia.in/2016/09/dragon-ball-z-hindi-episodes-tv-ripped.html
  6. Is it possible to get the DVD rips of the CD アニメ「ポケットモンスター XY & Z」キャラソンプロジェクト集vol.2 -総集編- i.e. Pocket Monsters XY&Z TV Anime Character Song Project Collection Volume 2 -Compilation- that released this October 26, 2016 There are two editions of the Collection DVD set:- Limited Edition A and B! mainly Limited Edition B is needed! DVD listing Limited Edition B CD No. Track Title Translation 1 XY&Z(ノンクレジットOP・ED映像) XY&Z (Creditless Opening/Ending Video) 2 キラキラ(ノンクレジットOP・ED映像)Brilliantly (Creditless Opening/Ending Video) 3 ドリドリ(ノンクレジットOP・ED映像)DreamDream (Creditless Opening/Ending Video) 4 プニちゃんのうた(ノンクレジットOP・ED映像)Puni-chan's Song (Creditless Opening/Ending Video) 5 ロケット団団歌(ノンクレジットOP・ED映像)Team Rocket's Team Song (Creditless Opening/Ending Video) 6 ピカチュウのうた(ノンクレジットOP・ED映像)Pikachu's Song (Creditless Opening/Ending Video) 7 ニャースのバラード(ノンクレジットOP・ED映像)Meowth's Ballad (Creditless Opening/Ending Video) 8 XY&Z -movie ver.- (promotion video) (bonus track)XY&Z -movie ver.- (promotion video) (bonus track)
  7. Link not working pls readd it