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  1. No clue. Apparently most of the online and in-store ones soldout on Saturday for the US. Maybe they might open up a few more a little bit at a time. I've just signed up to be notified by email if BestBuy or Amazon puts them up for sale again.
  2. Preorders are all sold out. RIP. There goes my dream of playing Zelda on Day 1...
  3. FUCK IT. Gonna preorder the Nintendo Switch. I need my Zelda fix ASAP. Hopefully I can grab one with the Neon color joycons.

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    2. deanzel


      Yeah, there definitely will be a price drop in the holidays (or maybe bundle a game with the $300 pack), but I don't know if I can wait that long. Breath of the Wild looks amazing.

    3. deanzel


      Well nm. It looks like preorders are sold out everywhere. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    4. DarkGanta


      Yeah they really Nintendo'd the the stock with this. Seriously wish they'd realize how much better manufacturing based on demand via an open preorder window could be. Especially with collector's editions and things that aren't as difficult to manufacture as a new console.

  4. KEIJO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Keijo!!!!!!!! By far the best show of the Fall.
  6. I'd watch the original OVAs first. The first is excellent and the second one is very solid as well. The third OVA is a bit of a let down and kind of goes off on some random arcs. After that, I'd really recommend watching Tenchi Universe which was probably my favorite adaptation in the series as it is basically an alternate take on the OVAs. If after that you still like the series, continue on. War on Geminar is barely related to the main series but it is actually an excellent watch as well taking the series in a mecha direction.
  7. Have you been playing Persona 4 Golden at all yet? Dankest game of all-time.

  8. Honestly, the spoilers go both ways whether you watch F/Z or F/SN first. F/Z is by far the best of the bunch so I'd just recommend starting with that and skipping the 2006 release entirely and then going straight to UBW. If after watching all that you really really really love the Fate universe that much, you can always go back and watch 2006 F/SN since it is a different route. Or more logically just watch Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma-Illya instead
  9. And Koby continues his trend of using a shit tier TV for computing instead of a legitimate monitor. Pleb. 21:9 monitor master race!!
  10. After finally resurrecting my dead NAS after 2 years of downtime, I've uncovered that I have a bunch of older releases from here that have been lost and requested for reupload (aka lots of Shiro's 1080p encodes). It'll take a bit of time as I'm still in the process of completely restoring my NAS but I have the files. What's the best way to share seeing as MEGA seems to suck a lot these days? I'm leaning towards just uploading them onto AnimeBytes and letting others upload them on to filehosts.

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    2. Garo7


      Yeah, I know. It seems to be the way of things. Even Mega now limits downloads for free subscribers. Google Drive kinda sucks for sharing things in general,  but folder sharing of files seems ok so far.  As you say though, they will probably make some changes at some point if they notice mega quantities of GBs being downloaded from a single drive store/user. For the few I have had downloading this past 6 months, nothing weird so far though.


      It might be a fairly ok alternative for a little while. I worry a little about their legal stand on sharing things though.

    3. Catar


      Google Drive has had an automatic download limit in place for a long time now. If any file starts to move too much bandwidth, it gets locked down for all users. I don't believe this is account-wide, just link-specific, but if they started seeing massive use across an account they'd probably investigate. Gdrive was never intended for public sharing like MEGA or other filehosts we usually use.

    4. Garo7


      Ah, I had wondered about that. Yet nothing has occurred from the stuff I have posted. Guess I was not very popular.

  11. Everything is also on MEGA (that I know of) and has links in their release threads. That is probably the easiest source to download from as I'm not gonna be seeding old stuff on public trackers. You can find releases on AnimeBytes as well.
  12. Stranger Things is sooooooo good. Just finished it over the past couple days and am veeeeeery satisfied. It also doesn't hurt that I got to watch some of it on my beautiful new Note 7 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Pollux


      Damn you @deanzel!!

      I was wondering about Stranger Things.

      Now I have to go get it. :P

      P.S.: Note 7? *drools*

  13. Mother of God... Niantic finally released an update for Pokemon Go that didn't make the game worse (and actually made it much better). I have no words... This must be a fluke.

    1. Etzimal
    2. deanzel


      Haxton? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    3. Etzimal




      I don't get the reference.