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  1. Damn my sides and flank been hurting all day

  2. Uploading Wolf's Rain 16-22 and 28-30 NOW!!

  3. 16-30 of Wolf's Rain tomorrow. I'm just too tired from work and too sleepy from late night masturbation.


    Fate/Illya 2wei Herz all next week!

  4. Encodes: Because of last weekend's mis"shit" and I'm still in process of recovering data, eps 16-18 of Wolf's Rain which was supposed to be last week will be tomorrow. Encoding 19-30 all next week.


    Then GOD EATER 8-14, Noragami Aragoto, Illya 2wei Herz (which I'm still waiting on)...I think that's it.

  5. Okay, some good news: I've installed a new (yet large) cooling fan, 4 4GB memory sticks, and a 630W power supply. Now my PC's working. About dam ti---


    The bad news: My monitor won't show shit. In DVI. HDMI. Nothing. WTF?

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    2. NeutralHatred


      You've tried removing the video card, a stick of a RAM (You must have at least one stick or the system won't POST)--like switching between the two--disconnected any drives (Hard Drives, SSDs, Optical Drives, ect) and still nothing, you could try simply buying a new stick of RAM to test and see if it'll post then.

      If the system does actually power on, such as fans spin up, it's more than likely your motherboard. If the fans spin up and the system is powering on, despite no POST, it is likely the motherboard is shot. As @dragonballz4 suggested earlier, a surge can fry a board. If it didn't fry everything else on it, you're lucky.

      I would recommend finding an authorized repair shop that won't charge an arm and a leg to at least diagnose and identify the exact cause. I work at Micro Center, which is unfortunately, not in your state but, we charge $40 just to do diagnostics.

    3. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      I gave up and went and bought a very decent price for a i7 hp tower.

    4. Smileyyakadoo


      That sucks man. I check everything that is plugged in. Usually if that ever occurs, I would...

      1. Disconnect all HDD & SSD Drives - and CD Drive

      2. Disconnect the Graphics Card. (use the internal Motherboard Graphics Card aka the CPU)

      3. Make sure the CPU and Fan/water cooler/barring is plugged in.

      4. Could be RAM issues, make sure that in right.

      5. Test the motherboard, CPU, RAM and PSU alone to see if BIOS pops up.


      5a. If that pops up then somethings a mis, maybe bad RAM, Do you have the correct RAM?

      Plugging in the wrong RAM could also due to not loading anything, even though yea, it fits but that could be the issue there. I remember plugging in a Dell RAM card into a different model of the same Brand and got no bios but a long beep sound and yet the ram still fits.

  6. BREAKING, and WORST NEWS: My power supply on my PC died, so I'm without my main PC until I get a new power supply, plug, and fan cooler. Hopefully that works, or I might be looking at buying a new computer...this also means Wolf's Rain is delayed until this shit gets resolved.

  7. BREAKING: Cloudflare has either been hacked or DDOSed, which is affecting a LOT of sites that use it, and whatever data you had for those sites could be compromised. I'd check https://github.com/pirate/sites-using-cloudflare and https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/ for any latest updates and/or bad news.

    1. PDoggy77


      They weren't hacked or DDOSed. Their proxies were, for some reason, dumping data sent and received on their client websites, which may have included user data from any sites that use their services. It's not guaranteed that your data is out there, as it's not like everything that went through Cloudflare was being spat out, only a small percentage. Still, the exploit was active for about 6 months, so everyone's worried anyways. Can't hurt to be, tbh.

    2. OtakuSama


      I heard about it too when i received an email from them about leaking user data accident from their service. A simple reset password would fixed the problem anyway.

  8. Wolf's Rain is on Blu-Ray, and the first 9 episodes encoded by yours truly is uploading.....NOW!!!


    Eps 10-18 (also encoded) to upload tomorrow!!

    1. Koby


      Congrats on encoding from a bad source. DVDs have more detail and better colors.

