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  1. Anyone know some good shows that could use some BD love? Preferably ones that haven't been done or not completely, or properly. And where all BDs are available for. #NoDubSorryBois

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    2. Moby JJ

      Moby JJ

      Plz <3  lol nah I get that, would be nice if someone gave it a proper go though, if you ever do pick it up that would be awesome. 

    3. SallySubs


      I'll see if he would be up for it, I've been looking to switch to a format where all BDMVs are already available so we won't have another heavy object or schwarzesmarken disaster.

    4. KSensei


      How about Bungou Stray Dogs?

  2. This will never end
  3. bandwidth usage

    Seems I went quite easy on them last month, will have to annoy them more this month This is 2.1TB in total.
  4. bandwidth usage

    I can't post mine but it should be around 4-5TB a month.
  5. Sally here with a complaint, for every episode it needs to create a patch for, it opens a new window. Can't you make it so it does all of it in the same window? Also, compared to my other patch maker, this is really slow ;__; More complaint, It doesn't work. First time I tried running the patches myself to see if it works, it put the files in the old folder but it failed to actually make new ones. After that, it wouldn't even put the files in the old folder anymore but just refused to do anything. Complaint 3: I seem to have completely broke your program, it refuses to make patches now and it doesn't copy the xdelta file even when the box is checked.
  6. I see, and what does that box do for "Batch file only" is it what I think it is and it creates only 1 file instead of multiple for each ep?
  7. Does this one allow for batch patching? Like I give it a source folder with the old files, destination folder with the new batch files and it will just make all the patches for each file in there?
  8. Running the 1.9 version right now which very slowly goes up to around 0.25FPS-ish. This is the encoding line
  9. I rebuild the 1.9 version where I previously had 2.0 and it seems to work properly now but it is reeeaaally slow. The "bugged" version would give me 1.2-1.4fps but this one gives me nothing more than 0.20fps. This is on an i7 skylake cpu with 16GB RAM. I guess the 2.0 version is either bugged or something went wrong with building that version.
  10. Yes, and how would I rebuild it using a different version? I guess I would need to remove the current one first but I have no idea how to do that.
  11. I doubt this will help me at all, but can't hurt to post this here too. When trying to encode in hevc (avs script, bat encoder script) it runs for a while, time depends but after a while x265.exe will always crash and result in the following error output. Does anyone have an idea what is causing this? Google isn't helping me at all on this. Appreciate any help This is what is on line 1829 btw
  12. I vote for Chobits Clannad Best 2 shows i've ever seen. Masterpieces if you ask me.
  13. But I want to win ;_;
  14. ^ Is a cool VIP.