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  1. ~RELEASE: Girls und Panzer - Anzio OVA~ this is not a resurrection. in other news, the CTR seedbox continues strong, having recently crossed half a petabyte (that's 512 TB, friends) of upload. It will remain active for the foreseeable future, and is actively seeding the majority of my releases on Nyaa. Currently not seeded by CTRBox: Chaika the Coffin Princess S01/S02/Special - 1080p Eden of the East - 1080p Highschool of the Dead - 1080p Maria the Virgin Witch - 1080p No-Rin - 720p and 1080p Space Dandy - 1080p The Rolling Girls - 720p Yurikuma Arashi - 1080p due to hard filespace limits, I am unable to seed any more of these. In addition, I will have to remove some releases going forward as new volumes of Hunter x Hunter arrive. If there's a particular series you want, grab it now. I'll be removing releases based on seedcount, so hopefully nothing dies. If you are able to seed long term, any help keeping my releases alive is most appreciated. If there's a particular release you need re-seeded in the future, poke my index thread or PM me here, I'm still always listening. I'm mirroring this post to my index thread as well. enjoy. -ctr
  2. ~dropped: all projects.~ except HxH, I'll continue that as is since it's easy to put together, just needs USBD audio. I'll return if Log Horizon or Yona of the Dawn release a new season, otherwise I'm out. expect no new projects from me until further notice. Any existing projects that have issues will probably not get patches. STATUS OF PROJECTS THAT WERE ONGOING: Bantorra: basically nothing done, but audio sync looked easy enough. Claymore: yeah good luck with that. I can give you a perfect episode 1 though. Dennou Coil: was waiting on Etzimal subs, otherwise ready to go Yousei-Raws + english audio timed. Durarara: pretty much completed but apparently s01 had sub issues. Expect this to get released in full under Kametsu, probably by Koby. Grimgar: still waiting on USBD to be announced, Hiryuu actually finished their subs. Gurren Lagann: encodes are coming from SallySubs, new OP KFX was timed to the Sally OP. Expect this to still get released by Sally at least, without English dub, and hopefully someone else picks up the English 5.1 audio and finishes it off proper. Hunter x Hunter: waiting on USBD releases. I will probably continue this as each disk comes out. Madlax: never found good enough subs, not sure if worth doing anyway. Monogatari Series: needs OC removal now that Coalgirls cancelled Grand Project. should be done for a non-OC set of Coalgirls to exist out there. Seemed to come out clean from unlink script, but never did QC on it. Nanoha: needs a lot of timing and style fixing on subtitle tracks. Princess Tutu: was still scouting better encodes, possibly using kuchikirukia's new encode (hopefully doesn't use OC) Red Garden: audio is synced, needs subtitle timing and new OP/ED2 karaoke or KFX. RWBY: probably dropped, does anyone even use those webrips I release? no idea. wait for Kimiko's 10bit encodes I guess, if that's even still happening. Shirobako: dropped, needs OC removal from LNS, sub retiming to sergey_krs Snow White with the Red Hair: needs GJM to actually finish their subs, plus second USBD to come out for audio. Symphogear: files lost, entire project must be restarted. beatrice-raws video with commie subs (best subs for this), retimed. Vampire Bund: needs subs for OP1/OP2/ED1/ED2, otherwise subs are timed to Yousei-Raws already and ready to go, 720p and 1080p. Etzimal may or may not be working on this. for the record, from my notes remaining things to be fixed: missed dialogue in no-rin, episodes 2 and 4 - minor issues, will not be fixing. missed dialogue in Canaan, episode 13 - minor issue, does not affect watchability. will not be fixing. nanoha fixes in general - will not be fixing. watchable as-is for English viewers, subtitles are mistimed and badly sized for Japanese audio viewers. audio desync on episode 12 of HSOTD - will not be fixing reposition subs at the beginning of Snow White to adjust for broadcast credits - can be fixed with a full batch once the entire show is out. GJM has not finished subs anyway. RWBY S00E14 audio problem @1:11, S02E10 encode problem @9:04 - needs fixes from scene version probably BBB 720p episode 11 audio desync - will not be fixing ergo proxy with clean video - done, just needs uploading. not qc'd, just assuming new video source is clean (direct golo/fussoir new torrents) Anyone is welcome to fix these and upload them under their own tag if they so desire. Give me credit if you want, or just credit the original group, don't care. If any interested remuxers want my project files for any of my existing projects (Bantorra, claymore, dennou coil, grimgar, TTGL, madlax, monogatari series, nanoha, princess tutu, red garden, shirobako, symphogear, vampire bund), let me know and I can probably seed them to you somehow. also if someone wants to make a symphogear with beatrice + commiesubs that'd be cool since I lost my entire finished project set. finally: everything I did on this board was super easy and pretty much entirely used free and easy to learn tools, just time-consuming. muxing: mkvtoolnix gui video: never did video work. not even once. (we don't talk about my original bahamut release) audio: audacity for editing (only edit in lossless), convert between formats with any number of tools. foobar2000 has easy converting of batches to various formats, or you can ask a project team member for eac3to/qaac scripts subtitles: literally just aegisub, and open videos with it too for harder syncs, most just require one delay on everything though. notepad++ can help for doing mass-edits on things. /end
  3. ~RELEASE: Durarara!!~ (as Kametsu) redoing the entire Durarara series for Kametsu as an official project. expect all of x2 over the next few days. enjoy.
  4. From a quick glance I don't really see much improvement to be made; there aren't any great video sources available. Did you have a specific selection in mind?
  5. I still haven't done a movie, not counting Cowboy Bebop, but doesn't mean I'm not necessarily open to them down the line. That said, I have the Coalgirls release on my server, which is dual audio and I believe should be sufficient quality.
  6. Dennou Coil was actually being worked on by Kametsu, using Coalgirls as a base and improving signs/typesetting. Not sure about how much progress has been made or if it's coming anytime soon, we'll find out. As for audio editing, pull it out using whatever mkvextract tool you like (I personally use mkvcleaver for easy batch action), then just edit it in audacity if you want easy-mode. Get both audio tracks and start measuring differences in audio. Sometimes you get lucky and it's a single global delay, but generally you want to check every section of the video (pre-OP, post-OP, pre-mid episode break, post mid-episode break, ED, etc) to make sure they don't have slightly different gaps that throw off your sync.
  7. ~RELEASE: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex~
  8. No promises, but I can take a glance at it when I get home.
  9. ~RELEASE: My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari)~ no promises, but it's been added to the download queue.
  10. I don't usually do movies (not saying I won't, just that it's outside my usual projects). I already see three dual audio releases available from CTRLHD, RTG and Daman; are there specific improvements you had in mind?
  11. pretty much this. Yellow-Flash has the best Claymore encode, but it's also using ordered chapters, and their encode doesn't merge back together cleanly (keyframes in the wrong places), which means I have to reconstruct it per episode, basically going frame-by-frame through the OP and ED if I want to preserve it losslessly. Then after that, I have to sync the English audio back in as usual. it sucks. halp.