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  1. Okay... Camtasia fits the bill perfectly..It was easy to use, and had everything I wanted, and more... Only downside, it is paid/30-days free trial.. Anyways, thanks everyone. I believe this post/request can be closed, if needed, @Koby ??
  2. I have saome very basic experience with PS, however, I'd prefer an free alternative, since digital art isn't something I want to pursue, but just something I need the basics of to get by until I can afford a professional/but art/or unfortunately fail and give up on my dreams Yes, I am aware of the fact, and am ready to put in time and effort. I have been learning bit every now and then, for a more quite some time, but not that seriously. Only the tricks that were required at the moment. However, this real project I was taking about, where I can't use placeholder images, is something that I am using for a kinda-competition, with a serous deadline. Hence the urgency to learn...lol...I guess I should have worked harder before, when I was bust watching all this anime.. Anyways, I guess it doesn't really matter now... I am kind of having some issues, and might have to give up everything... I don't know..sorry.. Thanks.
  3. Artwork for games.... I am learning to be a game developer right now, and working on my first project that I might publish if it works well...however, that means I can no longer use random copyrighted art..and hiring a professional at this stage is...well, you get the idea, right?? Honestly speaking, I'll be needing to learn quite a few style...but for right now, something like these.... And, some vector art, or UI elements... I have been trying my hands at PS, inkscape and GIMP for the past two weeks...and have learned a few tricks online, but at my current level it takes me 4-8 hours per images, yet it not being satisfactory enough.. And, if I am allowed to be demanding, I'd want to chose free tools like Inkscape and Gimp..instead of PS or Illustrator.. Thank you.. PS: I am on the level where I don't even know what these type of artworks are called...
  4. Many time.. But if we are talking something this serious. than I guess just once...when I entered college...for about 1 year.. Why? quite many reasons... - I'll be starting college, I need to get serous about life, and give up on distractions.. - Similar to above... but specifically anime because I was too addicted to it, so it was the 1st on my list - Anime isn't that popular back home, and even in school, none of my friends watched anime, and most didn't even knew...so ofc it was the same in college...and hence was kinda a taboo - College = grown-up = no anime - No one to discuss with + other factors, which lead to a slight decline in interest However, I still used to check ANN almost regularly, it had become a part of my schedule by then... The revival! During the end of first year/start of 2nd year..two of my college friends suddenly got introduced to the wonderful world of anime(not by be)...and I started discussing anime with them, and told them about my past ventures into the anime world..and as such... Though still firm on my resolution to leave anime behind... But each day discussing with anime with them was becoming difficult, and then our whole batch(all others being non-anime viewers, rather oblivious to them) started reminiscing about DBZ(which I had never seen in my childhood)...so I thought that I'll just watch the DBZ series, only that and stop... And here, I am now..constantly watching anime, daily, each and every day, since then.. (though, it was AOT that really caused the come back) Both leaving and coming back to anime where not all that difficult, but yeah, I used to miss it sometimes during that 1 year..
  5. Should I upload hard to find shows, or specials/extras?

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    2. putangina14


      can u upload boruto movie & special to mega? haha.. Thanks in Advance!

    3. putangina14


      oh nvm i just downloaded it hahah

    4. ani-me



      Besides, I might have not taken up that request, as I don't have them yet..and don't plan on downloading anything naruto related for quite some time..I tend to wait until I can find the best quality releases for the whole series..or something like that..sorry..

  6. Amazing work...specially all the cats and the dog.. Anyone knows any good easy to follow tutorials for stuff like..I kinda need to learn this stuff..
  7. I..I don't really much...I am a happy man... Probably the only thing right now is..that... Why the hell do I suck at computer graphics so much??? (I am working on a game project alone, and don't know how to draw, and stuff....but learning it is fun..)
  8. Apparently, Windows Movie Maker is no longer available..It has been discontinued.. Open Broadcaster Software - It is for streaming.. I had a look, not exactly what I need.. Flashback - seems good for recording, but not too sure about editing Ezvid - it does part of what I want, so definitely worth a shot.. TinyTake - Doesn't allow annotation on videos..sadly..other wise it was prefect.. Xsplit - sorry, but it's completely off... I looked around a lot.. And I ended up pirating Snagit + Camtasia (same developers), and they seems to provide all the features I need, except the ability to add add a Image as an annotation in a video..Not super important, but.. Also, I'm still open to free alternatives until I start recording..if possible..
  9. I liked Blood+ better...But each one has different taste, you should decide for yourself..
  10. Yeah, I thought so... I mean I am a big time Fate fan..and it shocked me a bit to even think that there is another Saber type that I don't know about... (Not that I now everything about Fate universe, but still)
  11. Hmm. Okay... I too don't use MEGASync normally, it was my first time using it for download... I use it only for upload, and I guess there is no limitation on upload(or my internet speed is not good enough to reach it..lol..) I did a little experiment... I used MEGASync until I reached my limit.. It asked me to wait 4H++.. Then I switched off and on my modem/router to change my IP Don't remember if I had quit the MEGASync app or not during this process, even though I should have, most probably I did quit Checked, and instead of being reset, the time increased to 8h+(Kinda wierd, huh?) Then, I tried MiPony, and have been able to download with it without any problem, several times past the download limit Settings while the experiment was conducted: Chrome: Logged in with my real free account Other Browsers: Not Logged In MEGASync: Logged in using one of my dummy free accounts MiPony: Not Logged In (Also tried while Logged in using my real Free sometime back) Notes: When checking my download limit using the browser (signed in from my real FREE account), it has been showing me that I have reached my limit(3 GB) ever since I hit is while using MEGASync, however, I am still able to download using MiPony, but not MEGASync. In case of JDownloader I tried both Logged In , and logged out, and neither worked for me, dunno why..
  12. What 5GB?? I think the limit is more than that, isn't it? I just checked, the official site says the the quota for the free users is based on the IP and is dynamic in nature.. My current usage is shown to be about 1 GB, ~0% of the total quota. And I am using the MEGASync app right now..
  13. Well, no worries...I am still within 1k+ so I guess it is fine.. I'll try beat that record here..
  14. What's the Penguin Empire?


    1. Pollux


      Lol. A joke.

      From last year when funds were being raised for the new server:


    2. ani-me



  15. Sorry about the title, someone please fix it, I didn't know how to put it in title.. Okay, the Bug Normally, when we comment on a post, the comment box closes, and we are navigated to the comment we just made, however, lately for me it has been happening a lot the even though the comment gets posted, there is no change in the page, or any kind of confirmation..I have to reload the page to make sure that it has been posted, or risk a double post... I am not using any extension/add-on that I think should effect it.. Using Chrome, Windows