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  1. If some of you were in the IRC channel earlier today, I want to apologize for that disruption. We had a bunch of spambots attack various channels on the IRC network 'cause someone got their panties in a wad. I'm keeping watch over things at this time and will continue to do so most of tonight.

  2. We have enabled mail functions again on the forum after clearing up the original issue with spam. There are a couple of things I need to let you know about though, because some changes were made to the system. First thing to note is that a lot of you may not receive notifications as fast as you had before. We had to throttle down how fast the mail server sends mail out to any given domain. Any noticeable delay will be dependent on the mail server's current load at the time the message is sent for any given email domain. Rest assured though mail will still be delivered. Another thing to note is, we forcefully unsubscribed all members from the mailing list option, which is what got us into trouble in the first place. Members must now explicitly enable that checkbox on their own if they want to receive admin-generated mails. However, Koby and I had a talk about it and he decided that for now no more admin-generated emails will be sent until proper controls can be put into place. This does NOT affect emails for threads you wish to be notified of replies for, or for received private messages, or any other such settings. It only affects bulk email, aka admin emails. Lastly, new registrations will now have the "send me news and updates" box unchecked on the registration form itself. Users can then opt-in on this form, or later after registration if they want. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused.
  3. Nevermind on my last update. I started up mail functions anyway. Mail is back in service!

    1. Moodkiller


      Many thanks for yours and Koby's time.

  4. We are STILL awaiting word from the server host regarding mail operation, they seem to be dragging their heels. If we do not hear back from them by the end of the day 1/20, I will resume mail operation. Again sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

  5. UPDATE TO ALL USERS, PLEASE READ: As part of our efforts to restore mail functionality, we have forcefully unsubscribed all members from receiving admin mails. This does NOT affect your subscribed threads notifications or any other notifications settings - you will still receive emails for those including new PMs and any other options you may have enabled. Only admin-generated mails are disabled now, as it's not used very often if at ALL here. The email system has not YET been enabled as we are waiting to hear back from the server host, though I have no reason to believe we'll have to delay this further than tomorrow afternoon.
  6. UPDATE TO ALL USERS, PLEASE READ: As part of our efforts to restore mail functionality, we have forcefully unsubscribed all members from receiving admin mails. This does NOT affect your subscribed threads notifications or any other notifications settings - you will still receive emails for those including new PMs and any other options you may have enabled. Only admin-generated mails are disabled now, as it's not used very often if at ALL here. The thread at http://kametsu.com/topic/56969-mail-server-temporarily-disabled/ will be updated with this information shortly.

  7. Unfortunately we have had to push back the date on this by another week (January 30th) due to the mail server/spam issues we are currently dealing with taking up our time. This also means our SSL testing will not commence until we've been able to clear up the mail issue with our host.
  8. I imagine Koby would probably be working something out to that tune. I'm currently in the process of looking at our mail server software configuration to see if I can throttle it down. We still haven't been able to clear things up with the host company so we're a bit on edge on what may occur tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure I can get things under control on the internals.
  9. The forum still generates mail, but since the mail server software is disabled right now, it's just getting queued on disk. This queue will be cleared before the mail server is re-enabled, to prevent backlog flooding and possibly triggering another spam listing. The server sends mail out directly through its own mail server software. What happened is, when Koby initiated the mass bulk email, it tried to send all of it at once to all members. At first remote mail servers like those at Yahoo and Google handled it no problem...until it exceeded their limit very quickly and continued to run unchecked for some time, before I was made aware of it by Koby. When I did finally manage to investigate and examine the server I had found well over 3,300+ deferred messages because we were being blocked due to the extremely high rate of mail volume being sent. The mail software was immediately killed at that point and the queue emptied + deleted, but it was already too late as the blacklisting had already occurred. Our server host was likely notified by the blacklist's administrator, which flagged us for abuse/spam. That's what he means. I can't say who got us listed because there's no way to tell which of those addresses triggered our spam listing, but I will say that in all likelyhood one of the many email address providers used on the forum, uses one of those blacklists to combat spam it receives (by reporting it through automated means), and thus ended up getting the server IP listed. And before anyone asks, I'll also explain why the 48 hours is necessary. Aside from the process of getting the server host off our back, which can take up to 48 hours in of itself, there's also the matter of the IP being on blacklists for spam. Often times removal cannot occur for at least 24 to 48 hours after being listed - it depends on the blacklist. That is why we must wait that long.
  10. OK if you haven't seen the sticky in Broadcast Station yet, remember the mail server is temporarily disabled for 48 hours to address a spam issue with sending too much+too fast. There won't be any new subscribed threads emails or registration confirmation emails of any kind for that time period, as a result, sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Etzimal


      Yeah, noticed I wasn't getting emails when I got PMs.


      Thanks for the heads up.

