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  1. Both seasons are on MySpleen if you have an account.
  2. "Alive N' Chicken/Prima Doggy" (The banned episode) is missing Everything else is there though.
  3. Complete series is now on iTunes US in HD https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/101-dalmatians-vol-1/id1198778883
  4. Anyone here have a current account for "Oznoz"?

  5. Make sure you're still logged into your Amazon account when you start ripping, and if that's not the problem, are you in the same country as the store that you're trying to rip from? If you still have no luck, I can rip it for you if you want
  6. Tuneskit

    Thanks, but Tuneskit will only work with 12.5.0 which is specifically why I need it. Thanks NickFan
  7. Tuneskit

    Thanks, but that's the wrong version.
  8. Tuneskit

    Anyone have a download link for the x64 iTunes 12.5.0 setup file?
  9. Tuneskit

    Thanks ianon.
  10. Yeah, there's probably a rather high chance of that
  11. Thanks Arian
  12. Bumping this request. I just need either Tuneskit or m4vgear for Windows. Doesn't bother me which, just need it to work with iTunes 12 so I can finally get this massive backlog of WEB-DLs released. Thanks to anyone who can help
  13. @DawnShadow. ETA for Tigger & Pooh S02?

  14. They originated from BTN, could be elsewhere by now.
  15. x-men

    If you cover the costs, I can rip them from Amazon without re-encoding, just shoot me a PM.