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  1. PLUS7 changed their encryption after episode 7, so I was unable sadly. This is a show that I do expect to end up either on iTunes in HD or on Youtube officially in HD though.
  2. That means it has new encryption.
  3. You're not actually the user I was referring to. What issue are you receiving? You might be having a different problem. Is the content that you're trying to rip something that was added before October 2016?
  4. Honestly that sounds like a massive waste of @videofindersTV's time, considering that these are available on Blu-ray in Germany with English audio, and links to English copies have been posted above...
  5. Thankfully they've uploaded 4x3 1080p clips of both "The Flintstones" and "Scooby-Doo! Where Are You!" on their official YouTube channel, so maybe things won't be cropped. Ironically, Scooby-Doo! Where Are You!, which has 1080p HD versions available on Amazon UK, looks pretty crappy in this YouTube clip in comparison to Amazon's copies.
  6. Both seasons are on MySpleen if you have an account.
  7. "Alive N' Chicken/Prima Doggy" (The banned episode) is missing Everything else is there though.
  8. Complete series is now on iTunes US in HD https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/101-dalmatians-vol-1/id1198778883
  9. Anyone here have a current account for "Oznoz"?

  10. Make sure you're still logged into your Amazon account when you start ripping, and if that's not the problem, are you in the same country as the store that you're trying to rip from? If you still have no luck, I can rip it for you if you want
  11. Tuneskit

    Thanks, but Tuneskit will only work with 12.5.0 which is specifically why I need it. Thanks NickFan
  12. Tuneskit

    Thanks, but that's the wrong version.
  13. Tuneskit

    Anyone have a download link for the x64 iTunes 12.5.0 setup file?
  14. Tuneskit

    Thanks ianon.