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  1. The Blu-ray is better. I'm busy today. Maybe tonight I can send links.
  2. https://bakabt.me/torrent/146777/teizokurei-daydream-ghost-talker-s-daydream-rip Make sure your torrents software is on this list including the version number... https://bakabt.me/whitelist.php
  3. I gave you most on MEGA. yes I will, No there is no point in making a 4rd f-ing thread on this show.
  4. I will wait for your version. I want lossless audio.
  5. Dude, You can't ask me? You know I have Downloaded 1-70. I will get 71-72 today. What the Hell @Imagine Breaker
  6. Sadly no. at one time I thought about adding the English dub to the Japanese version and scenes that are new have English subtitles. good portion of scenes were extended in the Japanese version that the English version didn't have, so it was impossible to sync the English dub to. I am encoding the Japanese DVD with English subtitles now, I will post it later today with the English version done by @DarkDream787.
  7. I have it. but I also have the Japanese Cut which it is a lot longer. I can have it up today in fact.
  8. Who is looking forward to Shaman King Ep. 1-4 getting done?

    1. mrbaer



  9. Yes plz, you know this Project I'm working on is for you and @Arian.
  10. I have encoded Pokemon film 1-13 Blu-ray. I need Audio for 6-9. I need better audio for film 3.
  11. How much do you need?

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      This is not a private message. Each box set is roughly $29.

    2. matt17


      how to make a private message?

  12. will you be uploading more sailor moon episodes soon?

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Debating on re-encoding the entire first season and second season because of my new encoding method or fuck it and then continue encoding with my new method.

    2. matt17


      I hope you choose soon.

  13. I'm Dropping Dragon Ball Super (SUB BD 1080p)
    Till the TV Dub comes out.