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  1. Hey, Arian. It's been a while, eh? I've sent you an email, I hope you're gonna love it.

  2. Will you also be doing Toonami Asia Dub rips of Dragon Ball Super or may know anyone that will?

    1. Arian


      We're working on that. Granted I haven't found anyone yet, but time will tell.

    2. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      Glad to hear that! =) Thanks for contributing even on that Arian. I really do hope you manage to find someone that can help!

  3. Does anyone know a good place to download free music?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zandig


      with what.cd  dead apolo.rip is a good option

    3. Koby


      PassTheHeadphones (PTH) is basically the new What.cd

    4. Arian


      If anyone cares I did find this site, and their archive is pretty decent.



  4. WTF is Masha and the Bear up to? UiqL3Ee.png


    1. Koby


      Hold my bear while I go ride my pony.

  5. Hi, Arian! I left you a message, please go and check it out, if you can. Sorry about that.

  6. Hi, Arian! You rock, BTW. :)

  7. Hey, Arian! I have sent you a message, come and check it out sometime! :D 

  8. Hi, Arian, I have sent you a message, go and check it out. :)

  9. Well, I'm getting pretty goddamn sick of all of these reboots in general but that's neither here nor there. @Inverti You're just spreading negativity, and that's okay, it's your M.O.
  10. Hence, why the Ocean dub was made. I may not speak for the entire fanbase, but you certainly don't and you're very narrow-minded to boot.
  11. I really hope you're joking, pal. That FUNimation dub of Kai is the joke. Schemmel was good between 2002 and 2009, but when Kai started, did his performance go down the toilet. Sabat too. And don't get me started on Sabat's godawful casting and directing. All of that overacting, pseudo-intelligent dialogue, etc. Chris Ayers as Frieza speaks for itself. And I could go on. Why would I do that when A) I know it's coming out eventually, and B) I'm not interested in it at all (besides to maybe ridicule it). With all the garbage that gets TV deals, including FUNi Kai, I'm confident that with enough persistence, a network will sign it given with Dragon Ball's major popularity in general. Enjoy your FUNi dub of Buu Kai (which sucked to begin with).
  12. The Ocean dub is finished, it just needs to air on TV. It wouldn't affect FUNimation's dub at all. Your input would only help us Ocean dub fans get what we want, a better dub. That's why you should bother.
  13. Well, this topic and other topics on here were far more active, a lot more members would stop by, I made a number of friends on here, IPS 3.0 was better than the current theme, and it was just a more fun environment in general. If you'd like to see it for yourself you can. https://web.archive.org/web/20140302113730/http://forums.kametsu.com/
  14. I miss 2014. At least for Kametsu.