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  1. Does anyone know which is the latest episode of Naruto: Shippuden that is officially available on iTunes? Also, do you think that the new Boruto anime is gonna have a starting dub or wait till the dub of Shippuden is finished?

    1. Koby


      Probably won't be dubbed until after they finish Shippuuden. Just kind of depends on how soon Viz is allowed to start work on it. I figure Boruto isn't going to be 100+ episodes, but you never know...

    2. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      Makes total sense. Too bad cause Shippuden must be pretty behind right? I see Boruto to Naruto in a weird sense like DBS is to DBZ.

    3. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      @Imagine Breaker Boruto anime is a direct sequel to Naruto Shippuden.


      Naruto Shippuden dub is 117 eps behind Japan, so there's a 2 year delay.


      Not to mention Japan is still airing new episodes...so it's gonna be awhile.

  2. Could anyone please consider doing a remux Cthuko's subs and SallySubs's video to create an archive BD 720p Hi10 Subbed release of the first season of One-Punch Man (NOT ASKING FOR THE OVAS!!)? It would be much appreciated if you could create a thread here so it can be shared with others. P.S. The reason I ask this is because Cthuko has FINALLY finalized their OPM releases and we really need an archive BD release that luckily can be achieved by this remux. Also, I don't ask for a dual audio release cause the BD English audio isn't out yet so it would be a waste of time to release a v0. Best personal candidates: @Moodkiller, @Moby JJ, @Etzimal!
  3. Best current release for One Punch Man? I want to hear your opinions.

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    2. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      @PDoggy77 I will go with SS then. But, I have a question. Which subs did they use? It says both Cthuko and Commie. I was hoping that since Cthuko has finished OPM that all 12 episodes of SS would include Cthuko's subs only instead of Commie too.

    3. Koby


      There is really no difference. Both barely altered the official subs. Like I already said, it's mostly just a name scheme difference (Mosquito Girl vs. Mosquito Lady) and the typesetting. You get maybe 2-3 differences in the dialogue script between the two groups. Don't believe me? Just check the screenshots here: https://fansub.co/one-punch-man/. Sally didn't use either groups edit though as they utilized the same source those groups did and applied their own edit instead. They just mixed the best typesetting between all of the available groups: Commie, Cthuko, Chihiro, and their own. So there is again, absolutely no reason to not go with their release as-is.

    4. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      Thanks for the info @Koby! I didn't know.

  4. Does Kametsu have any plans to do the first season of Chaos;Head in the future since the second season, titled Chaos;Child is airing now? It would be cool to find a decent archive release to watch it before going on S2.
  5. Does Kametsu have any plans to do the first season of Blue Exorcist in the future since the second season is airing now? It would be cool to find a decent archive release to watch it before going on S2.
  6. Bungou Stray Dogs S2
  7. Does anyone know how can I rip from Daisuki?

    1. Cat


      I know how if you are still looking for how to do it. Just message me or something.

  8. Can someone please rip and upload episodes 362-374 if you have them of course? Thanks!
  9. Blue Exorcist 2: DameDesuYo or HorribleSubs?

    1. Koby



  10. For Dragon Ball Super do you plan on archiving the current dub as TVRip or as dual audio remux?

    1. Koby


      Prob neither. I'll probably just wait for BD audio syncs.

  11. Fuuka: Dissolution or HorribleSubs?

    1. Koby


      I have it on good authority that Kantai is doing it. If so I'd wait for them as long as they didn't end up stalling it; but I personally have no interest in the show...

  12. Man! If I could be lucky enough to archive a new 1080p release to go along with H.O.T.D. then that would be the best!!
  13. I knew you had a lot of them, but didn't you remove them? I didn't want to trouble you on reuploading them! Really, will you uploading all 72 episodes? Can you please make a seperate thread just for the FUNi 1080p sub rips of DBS @Mr. Kimiko??
  14. Just for the record. This request isn't about the HS/CR rips but for the FUNi hardsub rips that someone might be willing to share.
  15. Can someone please rip and upload English Subbed episodes 1-72 of Dragon Ball Super in 1080p quality from FUNimation's site? I would really like to archive those too. Making a new thread here on the forum for those rips would be really appreciated so it can be shared with others too. Happy Holidays everyone! http://www.funimation.com/shows/dragon-ball-super/home