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  1. A computer with many (or just two. Waste of a server but, still possible) hard drives connected to a network. With the proper permissions, anyone on the network can access the computer with many hard drives as if it were an external hard drive. ...well, technically, that would be an external hard drive. I guess I mean to say as if it was an external hard drive connected via USB.
  2. Fancy word for a server with a RAID setup.
  3. I don't need an overpriced monitor/TV to watch 1080p/720p. I can see the quality to 1080p but, it isn't worth twice the size. Besides, lately anything I watch that is archived, I watch on my 15.6", 1366x768 laptop screen during my lunch breaks at work.
  4. If you're archiving anime in 1080p, you're doing it wrong. Watch 1080, archive 720.
  5. which anime character is that on ur dp ?

    1. warlord8


      A question I can actually answer lel.

      @shaunx333 It is from a music video called "ME! ME! ME!". I would link the song but it is potentially NSFW. Instead here is the MAL character page lol :

    2. Moby JJ

      Moby JJ

      It's a wonderful mix of nudity, acid trips and serious metaphors \o/ would recommend lol

  6. I think Horizon Zero Dawn is going to control my life for a few days. If I don't upload anything on Monday, assume I have perished.

    Or just wait til Tuesday.

    1. Emrys


      It's a great game but I also just got the new Zelda... so now I don't know what to play and I start work again on Sunday :(

  7. Apparently, another season of Jigoku Shoujo, Hell Girl, was announced and I barely started season 2. Wish FUNi dubbed the other two seasons. That's what's killing me... I don't mind a good sub but, not when I already watched one season dubbed... v.v

    1. mrbaer
    2. Beave


      I will say this the Dub version of Season 1 doesn't give Hell Girl justice.  The Sub version of Season 1 is much better.

  8. You make it sound like a super fun project.
  9. I worry about the quality of Sentai Filmworks lately but, Luci Christian as Hestia is a damn good choice.

    Well done, Sentai. Well done.

  10. Too bad someone made a FUNi ripper public and it's only a matter of time now that FUNi sees this and updates their security.
  11. Man. Why is my internet so slow? Sites load so slowly.

    Oh, right, re-installing all my Steam games.

  12. I'm easily forgettable, I understand.
  13. I am without PC. Even my laptop. They are being improved/upgraded. Well, PC is moving the OS onto a 250 GB Samsung Evo SSD and the laptop is getting a bigger HDD.

    I think I have at least a full day before any new releases come out. So we're safe.

    1. Pollux


      Hope your upgrades go well!!

    2. Koby


      Should've done one at a time in case something goes wrong, you'd still have access to one that worked.

    3. NeutralHatred


      If something goes wrong with the PC, I'm screwed regardless. My laptop is just a low budget Dell. It is primarily for internet use.

      The guy I have working on it for me is a pro. The worst that will happen is I'll have to start from scratch with a fresh Windows install, which I was prepared for anyway. He's trying to move my OS over while uninstalling as little as possible, like my video and audio editing stuff. Less for me to reinstall and setup later.

  14. Your avatar's wrong on way too many levels. :D Crop it properly, for starters!
    What did you learn about making proper avatars on old forums of AnT's... :/

    1. NeutralHatred


      That's.. that's how the avvy is. I can't "crop it properly." It's a mirrored effect. If you saw the ED for High School DxD, you'd see it's properly cropped.

    2. Deth93




      True, can't crop enough for 1:1 aspect ratio. :P