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  1. Thanks is good enough I guess. However, even knowing you won't start any new project is, well..you get it..right?
  2. It seems you are set on stopping here? Well, no worries, thanks for all your work..
  3. Kind of the same thought here... Honestly speaking I am not surely which would be better...picking up now would be tough, new viewer might no go back and watch the older one..heck, even I might not re-watch it..and ofc the fiff in animation, while reboot will probbaly not work well for such a series...I think they'll make a continuation, most probably..
  4. huh..?? Please no... I'll give you a cookie..So stay..
  5. Hi, Welcome, yeah, it seems you posted your first post in the wrong section/forum...This particular section is for sharing releases.. There is a separate dedicated section for requests.. Also, sorry but i can not help with that request. But good luck with it..hopefully someone might have it..
  6. So, it will be a direct sequel, right?? They sure took their own sweet time.... Well, thanks Koby..again..
  7. That would be awesome, and probably better than x4sub's..as I originally said, wat15's video seems to have better source..but..well, what all you said.. Anyways, is it a confirmed undertaking? If so we can close this request, maybe.. And yeah, as always, I am in no hurry for the release..
  8. This is not the correct forum to request stuff. Please head to the "Request" forum. Pretty surely someone might help out.
  9. No worries. I have often downloaded torrents with just one seed, at lower than 10 kbps, just to get my hand on rare stuff. I just wanted to confirm, so that I know I'll have at least one seed when downloading, and not wasting my time. But, I am not sure when I'll get around to downloading it. I'll have to make some space in my internal before that..so might be a week, a month or more..
  10. What??? It's already released... I really need to keep updated.. Thanks for, kinda, telling me..
  11. Oh.. That's good to hear. In that case I'll keep x4subs' release as a back-up plan. Do you happen to have this release?
  12. Yes I saw that FFF stalled it, which was a real let down. I would simply grabbed theirs had they finished it.. x4subs is my first preference in case no one here picks up this project.. though since I have never seen any of their work, I am a bit skeptic. As for wat15, I don't know, I just don;t feel like trying them, specially after seeing their torrent here, they have provided the subs separately..(I am not sure if they are embedded in the video too or not?)..plus the subs.. But yes, their video might be better.. I'll be sure to keep both as an option if no other sources/releases surface soon(read 'in years') enough
  13. Title: Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers | Rokka no Yuusha No. of Episodes: 12 + 4 Picture Dramas Links: AniDB | ANN | MAL Would prefer a 720p BD. Doesn't seem like any good fansub group has done the show, so what ever feels right. Also, MEGA if possible, else XDCC, torrent, or other file hosts. (Is there a reason why there aren't any good releases for this?)
  14. No worries. Besides, I am not facing the issue any longer. I just wanted to bring this to light. I'll let you know if I happen to think of the cause. It could be a series of particular step, maybe. Though, I don;t usually do much except visiting the download section. Anyways, if it helps, I believe the setting got changed around 2 weeks ago, approx.
  15. Yes, same here. I ended up losing several posts. I had to track may recent activity and follow all the new posts.