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  1. Anyone who didn't celebrate Valentine's Day today say aye!

  2. I'm thinking it's for those that contribute enough with encoding tv shows/animes. I mean, it would be unfair if it were based on post count because that could be achieved through spamming.
  3. Wasn't it canceled once only for Nick to revive it afterwards?
  4. The only flaw from the original source is how bratty Buttercup (or w/e the green haired girl was called) sounded like and how much Bubbles was somewhat of a crybaby, and quite exaggerated too. I personally don't know if this was even addressed in the reboot version.
  5. Tch, too bad it's not for the Gen 4 games (lol) because I'd ask for one. Haven't bought a new game for 6 yrs, ha.
  6. I thought it would be a fad after a month (or more). Kinda hard to emulate its initial success from 1998.
  7. Oh, geez. 4Kids, 4 - freakin' - Kids. I'll never understand their pointless edits.
  8. They'll always be the main attraction, unfortunately.
  9. As I'm close to concluding my binge watching of the Johto saga, I have to say that I'm very dissapointed at the ridiculous rescoring that occured after Johto Journeys. I loved Master Quest when i was exposed to it the most during the Kids WB era, but the annoying amount of dub music doesn't make the dub any better. It would've been better if 4Kids had rescored the movies and left the original soundtracks alone in the episodes. Sadly this wasn't the case.
  10. Actually I win once more.
  11. *ElementalCards is now following you




    Wow thanks for following and also IT'S NICE TO MEET YOU!
    I also followed back as well!

    Wish you an great day/night and more Elemental!


    1. ElementalCards


      Always a pleasure :)

  12. Well, any edited anime that's *intentionally* marketed to a family audience, even though it's not a really popular choice. Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors comes to mind, as well as Mew Mew Power and Magical DoReMi, and maybe Hamtaro.
  13. I always save all my music, images, digital (not video) files on my flash drive and have done this for the past 7 yrs. Before that, I'd back up all of that to my email.
  14. Unless it's me, I'd have to click a few times for the file to download. Other than that, it's pretty good along with Amazon Cloud Drive.