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  1. Here is my submission. It's from The Irregular at Magic High Theme: Sword Wielder (just picked something random from the list)
  2. Well, I don't really know much about digital painting, however, I do know that Photoshop is a great software for drawing in. If you have a wacom(sp) tablet it makes it easier to draw what you want instead of using the mouse all the time. I am also sure that you could probably learn a few tricks to the trade looking up digital painting tuts on youtube, however, learning this kind of art isn't a fast thing. I've been using photoshop for the past 15 years and over the course of my artwork, you can see when I started getting better with composition.
  3. In what form are you wanting to learn? traditional drawing for portraiture, or making signatures and such?
  4. 6968
  5. 17. HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!
  6. Welcome! I, myself, have just returned to this great forum, thanks to Koby mentioning it on facebook. I've been a member since 2006, however, I believe me and Koby have been on boards much older than that.
  7. Can't go wrong with Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online 2
  8. I, myself, have been trying to find an mmo to get into again. I tried BnS and it got boring after lvl 30 or so. I've tried other action rpg's like Vindictus, Dragon's Prophet, and Skyforge, but they all seem to be the same where if you are not P2W, you have to P2P. There are some games I don't mind getting a sub for, like Lotro, but when a game gives the option to buy shit that will help you accelerate to the top without so much as lifting a finger, it erks me to no end. I guess you could call me an old-school gamer with the mmo's. Sorry for ranting a bit. I have been watching Revelation on facebook adds for quite some time now and have only recently discovered they released the game, so I might be checking that one out to see what it's like in comparison to the other Action MMORPG's.
  9. Wow, a lot has changed since the last time I posted my works. Makes me feel like an archaeologist uncovering relics of the past. I mainly just focus on abstract wallpapers now. I'm a little rusty in making sig's and avy's.
  10. I am an avid mmorpg player, but most of all, I really enjoy playing minecraft, both vanilla and modded.
  11. Well, it's not much, but it should get me back into the competition of SOTW! I'll just submit my own signature since I made it last night to update my signature.
  12. I remember it as Forgotten Memories. That was the time when Yuna had her forums as Celestial Fantasy or something like that. And yes, it does feel good to resurface. Now we just need to revive everyone else!
  13. As the title says, I joined in 2006, but only stayed active till about 7 years ago. I probably lost the link from a computer reformat and forgot to ask koby for the link again. Anyways, I was heavy in making signatures and avatars back in the day, and although I never ceased to stop making art, I sadly have lost my talent for working with gaming renders as you can see in my signature, so i hope for those of you who still making SOTW's and stuff can show me some tut's or collaborate with me. Since I was gone, I have been focusing on mainly pc gaming. My steam name is Razgriiz and have an assortment of games. I also am heavy into playing modded minecraft, whether it be a pack from FTB or a friends custom pack. Let me know if you have any questions, i'd be happy to answer them!
  14. Ryan Renolds
  15. Alice in Wonderland. Haven't watched anything on tv yet.