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  1. Because there isn't already like 3 different posts on this forum with the new season of Samurai Jack, right?
  2. Possibly. Without looking at the metadata it's hard to confirm, as WEBRip seems to be interchangeable for both caps and rips when dealing with Amazon videos. I believe some groups are still capable of ripping Amazon, so it could be the real deal. Regardless, an encoded Amazon rip is still generally superior to an untouched iTunes rip, which ironically also isn't untouched anymore when dealing with 1080p video.
  3. Amazon have released a new version of their DRM which is harder to crack, so the majority of Amazon releases you'll see are actually screen recordings, rather than direct untouched rips.
  4. This show isn't in 720p. Upscaling a DVD from 480p to 720p wouldn't magically create more quality anyway. Resolution =/= Quality. I haven't personally looked at the FROSTY release, but the bitrate is much higher than DarkDream's. So as long as FROSTY filtered it correctly to fix source issues, then it's not hard to believe that it would be better than DarkDream's.
  5. Thank you Koby. I'll give it a try later. I really appreciate the help, and I apologise the dickish behaviour earlier. Not exactly how I wanted to come off.
  6. 1min sample: https://mega.nz/#!0to0gboL!liJuze48X1UT-sHcxP8wPXOcickTh7fDAEacwK9IVqs The issue I'm describing can be seen in the first second of the video. If you step through frame by frame you'll see Sherlock's nose slowly starts breaking up. You can also see the jaggies on his eyebrows. I'm sure it's elsewhere as well, I just didn't bother to look to thoroughly. I'll upload another sample showing what it looks like after my filters. EDIT: Here it is. Quick CRF17 encode to show what it looks like after filters: https://mega.nz/#!9lojESoD!uH6vf-NZ1lRMMT48Ai1-ROgR6C-5qVXJzY0wRX782SA
  7. I'll check out HiAA. But like you said, anti aliasing will fix it for the most part, and it does. There's just some particular lines that aren't, which is why I've resulted to running a deinterlacer over the video after TIVTC'ing it, as I find it is helping in this particular instance.
  8. Yeah, I'm already using maa (since maa2 crashes my script. But that's a story for another time), but it's not fixing these particular lines. I'll upload a sample later so you can see what I mean. The jaggies and broken lines are the typical ones you get when an video hasn't been deinterlaced correctly. @PDoggy77 unless I just can't find the parts where it's telecined, I would say the video is progressive for the most part, with some potential telecined footage at the CGI parts. I would need to go back and check.
  9. Hey guys, I'm working on Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century at the moment and I've encountered a weird issue with some of the episodes. While some episodes seem to be IVTC'd like normal, other episodes appear to be progressive, but are encoded as interlaced MPEG-2 files. This results in a lot of jagged and broken lines. TIVTC'ing the video like a normal episode helps reduce the jaggies and broken lines a bit, as well as bring it down from 29.970 to the correct framerate of 23.976, but the issue still persists, and causes an unpleasant image. I seem to have found a decent solution to this by then running a deinterlacer over the already deinterlaced footage (either nnedi or QTGMC with SelectEven) and that seems to almost entirely fix the issue. I guess my question is, is there any downside to what I'm doing? If the footage already appears to be deinterlaced, should I even bother TIVTC'ing it, since my only reasoning is to correct the frame rate? I've noticed no sync issues in my tests, so I'm not sure I'm hurting the image by what I'm doing. Examples of the issue can be found here: http://www.tvpast.org/forum/toons-superheroes/19844-more-incompetent-dvd.html Happy to upload samples if needed.
  10. Trade secret. Everyone must find their own path to enlightenment. If I told you how to gain access, then it defeats the whole purpose of people not being able to access it in the first place.
  11. Now you've gotta be yanking my chain. Why would an anime forum need a Live Action section? But seriously, it exists. It's like the holy grail though, you need to go on a mighty quest and overcome many physical and emotional obstacles. Once you've finished your quest, if you're chosen by our lord and savior Koby you can join the ranks of the elite members of this forum and gain access to the promised land.
  12. Some say the Live Action section is but a myth. A legend as old as Kametsu itself. Among the new users and the leechers exist an elite rank of users who claim to have seen the fabled Live Action section, but sadly it's existence and location remains unknown to the masses.
  13. 1. You can't tell bloat from a YouTube video. Bloat refers to the size of the video. 2. I never argued anything about colour correction or the Blurays being cropped. My whole point is that just upscaling a video is pretty much pointless, as you can't magically create detail that isn't there to begin with. You would be better off leaving it at the source resolution and letting your player upload it. The only time upscaling can make a difference is if the person doing it knows what they are doing, and even then, the benefits are minimal. Looking at the filters you mentioned earlier, there really wasn't much "enhancement" done. You've already admitted you're not familiar with this stuff, so I'm not really sure why you're arguing, it's like you've just picked up certain buzzwords and you're throwing them around like fact.
  14. For the most part, there is no reason to upscale something, because you're not going to magically create more detail, all you're going to do is blow up the image to a bigger size and introduce bloat.
  15. This is not the right section for Requests. @Koby can you please move into Requests section?