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  1. Well my bedroom is locked and I have no key to open the door. I tampered the doorknob a bit, hoping that I'd open it. I slightly damaged it and I have a small laceration on my hand when one of the metal pieces opened up.
  2. 1080p if it's a Bluray source. 480p if it's from DVD. Well, if I have room for the content on my comp... hehehe
  3. I absolutely DESPISE Cresselia in Black2, period. Almost an hour and a half and I still CANNOT acquire a balanced nature. Disgusting. And I thought Kyurem and Latios were bad!
  4. I can't stand that whining bimbo in Jaws 2. Too much screaming and crying, my poor ears are recovering from the unnecesaary drama. Just look at the last 25 min or so... unbelievable.
  5. The security guard here at work stopped using them and went back to the old way of smoking.
  6. Is it subject to file takedowns due to copyright? That's something to consider too. Othet than that, MEGA can never top that deal, so it looks cool.
  7. The TV show is live action, right? I doubt it's gonna fail but I would't say it's gonna be the biggest hit of the year. It just depends on the actual plot and the acting.
  8. Anyone want juice?



    1. Pacific85


      Sure. Get me some apple juice.

  9. It's called pre-summer for a reason. Always appreciate the view because they don't mind pleasing us outside the summertime (and can you blame them?).
  10. Congrats, I only achieved 5,700 posts elsewhere and I stopped posting there years ago.
  11. Winnie the Pooh 1977.
  12. Snow is gone and chicks will be showing skin soon hoorah.
  13. I haven't posted here since... 2014?? Anyways, phys ed was my worst IMO. And biology STUNK to the point that I failed. Earth Science was decent though.
  14. I hate Pokémon Black and White so much that it if it weren't for the move tutors in the sequel games, I wouldn't bother buying them. Anyways I'm gonna buy Black2 for that reason later on.
  15. Just imagine if they were mandatory installations... always unclick additional unneeded software you don't need. Is the app integrated with the website itself? Maybe the limits apply for the app too. As others have said use MiPony, it's excellent.