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  1. Well, I guess I can forgive DiC for rescoring Sailor Moon and not using the original soundtracks. What was 4Kids' excuse for literally RESCORING Johto League Champions and onward, yet they still retained all of the original soundtracks in the movies? SMFH

    1. ElementalCards


      Just to clarify, starting with the 4th film and onward. And yet it's amazing they're using the rescored movie soundtracks within the episodes.

    2. Subhraneel


      Hello there, can u update the Pokemon XYZ episode 47 - Till we Compete Again!

  2. Currently binge watching Pokémon Johto episodes for the first time since I last saw them on tv in 2004.

  3. bandwidth usage

    I have Verizon FiOS and have a 25/25Mbps plan. I had double the speed but my comp is deteriorating very badly so it's useless for me to have a decent plan atm.
  4. EP037. Holiday Hi-Jynx! [ DVD ] EP038. Snow Way Out! [ Web DL | DVD ] EP04. Pikachu's Winter Vacation - Delibird's Dilemma & Snorlax Snowman [ DVD ] EP22. Pikachu's Winter Vacation - Christmas Night & Kanga Games [ DVD ]
  5. Would you like the movie 3 audio from the old WB Fullscreen dvd? I have that and it's Dolby Digital 5.1. I may have the old DVD release for movie 9.
  6. Would you be kind enough to please upload the most recent alternate pokemon episode guide? Thx.

    1. TeridaxXD001


      I haven't updated it in a long time. The version linked in the first post is probably the latest one. I can update it again, but there are probably a lot of episodes with alternate versions I don't know about because I was absent from the site for a while.

    2. TeridaxXD001


      Oh, the link's broken, I can help with that. I'll post a new link in the topic.

  7. It was found recently. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/R2IjzmQMlDOeXEHs5HTlvGcybItF4sNml2vDZZxTjQz?_encoding=UTF8&mgh=1&ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy
  8. Because TeridaxXD001 did an excellent job hunting down the preview version of "Battle Aboard the St Anne", I thought I'd give this a try. Before US syndicated networks premiered Sailor Moon back in 1995, local Fox networks aired a pilot/sneak preview version, which turned out to be dub episode 41 (47). Supposedly, this version had a longer narrative at the beginning, but not much is known about it. It's *possible* that Tracey Moore dubbed her lines in this version as the main TV version was obviously voiced by Terri Hawkes. If anyone has the Sept 2, 1995 recording, I'd appreciate it if it could be ripped in any way. Thanks. http://wikimoon.org/index.php?title=Moon_Revived!_The_Mysterious_Aliens_Appear https://www.smuncensored.com/comparison.php?episodeid=47
  9. This made me lol, even though i say that Ted is indeed inspired by Chucky.
  10. Firestarter is very dated. The ending scene was accompanied with a crappy soundtrack that seemed to drag on. Other than the fact that the audio is in mono 1.0, some scenes look bent. I mean, take a look at squared objects and you'll see what I mean. It's too jarring, which leads me to... Village of the Damned '95 is a classic, even though it's not the most popular title out there. The SFX, while basic, were too damn good. Maybe the sounds is what made the special effects stand out. This remake maintained my interest from start to finish bc psychic powers in fictional works are awesome. Big.. this one is strange. I love the English version, but the Spanish dub sounds dated. Maybe the voice artists were miscast while dubbing their respective characters, I dunno. Cocoon aged very well. It has a beautiful score despite how old it is, and it's able to play with the emotions perfectly from exciting to sad to suspenseful, etc.
  11. Mention any films that have aged very well vs. the ones that didn't in your eyes. Independence Day '96 is a classic, hands down. The SFX are impressive to look at, even with a few corny *but hilarious* lines sprinkled here and there. The Secret Garden '93 is extremely dated. The repetitive over-dramatic soundtrack is atrocious and the scenery isn't great. Plus, it didn't look magical to me, I've seen better films with a "magical touch".
  12. Toonamivhs found 2 Sailor Moon episodes broadcast on Toonami and 2 Pokemon eps from KWB's Toonami. Is that OK?
  13. A scene from the SuperS film.
  14. Eh, some bimbo at work plays that game and she's so obsessed with it. As for me, no. Handheld games are enough for me, thanks.
  15. The release was pushed back to October. Funny thing is, tomorrow would've been the release.