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  1. Possibly in the whole "mass-email" "notification disabled" saga, something happened upon starting it up? @IkarosBD did say that no user preferences would be changed other than everyone getting unsubscribed from Admin emails... so might be worth checking with him. I personally like those settings because usually if I do comment on something, I'd like to know what happens afterwards \o/
  2. @Imagine Breaker - what Etzimal said, so technically I will be doing this release, just under HTT instead.
  3. and the audio? Fandub
  4. Couldn't have said it better thanks for handeling that announcement Lol, but you have already made 2 (and I assume the 3rd PM group, of 5 people each with access to the dl'er)? The trust is strong
  5. Awesome, might be just the player type or format. So far I have come to expect that Chrome works with all the later websites first, and then the others catch up/ get support added. Dumb question, is your firefox up to date?
  6. Tried it in google Chrome, works fine for me (and that's through a vpn as well)
  7. (Moodkiller suggests that uploaders / staff get it ) As it stands, the whole website does now seem to be blocked from outside of the US, but as Koby pointed out on IRC, there are different regions: CA, US and GB, so I'd assume those will all work fine without a VPN.
  8. I thought my emails were looking a bit quiet today... Live and learn I guess, but the intentions were right . I assume there is no queue/backlog for the notifications? Would probably trigger more flags...
  9. I personally go for WD drives, but I currently have a mixture with Seagate as well. The 500GB's are seagate, the 4TB's are WD. PC is 7 years old, haven't had any drives fail.
  10. Like Koby mentioned, it is a lot of work to gain that little space. Alternatively you can also set your media player's preferred language to only play jpn tracks. This should, depending on the release, only play the Japan audio and Full subtitles. Google is your friend for specific steps. Or just push the 'A' / 'S' keys when the file is opened in MPC and it will switch between audio and subtitle tracks...
  11. Lol, I had no idea what those numbers were for... interesting format.
  12. - oh so very close.
  13. http://kametsu.com/topic/56893-erased-bd-1080p720p-hi10-flacaac-dual-audio/ Part 2 (ep 7-12) is not out on BD yet, but will be soon. 23rd Jan I believe.
  14. index

    Released: [MK] ReLIFE [BD 720p/1080p][Hi10][Dual-Audio] Updated: Added 12 missing topics to the main index, also changed and updated signature links. 'Moody|Bot' now goes to my specific packlist on the parser (thanks to @Koby), removed 'Showcase' link, added 'NYAA' link (favouritest), updated 'MAL' link, updated 'My Anime Graph' link and finally, added 'AniDB' link. {Topic Index | Moody|Bot | NYAA} Credit to Kouhai for the incredible sig ~ slightly modified • MAL • Ass Subtitles • My Anime Graph • AniDB
  15. Koro-sensei Quest or the first episode of the series?