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  1. I really want to build myself some kind of server with a raid. I've got something like 12-15 HDDs of various sizes. Sure, they're, mostly, organized (Anime-SUB, HDTV, Manga, Comics, Music, Etc). But it's still kind of annoying dealing with anything from USB2.0 to USB3.0+External Power Source. :|

    1. Etzimal


      Spoiler alert.


      But really though, that show is terrible.

  3. Nope. Sometimes ya just need to tell someone to 'go fuck themselves'. Some people just ain't smart enough to catch anything but a brick in the face.
  4. Youjo Senki Ubel Blatt Tsuyokute New Saga
  5. I've love to see a new Berserk series without the SHITTY AS SHIT CGI crap.
  6. Into the Badlands SE2 is starting up.
  7. I'm part of the 'have them all' master race.
  8. Viewtuful Joe
  9. It's probably a 4x game.
  10. Steven Universe Star Wars Rebels Guardians.of.the.Galaxy Justice.League.Action.
  11. Just avoid the droid centered based episodes and you'll be good. Holy fuck do they suck.
  12. Sometimes I find out about the anime first, sometimes I find out about the manga first. I usually try and read the manga first. If I like the manga, I'll usually like the anime.
  13. I rented it. Better than RE5/6, but not as good as RE4. Suffered from a 'that's a stupid choice' towards the end.
  14. Star Wars - Rouge One: Solid movie. The CGI humans were a bit...iffy...at times.