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  1. You make it sound like a super fun project.
  2. I worry about the quality of Sentai Filmworks lately but, Luci Christian as Hestia is a damn good choice.

    Well done, Sentai. Well done.

  3. Too bad someone made a FUNi ripper public and it's only a matter of time now that FUNi sees this and updates their security.
  4. Man. Why is my internet so slow? Sites load so slowly.

    Oh, right, re-installing all my Steam games.

  5. I'm easily forgettable, I understand.
  6. I am without PC. Even my laptop. They are being improved/upgraded. Well, PC is moving the OS onto a 250 GB Samsung Evo SSD and the laptop is getting a bigger HDD.

    I think I have at least a full day before any new releases come out. So we're safe.

    1. Pollux


      Hope your upgrades go well!!

    2. Koby


      Should've done one at a time in case something goes wrong, you'd still have access to one that worked.

    3. NeutralHatred


      If something goes wrong with the PC, I'm screwed regardless. My laptop is just a low budget Dell. It is primarily for internet use.

      The guy I have working on it for me is a pro. The worst that will happen is I'll have to start from scratch with a fresh Windows install, which I was prepared for anyway. He's trying to move my OS over while uninstalling as little as possible, like my video and audio editing stuff. Less for me to reinstall and setup later.

  7. Your avatar's wrong on way too many levels. :D Crop it properly, for starters!
    What did you learn about making proper avatars on old forums of AnT's... :/

    1. NeutralHatred


      That's.. that's how the avvy is. I can't "crop it properly." It's a mirrored effect. If you saw the ED for High School DxD, you'd see it's properly cropped.

    2. Deth93




      True, can't crop enough for 1:1 aspect ratio. :P

  8. swiggity swooty i'm coming for that booty

    1. NeutralHatred


      Koneko's booty belongs to me.

    2. professa X

      professa X

      sorry that booty has been through crapper already xD

  9. Nice profile avatar, heh i gotta ask: Who is that and which anime is it from?

    1. Tsukiyomi
    2. NeutralHatred


      Good guy Tsukiyomi helpin' out.

    3. warlord8
  10. These people clearly did not watch Flip Flappers.
  11. If everyone kindly asks for it in this forum, it'll eventually become public. We have to try and keep it from becoming a common downloader, else FUNi finds out it was updated and they improve their security. Those that don't get it should just request the dub they want to see. One of us will pick it up if we can.
  12. If Pika gets it working and it can download 720p, I will still be doing my 720p releases. Rickyhorror will continue to do his 1080s.
  13. Since I'm from Ohio, I can see the site just fine. I just need a new way to rip videos. I got dual audio remuxes to do at the end of January! LostYears must live! >.<
  14. I mostly just need the audio track anyway.
  15. Do you have a guide on how to use ffmpeg to rip the stream? I've found a couple but, they seem to be old posts and it's low quality SD versions.