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  1. Actually scratch that, I was able to find it on Netflix USA. Only thing is, I don't have anything to record my screen with. Anyone know of a good recorder?
  2. And the last one, S03E14 - Super Puppy Saves the Day airs next Wednesday at 11:30am. I can secure that for you if CBC hasn't put it on their website before then.
  3. PBS and Family Jr. are airing the show on cable. You want me to cap these given episodes for you? I say that's your best bet since these episodes aren't on iTunes.
  4. Tuneskit

    There is no 12.5.0 but there is a 12.5.1 64-bit on FileHippo: http://filehippo.com/download_itunes/download/f6fa32d01865d04714613b02af1f3fd8/
  5. Tuneskit

  6. Tuneskit

    Windows 10 and TunesKit.v2.8.5.115.
  7. Tuneskit

    Thanks for the hookup, bro. ^^ EDIT: I seem to be having problems with the program. The patch seemed to have worked but the files won't convert. Did I do something wrong?
  8. Did something piss you right off today? Take the time to post about it, it might get your anger out. Let me start. So I'm this Dragon Ball group on Discord. One of the members recorded Dragon Ball GT off which was airing on Fuji2, which means high quality, Stereo Japanese audio. Everyone in the group is supposed to have access to them, but what do I get when I click on the link? I ask everybody including the ADMIN of the group and all I get is "Ask person B." I even asked the uploader of these files, who isn't person B, and he has the balls to say that everyone has access. Then the douchebag says that he won't re-upload the files and to "bother" person B with this, not him. Now why don't I just ask this person B? Apparently person B won't give you access to these files which aren't even his unless you have something to give him in return. So it's all just a bunch of selfish horseshit!
  9. Contact me on Skype, I'll send it to you.
  10. I'm flattered that you think that, but the closest I am to Kanzenshuu management is Ajay, and I don't think he has the power to affect the front page. At the very least, I'm trying to link the petition on my signature and it's not working.
  11. Hey, guys. I just submitted a petition to Change.org in a last ditch attempt to get Ocean Kai on the air. https://www.change.org/p/michelle-mcteague-put-dragon-ball-kai-on-the-air-in-canada?recruiter=137239780 If you love the Ocean dub and would love to hear it one more time, please go to the link and sign the petition. If I get enough signatures, I can call Corus Entertainment and get them to look at it.
  12. Hey, Arian. It's been a while, eh? I've sent you an email, I hope you're gonna love it.

  13. Will you also be doing Toonami Asia Dub rips of Dragon Ball Super or may know anyone that will?

    1. Arian


      We're working on that. Granted I haven't found anyone yet, but time will tell.

    2. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      Glad to hear that! =) Thanks for contributing even on that Arian. I really do hope you manage to find someone that can help!