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  1. I am not sure if I am the only one, but my notification settings suddenly changed on its own. I am sure I didn't change it, and my PC is not physically accessible to anyone so it is very unlikely that someone else changed it. Well, only two setting got changed at that.. Both above settings were unselected due to some reason.
  2. That's all I needed to know... And, how I put a request in advance as well..Koby, please do this show... Also, doesn't the MC look similar to Takeshi from Hitman Reborn? Anyone?
  3. Hi... thanks for all those awesome release...the amount of work you put together in such a short amount of time is really amazing... I sure will miss your work... So, will you just retire as an uploader, right? Hope I'll still see you around...as a fellow leecher... And, I am not sure if I should ask, but why the sudden decision to retire? Well, anyways, good luck with your life..
  4. Well, I meant miscast...I know some of her work and she good... Well, yes, I understand...but then again I am just complaining here, while envisioning the idea anime dubs...
  5. Yes, I agree. Black Star sounded horrible in Soul Eater...One of the worst VA I have ever come across.. Or they can just hire VA who naturally have the required accent, instead of faking it.. Well, now you both can continue on..Besides, the topic has already gone too far ahead for me to step in now..
  6. Yes, I recall having a similar convo with someone... I don't watch simuldubs, so surely I can't be sure, and since, according to what I have heard, the same audio, just lossless, is used in BD, so it probably must be good...Besides afaik Funi usually does a good job at dubbing..
  7. hahhaha.... I am calm...I was just ..umm..acting I guess... Well, I doubt any company would drop such a popular show.. it would surely sell better than most shorter series now a days.. Besides, a part of me appreciates the fact that they took the time to do it properly, hopefully, instead of focusing on speed like with simuldubs..nothing against simuldubs though..
  8. Yes, those simuldubs delayed my Steins;Gate... I hate them... And, just how can one ever forget about this?? Man, humans sure are useless..
  9. Fate Series Naruto, OP, Bleach, FT Maybe be GitS and Psycho-Pass Darker than Black Trigun Moribito (not a lot of action) Basilisk FMA K (??) Nurarihyon Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Wait a sec... No one has said Dragon Ball Series yet?
  10. Rise of the Tomb Raider. Actually, just finished it a few hours ago.
  11. yeah sure... No problem... And I'll try and make time in Jan. I sure can't even have a look at the source code before, maybe, Jan 15th..So I'll try and have a look after that. I'll let you know if I start working on something so that you can focus on other stuff in the meantime..
  12. After reading all the comments, my only question to you, When will you be releasing the next patch(version) of this patch-maker?
  13. As always.. Thanks..
  14. Congrats to all... It sure is an awesome forum.
  15. It took me like 5 minutes to realize that I was reading it wrong... I read it as "fairy tail" movies.. Anyways, I am not sure but do Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli Movies count? Like spirited away? If yes, they are amazing, mostly.