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  1. Hostname: nuku OS: Linux 3.13.0-106-generic/x86_64 Distro: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS CPU: 48 x AMD Opteron 6172 (2100.000 MHz) Processes: 715 Uptime: 22m Load Average: 0.19 Memory Usage: 2.93GB/31.23GB (9.40%) Disk Usage: 64.30TB/88.37TB (72.76%) Network Traffic (eth0): 0.00TB In/0.00TB Out
  2. lol k here
  3. should see my plex server setup thing is massive and is getting an upgrade tomorrow!
  4. you are welcome, you see what other shit I have you'd be creaming your pants and all that, 16.8TB free
  5. hmmz soon™ to upgrade
  6. upgrading nuku (storage server) hardware, going from 2x Quad-Core AMD Opteron 8384 (2700.000 MHz) to 4x AMD Opteron 6172 12-Core CPU's @ 2.1GHz with faster FSB, going from 64GB DDR2-533 to 32GB DDR3-1333 (can upgrade ram/CPU's later, and gain 6 extra HDD slots!, going to combind server cases in a fashion so will have 30xHDD 3.5" bays/tray's, will just have nuku's old case just hold drives and the RAID Controller no mobo/etc so i can install maybe 6x8TB or even 10TB drives in the 2U server should be a fun project!
  7. bandwidth usage

    well i am on NOW 100/7 hope they do a free tier upgrade (see ~130mbit down right now stable) mmmm
  8. bandwidth usage

    i have to wait a month and a few days before i can post Jan's traffic usage, tho will post jan 1st for the rest of dec's traffic
  9. bandwidth usage

    well this is for 5.5 days so its prob around 8TB so far this month
  10. On Average Post your Monthly internet usage for your home if you can pull the stats via router or ISP's web panel, I cant post mine (yet) as i changed/upgraded my router ~5 days ago, and ate up so far 1.3TB of data, screenshots preferred for proof
  11. Hello all running some AMV's via Chew and my own lil server https://chew.tv/neko-network/neko-network-video-broadcast http://stream.nekonetwork.moe/ let me know if you have some AMV's to toss in the mix, testing out my "new to me" Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 @ 2.66GHz, 8GB DDR2-800, nvidia Geforce GT 720 etc
  12. i just need more storage, should order 8TB drives and load all my home servers with them
  13. Main Storage = Disk Usage: 54.28TB/80.17TB (67.70%) Second Storage = HDD: Free: [All:\ 10.92TB/27.75TB] Third Storage = Disk Usage: 2.34TB/17.00TB (13.75%) Main Desktop = HDD: Free: [All:\ 12.48TB/16.96TB] i have other storage but not about to count them
  14. request hopfully filled with x264-AC3-480p or x264-TrueHD-1080p i know you wanted FLAC however i did not want to change from TrueHD to FLAC, you get a better audio experence if oyu dont even touch them but to pass them through Group Cartoon-World, encoder Sakura (me ofc) Dual Audio with pgs subs enjoy
  15. topic moved