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  1. So Ronja, The Robber's Daughter S01E01 1080p Amazon WEBRip DD+ 2.0 x264-TrollHD.mkv is a web-cap @Darkshadow6400 ?
  2. Webripping from these online services like netflix, hulu, amazon and crackle is hard since they dont want to do it
  3. Thats alot of servers @OtakuSama. Why do you need all those for just wondering?
  4. Is there any one here with usenet access?

    1. DigiPokeMon


      or member at hd-bits thanks



    2. PM62
  5. Amazon Prime

    Is anyone going to upload this from usenet or hd-bits.com
  6. Amazon Prime

    @DJHulp Not everyone has access to usenet
  7. Amazon Prime

    @Charlie Brown Could you please upload the rest? Thanks very much
  8. I would like a web-rip or a web cap of this if possible
  9. I can access the live action section fine so I dont know what @Koby did
  10. I want lost in oz and I also want someone to webrip Ronia The Robber’s Daughter dub as well
  11. What happened excaty to your amazon account @Tooncore ?
  12. @DawnShadow. @Toddler Naruto just told me that you already have his netflix details so why are you asking for an account then?
  13. I believe @Arian, @Toddler Naruto has netflix accounts @DawnShadow.
  14. Can you pls rip dogstar @TheOneWhoSees thanks
  15. Jan 7 at 8pm - DB Super Jan 7 at midnight - DB Kai Buu