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  1. If you just need the audio, I might be able to get that. If the video is the same length as what is on the Bandai DVDs, at least, you should be able to just use MKVtoolnix to add the audio. I have 2 volumes of the 3 part release and 2 volumes of the 4 part release, I think it was, but that would be DVD audio and I would have to find the DVDs first. I will likely be going through my large collection next week when my latest releases come in (Steins;Gate movie and Boruto Movie) to update my list of owned anime, so I would be able to find them and rip the audio then.
  2. It could be the software or an issue with the source or playback software, depending on the actual issue. A sample would need provided to attempt to identify the issue.
  3. The only driver you need is the one that comes with your hardware. As for software, they normally come with one, like mine came with Cyberlink Power Director 10. If you are using a TV capture card, it normally captures them in its own software using presets, but may need re-encoded to work in other media players, aside from its own, which will likely need ffmpeg or similar, which is a text-based command line tool.
  4. It seems someone has released dual audio episodes here, however, they are only via torrent:
  5. When archiving, which is essentially backing up, I prefer just using smaller sizes, no matter the resolution. 480p is fine for that, but 720p is the highest I will go with resolution, since the advantage of 1080p over 720p isn't that great except on really large screens, like a 50 inch or larger screen. Storage space would also be an issue and a lot of 1080p over 720p are a difference of around 50% more for the 1080 over 720 (for example, 800MB per episode vs 1.2-1.4GB per episode.)
  6. Sentai Filmworks announced their July slate of new releases today. They include the following: GATCHAMAN FIGHTER COMPLETE COLLECTION - Sub-only release - DVD only GATE COMPLETE COLLECTION - Dual audio release - DVD, BD, combo TIME JAM: VALERIAN & LAURELINE COMPLETE COLLECTION - english dub only release - DVD only MONSTER MUSUME: EVERYDAY LIFE WITH MONTER GIRLS COMPLETE COLLECTION - dual audio release- DVD, BD, Combo RIN-NE SEASON 2 COMPLETE COLLECTION - sub-only release - DVD and BD
  7. It would be easier with a list of shows you have watched to see what to recommend, o as to not recommend something you already watched. Anyway, IRC is one of the best places here to get releases, at least. They are on irc.xertion.com irc.xertion.org on the #Kametsu channel. If you want to check out any newer series, a lot of them are out via the Kametsu and LostYears labels here, but there are still many other releases. As for ACX, their last release was the end of 2015, though in the comments on their website with their latest post, one of the staff members said they aren't dead. As for recommenedations, that might be difficult with the criteria given, but here are some: Steins'Gate (involves the mystery and suspense you were looking for without actual horror) Ghost Hunt (mystery and sometimes suspense) Phi-Brain (puzzles and mysteries going on in the background for awhile in the first season at least) Chaos;Child (sequel of Chaos;Head, though it may contain horror elements) Yu Yu Hakusho (hass supernatural elements and one arc is basically an arena thing like parts of the DB series)
  8. They don't specifically say the limit, but free users are restricted to 5GB through browser download at least. Most people don't actually use MegaSync.
  9. I just finished re-watching K and finished off with the movie that came out today. I can't wait for Viz to finally dub Season 2 now. The movie was a nice set-up for it, it seems
  10. The problem is the framerate. In PAL territories, they use 25FPS for audio and video, but the english audio is probably synced for 23.970 framerate. You will likely need to convert the german video to 23.970 or convert the english audio to 25FPS. This program should help with converting the audio, at least: https://www.videohelp.com/software/BeSweet MeGui might be needed, as well for making the video and potentially using mkvtoolnix to combine the video and audio. Personally, I had to do this years ago when helping someone make a nodame cantabile dub sync
  11. As said, the release is out next week. However, the dub audio is available if anyone wants to add it to a subbed release to make a dual audio version that way. I already saw someone posted it last week on a streaming site in english.
  12. If no one else takes it up, I can see about getting HorribleSubs subbed version, if it has soft subtitles and get a copy made from a webirip. The only thing is, it would likely be on IRC through a file server, since I don't use file hosts anymore. I have already attempted a dual audio Funimation webrip, but I'm not sure if they are properly synced, since the JP and EN streams had different length splash screens before the show. EDIT: I just did the first episode as a test, but it is only available on IRC through Fserv or by contacting me on IRC to have it sent in case the fserv isn't set up properly. I think the trigger for where it is stored would be: /ctcp ragnawind funiwebdual
  13. It does, but there are no connections, aside from its connection to the New Gen murders from Chaos;Head found in the Steins;Gate VN. There are also no concrete connections due to this being made after Steins'Gate and only on the world line where they mentioned the New Gen Murders, which I think was the Beta worldline (before the first D-Mail). I'm not entirely sure on that, though, since it has been awhile since I played the VN and I don't recall any mention of the New Gen murders in the anime, except maybe on-screen during their research. They don't share any characters, though, especially with this being 5 years after Steins'Gate, and taking place in different parts of Japan
  14. Dual audio isn't available because no one decided to mux the english audio into a Japanese BR rip and Funimation hasn't released it on home video yet. This kind of thing takes some work to do, so it may not get done until the Funimation home video release, unless someone picks it up and has time to sync audio, video, and soft-subtitles.
  15. yeah, the download link leads back to this topic.