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  1. Yo! Please add this thread "BLEACH || 480P || 720P COMPLETE (DATTEBAYO, KAA, ELEMENT+BLAZER SOUL, FLOMP & SGKK SUBS)" to the list in Subbed anime section. 

  2. Hi, Does anybody have Bleach 130-190 with Dattebayo subs and episodes 1-63 with Lunar subs? I've been really looking for them for a very long time. I'd really appreciate any help here, guys. Edit: someone please shift this to the requests section. I posted it here by accident.
  3. Hey, man


    Do you have Bleach 130-190 Dattebayo subs? I'm been looking for them for a very long time..

    1. Harry-Potter
    2. SylentEcho


      I found it and I posted it in the Subbed section. :)

  4. Hi, everyone Not exactly a new member, but I've decided to be active.