    2. IkarosBD


      @Etzimal Whoops yeah I forgot to include PMs in that, but yeah we're still trying to deal with the server host about this. Communication has been problematic to say the least. We'll make an annoucement in the related thread when we have more info on this.

  11. To add to what @Koby said - due to the bulk email he attempted to send out, this triggered a blacklisting of the server's IP address for bulk email being sent too fast. His server host contacted him about this and when I investigated the server's logs, well over 3000+ messages had attempted to be sent within minutes. Due to this I have disabled the mail server for 48 hours. There will be no new emails delivered during that time. This unfortunately means nobody will get their subscribed emails, and account activations will not function - if you register an account between now and sometime Wednesday afternoon, please contact administration directly for assistance. This time is required to allow us to delist the IP properly and report back to the server host that the issue has been remedied. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  12. For the type of work we're doing, the only backup I may need to do is that of the webserver's configuration file for the forum part of the site, that's about it. We don't anticipate anything breaking either. IPS's customer support docs have clear instructions on properly configuring the forum site for SSL, so as long as Koby uses those instructions, and I do the hard work on my end well, and we coordinate it perfectly, all should go as planned. Part of my configuration plan does involve forcing HTTP to HTTPS after SSL is set up, and the software usually handles this seamlessly when done right.
  13. EDIT 2: We are currently dealing with mail server issues that unfortunately have higher priority over this. Therefore we have pushed back to January 30th. Sorry. EDIT: We have pushed back the start time to midnight CST on the 23rd, all other details remain unchanged I am pleased to announce that we will be implementing secure (HTTPS) connections to the Kametsu forums - and eventually to the entire kametsu.com domain. This change will become effective Monday, January 30th, 2017. We will be making use of the free Let's Encrypt project (for more info, you can go here: https://letsencrypt.org/) for this purpose so there will be no added cost whatsoever. The Let's Encrypt root authority is already trusted by most browsers, so we do not expect any browser trust issues from our users - these certificates will be just as good as paid ones. We decided on doing this for a number of reasons - first and foremost is the fact that any site on the internet that takes password input anywhere should ideally do so over a secure HTTPS connection...and also that some major browsers may very well start insisting on secure connections only - Chrome is one such browser that we know of that will soon do this, other browsers may very well follow before the year is out, so we figured we'd get a jump on things. To be on the safe side and ensure nothing goes wrong when we implement this change, Koby and I have elected to do some testing in the days leading up to the actual switch. While we don't expect anything to break, we want to be absolutely sure everything works correctly, as with anything tech-related. Forum downtime should be minimal, due to the fact we'll be testing all this beforehand. We're still determining a solid timeframe to do this but right now it probably looks to be in the wee hours of the morning on the 23rd, probably somewhere between 12-1 AM Central US time (that's GMT-6 for you GMT folks). Testing will be done transparently well before that day, as mentioned above, and will not affect the forum's availability. So as it stands, here's the current maintenance period we have planned - this might be adjusted based on our schedules or other reasons but this is what we're shooting for: When: Monday, January 30th, 2017 - between 12 and 1 AM CST (GMT-6) What: Switching forums to HTTPS (SSL) mode and installing SSL certificates Impacts: I anticipate the forums will be switched offline about 5 to 10 minutes before we begin. After installation and setup, the webserver software itself must be restarted to fully complete the change which may result in a very brief downtime of up to a minute at most. Most of you probably won't even notice this - because my hands type fast - but see Other issues below for stuff that might crop up afterwards... Other (potential) issues: There may be a slight issue after installation and webserver restart, involving transitioning HTTP to HTTPS. I will try to make this as seamless as I can but it's probably safe to expect at least some minor issues for some browsers. I will try to implement a safe redirect for such users as part of the installation process. Also to note is, while we will be testing this beforehand, I still cannot fully anticipate the effects this switch will have on rendering the various resources (images, stylesheets, etc) of the themes on the forum. Any reports of broken images and/or broken page layouts that appear after the switch has occurred will be greatly appreciated. That's about it, if you have any concerns about this feel free to post them.
  14. Just to point this out, but I would not be surprised if at some point in the near future, project uploads to Mega may cease, due to its pretty harsh limitations. Just keep that in mind.
  15. Although there is some degree of merit to the idea, I must point out that a lot could very easily go wrong with this. For the most part, @Moby JJ brought up most of those concerns, but I must voice something else as well. YouTube can be strict on copyright, and their enforcement has on occasion gone overboard or was even false in a few cases. On top of that, it may attract unwanted attention. Both here and on the channel. And of course there's the privacy aspect of it all, some users here may not want their identities revealed or their material shared. While this bit can be enforced, not everything can be accurately policed, and it's liable to start a shitstorm at some point if something gets shared and then someone gets their panties in a wad over some form of disagreement, before administration is able to get to it. For these reasons, along with those mentioned above, I feel I must downvote the idea.