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  1. Carbon Pink=Yes!

    Carbon Blue=Great!!

    Carbon Red=My Eyes are melting!?!?!


    ..man that Red color just kills me. :P

    Too bad, I like it.

  2. I saw @JohnFlower mention this player in channel and thought I would try it out. It works better than MPC in some tests I've run. Anyone with decent experience with it on Windows 10? I am trying to get the stupid Now Playing script to work with mIRC and I don't think the player is even loading the script. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Lol! #Carbon4Life!
  4. Man HE-AAC sounds like crap on some cheap-ass speakers I have. Not to mention my slightly expensive Sennheiser headphones I use whenever I watch anime.
  5. Definitely want this series.
  6. Yeah, I think more than just content distro needs to be member only.
  7. Wow that sucks. Sounds like you got a pain in the ass there @Koby.
  8. @Koby Just donated.
  9. @Koby I will be donating some, probably around the 14th.
  10. I think you mean master race, but yeah. Unfortunately, 720p bluray scene releases of tv shows are rather large. I am currently watching Season 2 of Hemlock Grove & check 'dem filesizes out: Some file info:
  11. That's it? Me: 3x 1TB 2x 2TB 2x 4TB 1x 5TB = 20TB I loves me some TV Shows in 720p bluray... ..Bad for the wallet though.
  12. I got my 5TB for $189 USD.