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  1. Hopefully we will have good quality rips for the entire series eventually.
  2. NetFlix also has the series I believe, though I assume iTunes/Amazon or the DVDs would have better quality.
  3. @Koby@NeutralHatred Do you mind me asking why the lack of interest in encoding My Hero Academia!? I thought it was super popular for some reason.
  4. Yes, that is what I was asking. I wonder why no one has shared?
  5. Hi, any chance of MEGA or Amazon links for Peanuts 2016/Snoopy and Friends cartoon? I would be very grateful and appreciative.
  6. Hi, are there still no DVDRips available yet?
  7. @Charlie Brown Thanks for sharing this news!
  8. If you had access to a Netflix account, could you rip or cap it yourself?
  9. We still have both One Piece and Detective Conan in terms of long running anime. As for Boruto, still too early to know if it'll last as long as it's predecessors did, only time will tell...
  10. @Koby Thanks for sharing this news. I'm sad to see that Shippuden has ended, but at least we'll still have new English Dub episodes for a good two years or so, judging by Viz Media's recent DVD/iTunes release schedule. We'll also have the Boruto anime when that premieres in April, and the inevitable English Dub that will follow after in the future.
  11. @Mr. Kimiko I have a new phone (same #), but I lost your cell phone number sadly.


    Please send me a text with your name so I can add you to my contacts.

  12. Original Dragon Ball in 1080p will never happen, it's too old.
  13. There should be a reset settings feature somewhere, or you can do a clean uninstall and re-install. Yes this is still possible to use Visa and MasterCard, but you can't use PayPal anymore. I can verify this since I pay for MEGA Pro Lite every month. Only costs me $6 monthly.
  14. @Mr. Kimiko Please clear out your inbox/enable PMs. I need to talk to you privately.

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      go for it.