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  1. Can someone please encode these walt disney 480p encode with 3,000kbps video bitrate and here the list: the chronological donald duck walt disney pluto walt disney mickey mouse living in color walt disney mickey mouse in black and white please someone encode this upload it to mega.
  2. Hey,guys i need a 120mm cpu cooler that doesn't leak please help.
  3. Guys i have ben 10 2005 dvd but i want to remux these vob file to mkv each episode Please help if someone know how to remux the dvd episodes to each episode different file.
  4. Thank you guys i would try.
  5. Guys please help i get eta time like 15 minutes,30 seconds or sometimes hours during download from mega.coz and my download stucks because of eta does anyone know how to remove eta in jdownloader please help.
  6. why is anyone not helping.
  7. Can someone please seed {Cdog} Attack on Titan Part 1 (Dual Audio) {BDRip 1080p Dolby Digital-TrueHD} Torrent if someone has or someone has can please seed because it is the only torrent of attack on titan from us bluray and if someone has downloaded can someone please upload those episodes from episode 3-13 in mega and 1 and 2 i have downloaded and if someone would please help it will be appreciated.
  8. Which software should i use to change BDMV file m2ts. to mkv file Without any compression At same file size please I really need help.
  9. Can someone please download mass effect paragon lost movie From mega And upload a torrent file Please If anyone is interested in uploading this movie in torrent please message me if if interested in uploading and i will give the links and the movie size is 22gb and please help i really need this movie.
  10. Please can someone Please Upload Us raw bluray because this is one of my best series that is why i need this in best quality please and take your time.
  11. But i cannot ask the uploader to seed the torrent. does anyone have downloaded cdog uploads if anyone has can someone upload the episodes and extras in mega or even seed the torrent.
  12. Does anyone have downloaded cdog all anime uploads i really need those anime uploads because the kat is down there is no way i could download those animes please help if anyone have those anime and please can someone upload those anime uploads in mega or any nyaa if anyone can it would be great and i would be relaxed.
  13. Hagi Thanks for answering.
  14. I going to buy to windows 10 but i need to know which is best Windows 10 Edition Please Help. Which windows 10 edition should i buy Between Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Please answer which is best for gaming or multimedia task.