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  1. http://kotaku.com/claim-your-nintendo-switch-account-id-1792561477 For those getting the Switch and/or with current Nintendo Accounts, you can now add a "User ID" which will apparently be used for the Switch and probably future Nintendo stuff. Claim your dank username before someone else has the chance to. And about 1.5 weeks left till the Switch hits. It's gonna be so lit.
  2. Great minds think alike I really want to get 1-2 Switch as well, but $50 is too much. I'll grab it the second it goes on sale. I've watched the unboxing video from the guy who got his Switch 2 weeks early, and I'm so f'n pumped for it. March 3rd can't get here soon enough.
  3. Well, I guess my Zelda preorder-gate scandal resulted in some positives. Right now, BestBuy's $25 off $100+ deal if you use Visa Checkout is back until 2/22/17 so I was able to get a little extra discount on some Switch shit. Unfortunately, you have to spend at least $100 on your Visa card, so I couldn't use all my giftcards (I used another $15 one that I had), but I picked up a regular Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a Nintendo Switch Pro controller together. I was thinking about maybe getting a Charge Grip but at least with a Pro Controller, get a complete extra controller to use in multiplayer situations. Plus, with the $25 discount, it makes the $70 price more reasonable... https://slickdeals.net/f/9774523-best-buy-pay-with-visa-checkout-and-get-25-off-your-100-bestbuy-com-purchase
  4. ... It can't get any worse, can it?
  5. I never had an original order... It more sucks cause I was delaying getting a GCU as long as possible and right when I got it, the thing that I wanted to get became unavailable. Although looking more closely at the Special Edition, I don't really care for the other things included in the package other than the case. I might just preorder the regular version with the discount and I think that there is some kind of $10 rewards points promo for preorders, right? Or am I wrong about that...
  6. @PhantomKnight Oh. My. God. I have the WORST luck ever. I finally decide to pickup the Gamer Club Unlocked membership. When I went to BestBuy, I had the following preorder open for the Breath of the Wild Special Edition ($100) open with the preorder button available. I was told by the lady that I could only preorder via the website and to just get the GCU there. I bought the $30 unlock and then 10 minutes later try to preorder/buy the game and now the button has changed to "Coming soon" and I'm unable to preorder... FUUUUUUUUCK. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-special-edition-nintendo-switch/5730400.p?skuId=5730400
  7. Yeah, I think that I'll probably pick one up as I'm gonna be trying to pick up a PS4 Pro in the next year or so as well. With that many games/stuff to buy, it'll work itself out. What accessories are you getting with your Switch? I was thinking of getting the charging grip or pro controller but I may just hold off on that. They're just too expensive atm.
  8. I was going to pick up a GCU membership ($30 for two years) because I thought that it included 20% off video game accessories as well, but I guess that I'm wrong about that. Now, I'm not too sure. What are some of the other perks? Do they usually send coupons with any regularity?
  9. Yeah, I don't have a GCU card/membership so I'm trying to get it off of Amazon. However, BestBuy has the Special Edition of Zelda BotW for preorder while Amazon does not, so I'm tempted to maybe get a GCU card. I at least need a case for my Switch and that Zelda case looks so dank...
  10. Same here. They only had the gray joy-con version (I really wanted the neon version) but I'll live. I might grab Zelda from Amazon due to the 20% prime discount. Now, which limited edition should I get...
  11. Nintendo Switch. Preordered. BOOM. Still some left at BestBuy.com if you're interested. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/02/best_buy_has_limited_quantities_of_nintendo_switch_pre-orders_available

    1. Pollux


      Good. I know who to rob. :P


    2. NeutralHatred


      Is it wrong to only want it for the new Zelda? Literally. Only care for the new Zelda.

      Refreshing to play a Zelda game I don't have to break dance to in order to defeat a boss.

    3. deanzel


      Ummmm new Zelda is 99.9% of the reason that I'm getting a Switch at launch...

  12. This is going to be an epic fail. No way the English dub will sound good or the localization of the jokes will work out.
  13. Well, I completed the main story of Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice a couple days ago, and I will say that I really enjoyed the newest entry in the game. The Divination Seances were a really cool element that the developers added and were a legitimately new and interesting game mechanic that really challenged the gamer and incorporated new elements that weren't seen in previous games. They were definitely a bit hard to navigate and analyze, but I sort of got the hang of it later on. The overarching story in SoJ is much stronger than in Dual Destinies for sure. I loved the setting of Khurai'n where about 3/5 of the game takes place. Having Maya come back was definitely a sight for sore eyes but the character that I ended up enjoying the most was Princess Rafya. I enjoyed almost every interaction that I had with her. The final case was an epic conclusion to the whole story and I definitely want to play it again at some point. With spirit mediums back in full force and Divination Seances, you definitely had to think a little outside the box to figure some stuff out. The game also gives us a nice conclusion to Apollo's story/character while balancing out all the other characters very well (basically we get a good amount of Phoenix Wright as well). If you haven't played it yet, I highly recommend it. I don't know if I can compare it objectively to the original trilogy, but it is definitely the strongest game outside of the trilogy without a doubt. Now, I just started the DLC case and have been reintroduced to the legendary BUTZ.
  14. So I've removed my school's IP address from CBL (for now) like 2 days ago, and just confirmed it. I'm still banned from IRC. Is there anything else that I can do other than running a VPN?
  15. You just HAD to ban my entire university's IP address on IRC...


    1. IkarosBD


      Just for continuity I'll repost what I told you on IRC, JUST so others are aware of it as well.

      Because of those godforsaken spambots, we had to increase network security, so it's not that *I* banned you. Rather the added security measures resulted in it.

      And again, I am sorry of that happened but it IS necessary unfortunately. We were caught with our pants down on the network.

    2. DeathTheKid


      The lolis tho...