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  1. I'm currently hunting down all of the FMA 2003 "parody" episodes, by Chopsticks / A_M. AFAIK, only 16 episodes were parodied (not including the movie), and I am missing eps 31/33/34/40/48. (THANKS!!!! to Puma D Ace for providing me with most of the eps!) If anyone has them, please please let me know! Also, I'll be uploading the other episodes sometime soon. AniDB link - https://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=979
  2. MS did season 1 pretty well.
  3. I'll look into doing it soon. Is 720 fine? I don't think it is worth doing a 1080 as well for this. (Quote me with a reply, please.)
  4. Rem is better.


    Change it back.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Deth93


      Beatrice best girl. Like... seriously.

    3. NeutralHatred


      Beatrice needed more screentime.

    4. Cat


      Drill loli FTW!

  5. @HTT has plans to what we do. Stall it to oblivion and release it when people forget about it. Waiting for USBDs.
  6. Wait for Doki or FMA1394. Both have announced they'd do it.
  7. "cuz didn't really watch anything last season, except for trash shows that make me wish I didn't watch anime." Brave witches isn't on my completed list... so... :3
  8. First. Voted for butts, cuz didn't really watch anything last season, except for trash shows that make me wish I didn't watch anime.
  9. Winter 2015/6: AssClass Musaigen no Phantom World GATE Dagashi Kashi Konosuba Spring 2016: Anne Happy High School Fleet Re:Zero Netoge Mayoiga Shounen Maid Summer 2016: Alderamin on the Sky Danganronpa 3 LoliYuriGoodness Love Live! Sunshine!! New Game! ReLIFE Rewrite Shokugeki S2 Fall 2016: Didn't really see anything for Fall. Winter 2016: Konosuba S2 Masamune-kun no Revenge Seiren (More, but i havent seen some of the pilots for other shows this season, yet. FU I do what I want.
  10. @Catar, filling requests without knowing about them. You can mark this filled now. (And @(AC), Catar did have to do multiple edits. So we good.)
  11. Could've just been bad lip-flap sync on Sentai's half. I didn't give it a proper attempt, just some basic syncing and frustration it required effort I didn't want to give it.
  12. Unlikely from me anytime soon. I've got like, 5 queued no-interest projects and a few real interests. All varying amounts of effort required.
  13. Unlikely its even properly sync'd. This one required multiple edits at various points to sync to the JPBD. Obviously, this is relatively easy and the only reason it hasn't been done by me or another project member who was slightly interested in the series is lack of interest in the show. Plus, people using ANT can't seem to figure out why CRC values are a good thing... Which instills even more doubt in what they do.
  14. https://mega.nz/#F!qpQF3AoK!dDIgdJIwRl4rqjydxCsmEQ Won't be live for long. Maybe a week or two.
  15. Righto. I'll have it up sometime today. A few things need uploading before I get to that.