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  1. The predator looks like he was just dropped onto his background.
  2. Theme: Blue
  3. Theme: Techno
  4. So close now National Pokedex at: 714/669 382. -Kyogre- 493. -Arceus- 494. -Victini- The Wife wants. 646. -Kyurem- The Wife wants. 648. -Meloetta- The Wife wants. 649. -Genesect-
  5. Let us assume that if you were to meditate on something or think of it constantly you "saved" it in your memories, and at the end of the day if you fall asleep before meditating on all teh days events, EVERYTHING you had not "saved" would crash and reset. How would you proceed through your day?
  6. The updated list National Pokedex at: 585 Rattata * Spearow Nidoran Female Paras * Mankey Primeape Bellsprout Seel Dewgong Drowzee Hypno Krabby Kingler Tangela Magmar -Mew- Spinarak Sunkern Sunflora Wooper * Girafarig Gligar Swinub * Phanphy Donphan Smoochum Cacnea Cacturne Baltoy * Wynaut * Glalie ' -Kyogre- Piplup * Prinplup - Buizel * Cherubi Cherrim Gastrodon ' Mismagius Bronzor Bonsly Finneon Lumineon Magmortar Tangrowth Electivire Gliscor Frosslass -Dialga- -Palkia- -Heatran- -Regigigas- -Manaphy- -Arceus- Musharna ; Blitzle Drillbur Excadrill Palpitoad ' Seismitoad ' Sewaddle Swadloon Leavanny Darumaka Maractus Tirtouga Carracosta Cinccino Deerling Sawsbuck Jellicent Klank KlingKlang Eelektrik Bouffalant -Cobalion- -Kyurem- -Meloetta- -Genesect-
  7. Actually that would be mine sorry Alice was still signed in and did not notice
  8. Theme: Sonic
  9. Theme: Super Mario
  10. Theme: Rune Factory
  11. I don't usually enter but I was inspired... Theme: Neko
  12. Alice-chan ParasiteEve dn_angel000
  13. Alice snakebite Limitless
  14. Ok so for about hte last three months at work I have been having a lame joke for my customers on a weekly basis. In large part due to the lack of a visible smile, something about I feel as though I am smiling yet being told I am not. So I kept meaing to start posting them here, and do feel free to add your own lame jokes for the week. Lame joke for the week of 05-25-15: Q: What do you call it when a rabbit gets into your wine? A: A bad hare day Lame joke for the week of 06-01-15: Q: Who does a rabbit go to see for their eyes? A: A hoptometrist. Lame joke for the week of 06-08-15: I tried to trade my soul once, unfortunately it was soul bound.
  15. Yui Limi Eve Honestly, angel would of had it for first if more of the hat was in the entry. That really seems to bug me. Otherwise it would have been first easily. Good job everyone.