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  1. Hi could someone obtain Lost in Oz Extended from amazon Prime please.
  2. could you upload the second gi joe series?

    1. Blitzepidemic


      If I can find decent encodes of the complete series i'll add it to my to-do-list.

  3. Hi, this is a question to anyone who uses mega downloader, is it safe to use, I mean can you be caught for pirating like with torrents? I want to know before I use it.
  4. Hi could some one upload gundam 00 seasons 1 and 2 and the movie all english dubbed please?
  5. How much do you need?

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      This is not a private message. Each box set is roughly $29.

    2. matt17


      how to make a private message?

  6. will you be uploading more sailor moon episodes soon?

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Debating on re-encoding the entire first season and second season because of my new encoding method or fuck it and then continue encoding with my new method.

    2. matt17


      I hope you choose soon.

  7. Hi, could someone please upload this movie? either dvd or web-dl .
  8. Whats the Decrypt key?
  9. Hi, do you have teen titans go season 1?

    1. Raven




      Yes & No - I never had a complete set of S01 myself but ianon kindly added one on my S02 thread:



      There's a link to it on the opening post of the S02 thread above which I will also add here to make it easier for you to find, the 1st megafolder on the post linked to below contains both 720p & 1080p links for S01:



  10. Hi, could someone please upload TTG Season 1 Web Dl.
  11. Could you upload more of these seasons please, especially 7.
  12. HI, do you do your own encoding because there is a certain tv series on itunes that i would like encouded.

  13. would you be willing to download and upload winx club season 7 if I payed for half of it?


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    2. matt17


      do you have a link to this loadstone so I can contact him?

    3. Raven


      No I don't, not that it would help much anyway as Loadstone is infamous for not responding to PM's etc.

    4. matt17


      ok, thanks

  14. If anyone is willing to upload season 7 of Winx club then I will pay for half of it.