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Penguin Empire
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  1. Poke-boobs! Seriously though, a third season would be nice. I would like an actual ending.
  2. Well, I already paid for a year of Carbon, so...
  3. What's the Penguin Empire?


    1. Pollux


      Lol. A joke.

      From last year when funds were being raised for the new server:


    2. ani-me



  4. Pfft. That is small compared to some of the tv shows I get. A perfect copy of both seasons of Is This A Zombie would be great.
  5. Yaaaay! Come on Season 2!!
  6. Cool. Not Enough episodes though, lol.
  7. Lol. Gotta love a character that reads manga on a major network tv show. d8aaac4bff.jpg

  8. OK...The VA for Aqua. I love her in Konosuba, I wonder what she will be like in this.
  9. Bought Dragon Age: Inquisition - Game of the Year Edition on Game.co.uk for £5.00 and inserted the cd-key into Origin. Works for US customers. Yay! Bam! Saved a lot of $$$ on this one!
  10. Carbon Pink=Yes!

    Carbon Blue=Great!!

    Carbon Red=My Eyes are melting!?!?!


    ..man that Red color just kills me. :P

    Too bad, I like it.

  11. I saw @JohnFlower mention this player in channel and thought I would try it out. It works better than MPC in some tests I've run. Anyone with decent experience with it on Windows 10? I am trying to get the stupid Now Playing script to work with mIRC and I don't think the player is even loading the script. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Lol! #Carbon4Life!
  13. Man HE-AAC sounds like crap on some cheap-ass speakers I have. Not to mention my slightly expensive Sennheiser headphones I use whenever I watch anime.
  14. Definitely want this series.
  15. Yeah, I think more than just content distro needs to be member only.