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  1. I want lost in oz and I also want someone to webrip Ronia The Robber’s Daughter dub as well
  2. What happened excaty to your amazon account @Tooncore ?
  3. @DawnShadow. @Toddler Naruto just told me that you already have his netflix details so why are you asking for an account then?
  4. I believe @Arian, @Toddler Naruto has netflix accounts @DawnShadow.
  5. Can you pls rip dogstar @TheOneWhoSees thanks
  6. Jan 7 at 8pm - DB Super Jan 7 at midnight - DB Kai Buu
  7. It would be good if someone or some group works on and releases tri audio encodes of DB Super: Japanese, Funimation and Bang Zoom
  8. @retal4 Please check pm I sent you a capture request thanks very much



  9. Hello, Pokemon Movie 19 is being released in Australia earlier than the US release, similar to what happended with the 18th Movie.

    Willl you be able to provide a DVD rip of the 19th movie as you had done for the 18th movie?

    1. DigiPokeMon


      I will be buying Pokemon Movie 19 and I will be encoding it



    2. Great Anime Fan

      Great Anime Fan

      Thanks very much! Keep up the good work!

  10. .
  11. http://au.ign.com/articles/2016/11/07/young-justice-returning-for-season-3
  12. Getting web-rips from amazon is hard
  13. You should of bought it from itunes or send the money to @Arian instead @df17 Do you know how to remove itunes drm @df17 ?
  14. Best way is to get it from itunes but we need one of our itunes rippers to buy it and remove the drm from it
  15. How would I buy it from youtube @df17 then and remove the drm? I am wlling to spend the $3 buying and upload it. But I need to know how to buy it first