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  1. General synopsis: Fifteen-year-old Skye returns with her father to North Star Lodge, the family-owned country hotel where her mother was raised years ago. Eager to make a fresh start, Skye forges friendships with the locals who live and work at the lodge. But fitting her entire life into the car is not as hard as fitting into a new group of friends. When Skye learns her father is planning to sell the lodge that holds so many treasured memories, she becomes determined to find a way to change his mind. Now, she must lean on her newfound friends to help, although all may not be as it seems. Can somebody, please, buy the first volume of "The Lodge" on iTunes America and upload it here, please? Here's the first volume, it costs 28,99 dollars. If I could, I would download it, but I prefer to save my money for future releases of the stuff that I upload normally. Thanks in advance. EDIT: IAnon has gave me the first volume of the show, thanks a lot!
  2. Then, your only option (unless you make a virtual machine with Windows and you install on it iTunes 10.7, Requiem 4.1, Java and Quicktime using Virtualbox, so that you can connect the Virtual Machine to one of the folders that you have on the actual computer) is to pay for one of those anti-DRM options for iTunes that you can find normally on Google, as far as I know. As for Microsoft Store, IDK.
  3. Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam Bros.