  9. Okay, so people notice that (almost) all of my encodes are in Onedrive thanks to  bRoKeN dReAmS , and, well, due to his situation...if there's people that know about it...I dunno how long he can maintain his 1D account, so that leaves me with the only LAST possible thing I can think of which is torrenting. Now, I have a seedbox of 1.5TB (already used 75% of it) with the majority being hentai stuff. My seedbox was for the sole purpose of XDCCing my stuff on my channel and on #kametsu which BTW my bot is still banned there with no explaination at all, but anyway, it costs money to maintain a seedbox and it's expensive.


    What I'm trying to say is, I'm in financial need to not only keep my seedbox but to increase storage from 1.5TB to 2TB and to post my encodes to Nyaa, so if anyone wanna help me plz PM me.


    Anyway my latest encode [Wolf's Rain] status is 9 of the 30 eps are encoded and will be uploaded this weekend.

    1. DigiPokeMon


      Your bot isnt banned in #kametsu but de voiced



  10. 1. Anyone know a place to get Hong Kong PSN cards that aren't sold out, and isn't e-bay or play-asia? REALLY NEED SOME.


    2. Although still trying to finish Galaxy Angel, I was gonna start finishing GOD EATER, but fuck it WOLF'S RAIN takes high priority. 

  11. Galaxy Angel BD uploading first 13 eps today!!! (pant)

  12. Things on some shit:

    - Still waiting for GOD EATER pt 2 to come out

    - Galaxy Angel BD is taking me this long because the first two tries just sucked, so now I'm doing 2-pass encoding on all of them and I should expect to get through with all of these in February

    - Only thing February I know I'm doing is Illya 2wei Herz, Noragami, and Wolf's Rain BD (I didn't even know a BD was for this).

  13. Well, besides ARRBEE007 who has it, and me who's borrowing it from him, for me, it is downright good. The biggest pros for me is that I don't have to worry about files getting expired and people downloading at great speeds. Only con is I can only upload 3 files at a time, even with it's sync desktop feature, unless I use z-o-o-m file uploader but that works half the time.
  14. Two things:




    2. Galaxy Angel BD encode I'm still working on; you may be disappointed that whoever licensed this has upscaled all the episodes, so if anyone that has the JPN BD of this can compare to this encode after I'm done.

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    2. Koby


      Lastly, Trump is really a Democrat. He registered democrat for a very long time, his believes and his stances on political things swing more to the Democratic way of thinking, and most of his proposed plans seem to be more in line with what you'd see a Democrat do. He didn't register as a Republican until 2009 after his disbelief that the Democratic party he loved chose to elect Obama and he saw the rift in the country that became of it and rode it into becoming the next president. I've read up on his long list of plans, and I personally feel that the American people will be better off with 98% of them being done. The only thing I disagree with Trump on really, is his stance on Global Warming.

    3. Koby


      In the end you only have the Democratic party to blame for Trump being elected. They opted to allow the rigged Nomination process to go with Hillary over Sanders, and the majority of Sanders supporters jumped to support Trump as a result. People were pissed that they meant nothing. The Nomination was set the moment Hillary opted to run, and despite evidence coming out that they did in fact rig it, the nominee wasn't changed. Had they opted to go with Sanders, there is no doubt he'd be living in the White House right now instead of Trump.

    4. Koby


      No matter what though, they'll be people on different sides of the fence here. Some are going to stand with Hillary, while others will stand with Trump... and there is nothing that can be said to change either sides mind on the ordeal. It only leads to hurt feelings and fighting; which is why I grew up being told two things you don't talk about with friends and family: politics & religion.

  15. 6 instant BSODs in 2 weeks with NO explaination at all (I have Security Essentials and latest Windows Update so I dunno wtf is going on since I haven't even installed any new software during these two weeks), but anyway new encode for this month: Galaxy Angel on Blu-Ray!