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  1. I'm trying to download mr.kimiko sailor moon r nyaa torrent only episodes 80-89
  2. Is exact same music they use for spider-man animated series 90s well they were productions of saban entertainment
  3. If anyone made this topic before
  4. Where to buy them and does it have all the episodes?
  5. I told them why though is it because dbz kai dub has a better script or is it they finally able to dub dbz kai Majin buu saga I'm like come on guys it was the reason why we like dragon ball z it was kinda feeling like watching batman and super man animated series but different feeling to it. If it wasn't the for the old dub we never would have dbz kai or db super in the future think about it
  6. I can't believe it that school rumble is has English version manga I didn't know that kodansha published it only for digital manga

  7. Joshua Seth is coming back as tai
  8. Just wondering there are times I like to see something similar like rurouni kenshin
  9. Wow there's another Mamoru Hosoda Movie I already have Summer Wars and wolf children
  10. I have a I know this kinda late for this but does doflamingo doesn't mind Luffy calling him mingo? Sanji needs to remember how did Rayleigh took off the collar on his neck and kami's too and Luffy keeps coming back with more copy's of his crew
  11. A friend of mine gave me a iPad it's 32gb which he didn't mention to me it's iCloud protection or something he give me it's kinda hot
  12. Does any one have this show complete on DVD of tv rips of it?I love this show so much but it's kinda hard to find,if anyone has it can you upload it to MEGA?Please and Thankyou.
  13. https://www.viz.com/watch/blu-ray/bleach-uncut-video-box-sets/12194 bleach set 1 contains episodes 1-27 special features : art gallery,clean endings, bonus: behind the scenes of bleach (interviews with the English dub cast)
  14. Does anyone know where to get Miyazaki films in bluray on Amazon or I can get them here except for film of grave of the fireflies that one made me cry