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  1. @DawnShadow. Please get on Skype ASAP as soon as you read this message, I need to talk.

  2. So this went pretty badly last time, but a lot of the requests did get filled. I'm now able to do this personally so...


    Any cartoons need ripping from Amazon US in 1080p? Shows on Prime can be ripped at no cost, but if they're not on Prime, donations will be needed to cover the cost. Keep in my mind the files are higher quality than iTunes pretty much 100% of the time.
    Let me know!

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    2. DawnShadow.


      Majority of SD stuff looks pretty crappy, that won't be worth the effort.


      By the way, perfectly willing to do live-action stuff, not restricted to animation.

    3. Tooncore


      My request would be any upgrades regarding Hanna-Barbera, Ruby-Spears or Filmation.


    4. Great Anime Fan

      Great Anime Fan

      Hey, would you be able to do this? 

      Please reply in that thread if possible. Thanks.

  3. Cartoon

    I assume the links are dead, I'll have to re-upload it for you. Pretty impossible to search for it since every word in the title is three letters or less.
  4. Cartoon

    Already ripped this show a few years ago, 360p is the best you can get.
  5. I'll do this for you Looks to be on sale too, I'm pretty sure it was like $40 not long ago. Just PM me with the code or you can PayPal me the money if you want
  6. Sorry to bother you but can I talk to you in private?

  7. I'm able to do this now, in 1080p and 720p if wanted. Anyone have an account I can use?
  8. I'll try and record this from the live stream in HD, been waiting for this one myself
  9. @DawnShadow. When do you think you'll be able to fix your laptop or upgrade/replace it?


    I asked a week ago but I guess you forgot.

    1. DawnShadow.


      ETA is around 2 weeks. Apparently it's a "unique model" and they had to order a replacement screen from the UK.

    2. tunatun5till
  10. It's a damn good idea. Blu-ray discs last way longer than DVDs, and they hold a ton more data. I wish more people did it. This set is PAL though, so it's not a smart idea to use it for encodes.
  11. @DawnShadow. Please check Skype, I asked a question.

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    2. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      @DawnShadow. That sucks Dawn, I hope you can fix your laptop or replace it.


      Has your warranty ended yet?

    3. DawnShadow.


      @Toddler Naruto Nope, it hasn't. It doesn't cover screen damage though annoyingly. Must've been a crappily built one or dropped before I bought it or something. The internal screen cracked when I touched it lightly one day, and I know I sure as hell wasn't responsible for it.

    4. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      @DawnShadow. Hopefully you can get something out of the laptop company, or wherever you bought it from.


      What are your plans in the meantime, assuming that doesn't work?

  12. Amazon has the show in 1080p for Starz subscribers. Do with that information what you want.
  13. Thanks so much, s-mouche! And welcome to the site, super cool to see you here! Have grabbed many of your great encodes over the years and you are quite the hero to me
  14. Hopefully someone can grab these for you. http://www.nzbclub.com/nzb_view/9343643/TrollHD_My_Babysitter_s_a_Vampire_S01_1080p_WEB_DL_DD_5_1_x264_TrollHD - Password "TrollHD" http://www.nzbclub.com/nzb_view/9343726/TrollHD_My_Babysitter_s_a_Vampire_S02_1080p_WEB_DL_DD_5_1_x264_TrollHD
  15. I did WEB-DLs of Season 1. Need donations for the rest. http://kametsu.com/topic/55156-the-batman-web-dl/