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  1. Got my replacement Joycon back and all is right in the world Still absolutely loving my Switch so far especially its hybrid nature. The one thing that I want to point out is that I may be wrong about my price drop prediction before the end of the year. With the current state of demand and people not giving a flying shit about the $300 price tag, I actually kind of doubt that it'll drop in price over the coming Holidays. Hell Nintendo has already ordered to over double their original production for the Switch for this year. Maybe there might be a little pack-in, but that's it. With Zelda out now, and Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, etc all out by the holidays, I don't think that Nintendo will feel like they need to cut the price. Thus, I actually think it'll take even more time for them to make a "improved" Switch than what people were anticipating (and not that it'll improve that much anyway). If the Switch was struggling or dead-on-arrival, I think Nintendo would be more for pushing a cheaper price and a new version sooner. Basically, if you're thinking of buying one, might as well try to get one sooner rather than later because knowing Nintendo, they will rest on their laurels and not give consumers anything extra until they have to at least imo. Thoughts?
  2. Mother of God... I just found out that you can shoot out the classic projectile beams from the Master Sword if you're at full health and use the Right Shoulder throwing button on it. Instead of throwing your weapon/Master Sword, you will send out the projectile beams. It has pretty good range and power, and apparently the range increases with your number of hearts. Why was this buried in some obscure tip and never brought up by any websites or users (I think)? It is a hunting game changer and will save me hundreds of arrows!! Also, it is OP in taking out Guardians from afar without using any ammo/durability. Did anyone else completely miss this feature of the Master Sword so far?
  3. So much BotW...
  4. FML. The Left Shoulder button on my left joycon is stuck and I have to send it in for free repair since I don't want to void my warranty... Thank god that I have my pro controller but now my portable Zelda gaming will be put on hold temporarily. Unless I go buy a left joycon for express purposes of just to continue playing Zelda...
  5. Oh baby. I know exactly why this thread went dead as all hell right after the Switch released. All of us Switch owners have been far too consumed with playing Zelda BotW this entire time After resurfacing for a little bit, I gotta say that I'm just in love with my Switch so far. I love the versatility of it being a portable handheld (although not too much battery life for Zelda) and when I can dock my baby and play Zelda on the big screen. I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the joycons, but they do a good job when connected to the system in handheld mode. I much prefer to game on my Pro controller which is legit one of the best controllers that I've ever used. Great feel, balance, weight, very large face buttons, and with a 40 hour rechargeable battery to boot. So dank. I highly recommend picking one up. I was finally able to get a case for my Switch today (got the official Hori case) and also picked up some amiibos while I was at it. In particular, I got the pretty rare Guardian amiibo which is dirty as all hell. This is my first time using/buying amiibos and I may be slightly hooked... NFC reader works great on the joycons and on the Pro controller. If you're looking for accessories, cases, pro controllers, and Zelda BotW amiibos, I highly suggest checking out Toys R' Us. They have a ton of shit in stock. I previously drove all over the place to Best Buys, GameStops, Walmarts, etc, and they all had squat. If you've got a TRU near you, check them out for Switch stuff because I don't think anyone else does I also picked up Bomberman R because I had an extra $5 coupon expiring on top of my BB GCU, and I've played it a bit. It's aight. I'll try some online multiplayer later this weekend. Can't wait for the Splatoon demo to go live in like 10 days and then for Mario Kart 8 to arrive at the end of April.
  6. Set up my baby Switch and played Zelda which is f'n amazing (and kind of much harder than previous versions). Gotta get used to all the new shit. I like the joy-cons so far, but I definitely prefer playing with the Pro-controller over the joy-cons/grip. I keep accidentally hitting the R button on the joy-con due to it being a bit smaller/more cramped which causes me to throw away my weapon in Zelda every time, so I'm gonna probably stick with trying to play most of it on the pro-controller (a great purchase). Zelda is beyond amazing. Just played for a few hours and got no where (in a good way). Now, time to start hitting up the friend codes!! Hit me up!! FC: SW-1553-4057-0525 username: deanzel (not sure if this matters) EDIT: Also, anyone got good recs for Switch cases? I didn't pick one up last night but will need one soon. Want the best for my baby! EDIT2: Well dang!! Talk about a 360. I got my Gray Switch in a little bit ago and I think that I actually prefer that color over the Neon one that I got last night. The Neon colors are just a bit too bright and the gray setup matches my with my dock and room better. It also looks less obnoxious when I'm holding it out in the wild. Looks like it's gonna be a switch-a-roo and I'm selling the Neon colored one instead
  7. DAAAAAANK. Lined up outside my Best Buy for an hour while it was blizzarding and got a ticket for a Neon colored Switch. Gonna pick up my Zelda and pro-controller there as well. Then I'm gonna sell my Gray one that is getting shipped in tomorrow to offset some of the costs. Not too bad a night. ZELDA TIME!!
  8. Fuck it. I'm gonna go lineup at a Best Buy tonight before midnight to try to nab a Neon colored Switch since they're doing midnight openings. I already have a class that goes until 10PM anyway, so I'll just be out for a bit longer If I can grab a Neon colored one, I'll definitely just sell my Gray one coming in tomorrow for a little bit of a profit. If they only have Grey colored ones available, I still might get an extra one to sell. Who knows. I think it's an ok plan... Plus, I'll at least get a free Zelda poster
  9. http://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild Ah yessssssss. Look at all those perfect Zelda reviews rolling in. 98 on Metacritic. I can't wait for my "Zelda-machine" to arrive tomorrow. Sucks that I have to wait so long after launch to find a game worth playing on my Switch... It's almost time. Only one day remains...
  10. And I just got confirmation from BestBuy that my preorder just shipped. It'll be in my hands on Friday!! And from reading some of the earlier reviews, it looks like it was a good decision for me to get the Pro controller (with the $25 discount). Now, my biggest dilemma is how I can turn my Gray Joy-cons into the Neon colored set without paying more money...
  11. Can't wait for my Zelda machine to arrive next week. Daaaaaaaaank.
  12. http://kotaku.com/claim-your-nintendo-switch-account-id-1792561477 For those getting the Switch and/or with current Nintendo Accounts, you can now add a "User ID" which will apparently be used for the Switch and probably future Nintendo stuff. Claim your dank username before someone else has the chance to. And about 1.5 weeks left till the Switch hits. It's gonna be so lit.
  13. Great minds think alike I really want to get 1-2 Switch as well, but $50 is too much. I'll grab it the second it goes on sale. I've watched the unboxing video from the guy who got his Switch 2 weeks early, and I'm so f'n pumped for it. March 3rd can't get here soon enough.
  14. Well, I guess my Zelda preorder-gate scandal resulted in some positives. Right now, BestBuy's $25 off $100+ deal if you use Visa Checkout is back until 2/22/17 so I was able to get a little extra discount on some Switch shit. Unfortunately, you have to spend at least $100 on your Visa card, so I couldn't use all my giftcards (I used another $15 one that I had), but I picked up a regular Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a Nintendo Switch Pro controller together. I was thinking about maybe getting a Charge Grip but at least with a Pro Controller, get a complete extra controller to use in multiplayer situations. Plus, with the $25 discount, it makes the $70 price more reasonable... https://slickdeals.net/f/9774523-best-buy-pay-with-visa-checkout-and-get-25-off-your-100-bestbuy-com-purchase
  15. ... It can't get any worse, can it?