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  1. For those in a relationship today, Happy Valentine's Day <3. For those who are single, look at your bank account  \o/

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. akiamarr


      All week i was like who needs valentine we got Nanatsu no Taizai season 2 lol....tomorrow's gonna be my day :DB|

    3. Moodkiller


      @Etzimal One of you will be happy :x


      @ani-me - Liiike [Kametsu] Noragami Aragato :D ? (I'm thinking a week ahead though)


    4. ani-me


      Not really, have already seen that..

      Well, non from you for now... I was talking about Overload and Seraph of the End, and Aldnoah.Zero..and I dunno know, maybe something else I downloaded recently..

      I'd rather want you work on Erased 720p asap(i know, BD not released yet... :()

  2. Probably best to put a request in through the request board : http://kametsu.com/forum/32-requests/ To my knowledge, you could only get it with a premium account on Rooster Teeth and a web ripper / recorder.
  3. Search

    Yes it does. Some alternatives for now, would be to go to the sub forum, sort it by Topic Title and "search" it that way. Other alternative is that most uploaders here have an index page, which you can get from signatures or here http://kametsu.com/forum/66-distro-rules-user-indexes/ Incase you missed it, Koby will look into it when he gets the chance but it definitely sounds like it restricting based on your user class.
  4. Say no more! Will leave all the (shows that I think are) terrible ones to Etzimal...
  5. Hmm, re-reading that sentence of mine, it should have said, it's the total amount downloaded (5GB) within the 6 hour period. Um are you using the MegaDownloader? How are you downloading them currently? For what it's worth, it was like that in beginning for me. Everyone was complaining of their limits being reached, while I could download a whole 1080p releases in one go. And then just randomly one day I got the bandwidth reached message.
  6. That is 5 GB at a time before your account goes into a cooldown phase. It will automatically resume when the cooldown expires. It is apparently an effort to save bandwidth or something for non-paying users. If you pay, you get a lot more use out of it. The limit isn't really 24 hours, though, unless it is until their next calendar day, which starts at midnight on their time, which is in New Zealand.. Clarification and confirmation. The 5GB limit is on YOUR IP. Therefore, change IP address and your limit resets. And it's for the total amount downloaded (within the 6 hour period, regardless of the number of files). The cooldown is 6 hours. The new MEGAsync app has the timer built into it, so you can see how much time is left on the notification that comes up when downloading through it. Many thanks!
  7. Haha, if you ever join us on Kametsu's IRC channel, you will see that apparently I have "shit taste in anime" So take what I said with a pinch of salt, that's just my experience. I unfortunately can't as I haven't seen either of those... (read "apparently I have "shit taste in anime"" comment again) Probably too late, but try watch it with an open mind.
  8. I messed around with this a little bit in the past. Basically all you really need is a direct download link. Doesn't matter what host its on (to a degree). I used Uptobox as (for a free user) it was easy enough to get the DDL and save it to the torrent. But ofc it didn't help those in the country where it was blocked (majority of the audience) so I have since stopped bothering. It's great for initial seeding, but thereafter, the peers should keep it alive (tracker dependant). As ZeroPenguins said, seedboxes / 24/7 dedicated seeding setups are the best way to go. Webseeding suites those attempting torrenting from their home connection.
  9. So for clarification, I didn't even watch S1 hence why I don't know what made me do S2. Haha it was just bad. Too much fanservice, the dub was terrible (felt so forced and the voices were annoying, especially the accents), plot was where? The action scenes weren't bad from and entertainment side of things. And you are welcome, and yes to that again.
  10. Hmm, yea sorry. I personally can't help you there on that one. I don't know what made me do Season 2 - I ended up watching it subbed anyways - which means no chance of a season 1 from my side.
  11. No problem. Granted this is just off my knowledge... but yeah, you would be safe sticking with the manually adjusted aspect ratio in your media player.
  12. Convenient when there are said 20 seeders. Public trackers and seeds die quite quickly now, while at least BakaBT has a good seeding stream, they dont accept most of the funi releases. As for resuming from files hosts, JDownloader supports it. As for Mega, the user free limit of 5GB is overcome with the MegaDownloader. If you are downloading direct from the hoster, then sure resuming is normally only a premium feature. You will also get good/constant speeds with JDownloader, so it makes it a solid alternative to torrents.
  13. lol! RIP effort and energy in doing what's been done.
  14. If the resolution is 1280x720 and has black bars, those black bars are a part of the video, which means removing them permanently would require re-encoding. The mkvtool would work if it wasn't for this note: Note also that there are not a lot of players that support the cropping parameters.