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  1. Could anyone please help with this?



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    2. Subhraneel


      its not the case, wait again my cable tv decrypted, I m uploading u the decrypted one!

    3. Subhraneel
    4. mrbaer


      good it worked

  2. I am aware that there 3 English-language dubs that debuted/started off in 2017 for the Dragon Ball series:


    1) The Bang Zoom Dub for Dragon Ball Super

    2) The FUNimation Dub for Dragon Ball Super

    3) The FUNimation Dub for Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters


    If anyone is aware of any more dubs that debuted in 2017 for the franchise please let me know (although I highly doubt I'm missing any).

  3. Guys, please sign Arian's petition on airing the Canadian Dub of DBZ: Kai on TV. It's a rare chance we all get and it's like a really easy and quick process. Just signed mine and it took me less than 1 minute. It'll be great to hear all the great Ocean Dub actors once again on the revised Kai and we'll get a chance to actually archive this rare dub for future releases!





    1. Arian


      It needs more than that, but I appreciate it all the same. :)

    2. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      We just have to do the best we can to find a sufficient number of supporters to sign the petition and grab the producers' notice and we'll see how it goes from there. From our perspective, getting as many supporters as possible is the best thing for now! ;)

  4. Say, could anyone please do a quick comparison between the 1080p and 540p release to tell me which is better?







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    2. Koby


      Nope, not at all. Because that uses kBaraka's subs converted to PGS. The remux I did is ASS subs.

    3. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      Oh, damn my bad. Didn't notice it. :S

    4. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      Just for the record, best release for series and OADs is SallySubs 1080p release right? Cause I plan to make a thread here with best current sub release for OPM.

  5. Does anyone know if there's a BD release date for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F': Future Trunks Edition and if FUNi have licensed it?

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    2. Imagine Breaker
    3. Koby


      Basically just 12 minutes of Trunks.

    4. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      Yeah, but with great reanimated fight scene of the Frieza Saga in Super like style. This will probably be released by FUNi this year I hope.

  6. Hey WhoIsTheMilkMan! Can you chat for a bit on IRC, Skype, Facebook or anywhere else?

  7. Does anyone know if the Japanese BDs (Toei Animation) and/or the International BDs (Toei Animation Europe) of Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters (2014-Buu Saga) came with official English Subs (Toei subs)? Could anyone please check it out and tell me?

  8. Does anyone know if Crunchyroll/FUNimation/Daisuki alter/edit/update their subs and/or videos from time to time on their streaming sites?

  9. Does anyone know which is the latest episode of Naruto: Shippuden that is officially available on iTunes? Also, do you think that the new Boruto anime is gonna have a starting dub or wait till the dub of Shippuden is finished?

    1. Koby


      Probably won't be dubbed until after they finish Shippuuden. Just kind of depends on how soon Viz is allowed to start work on it. I figure Boruto isn't going to be 100+ episodes, but you never know...

    2. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      Makes total sense. Too bad cause Shippuden must be pretty behind right? I see Boruto to Naruto in a weird sense like DBS is to DBZ.

    3. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      @Imagine Breaker Boruto anime is a direct sequel to Naruto Shippuden.


      Naruto Shippuden dub is 117 eps behind Japan, so there's a 2 year delay.


      Not to mention Japan is still airing new episodes...so it's gonna be awhile.

  10. Could anyone please consider doing a remux Cthuko's subs and SallySubs's video to create an archive BD 720p Hi10 Subbed release of the first season of One-Punch Man (NOT ASKING FOR THE OVAS!!)? It would be much appreciated if you could create a thread here so it can be shared with others. P.S. The reason I ask this is because Cthuko has FINALLY finalized their OPM releases and we really need an archive BD release that luckily can be achieved by this remux. Also, I don't ask for a dual audio release cause the BD English audio isn't out yet so it would be a waste of time to release a v0. Best personal candidates: @Moodkiller, @Moby JJ, @Etzimal!
  11. Best current release for One Punch Man? I want to hear your opinions.

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    2. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      Cool! :o I would want to check it out if you decide to release it! Do you happen to know which translation did kBaraka use for his/her subs? I mean do you know if the Japanese DVDs for the OVA have English subs too like the BDs?

    3. Koby


      It didn't have official subs. I believe he used the same TL that circulated around Nyaa; but he restyled it, edited, fixed timing, and put Cthuko's OP/ED on it (which matches the OP/ED Sally used).

    4. Imagine Breaker

      Imagine Breaker

      Oh, I see. Nonetheless it would be an excellent add to our collection! ^_^ So the Japanese companies somewhat release official English translation/subs for their BDs, but not for their DVDs huh? Weird decision.

  12. Does Kametsu have any plans to do the first season of Chaos;Head in the future since the second season, titled Chaos;Child is airing now? It would be cool to find a decent archive release to watch it before going on S2.
  13. Does Kametsu have any plans to do the first season of Blue Exorcist in the future since the second season is airing now? It would be cool to find a decent archive release to watch it before going on S2.
  14. Bungou Stray Dogs S2
  15. Does anyone know how can I rip from Daisuki?

    1. Cat


      I know how if you are still looking for how to do it. Just message me or something.