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  1. Unfortunately, Nero isn't in any of the FSN TV series or movies, as far as I know, just the games, like Extra and Extella.
  2. yeah, that is Nero Claudius that first appeared in the Fate series in Fate Extra on PSP.
  3. You might need to change the DirectShow filter used or the decoder. These options can be found in the player's options menu. I sometimes have to do that when switching from playing video files to just watching DVDs. EDIT: Apparently, MPC-HC doesn't support modern BD releases with their newer encryption. To get around that, you need a decrypter, like DVD AB, which is commercial software (non-free). Due to the newer restrictions, I recommend using wither Cyberlink PowerDVD, which comes with most BluRay drives, or AnyDVD HD. If you plan to play BDs from different regions, I would recommend AnyDVD HD, though it is commercial software, also.
  4. Personally, Media Player Classic Home Cinema is the only multimedia player I have used since K-Lite Mega Codec pack started using it (and its predecessor MPC). It has the capability of running practically any audio and video file, as long as the proper decoders are in the program or installed on your system. It has many different renders, also, which depnding on which is used, can determine how fast they load up, but it has full access to the menus with a mouse.
  5. yeah, it is just the link that is wrong. The video is still available, though, at the second link you posted. Before you added that edit to your post, I went to check after seeing the first link you posted and found the video at the same address by renaming one of the other links to what the episode title is.
  6. I just started reading ReLIFE after finishing the anime and am on Chapter 11.
  7. just finished ReLIFE. It was the first anime I have seen like it. Since it doesn't even cover the whole series, I will probably look into the manga for it to see what happens next in it.
  8. If you can't find the video link or a ripper for it, you can always use screen capture. Browsers even have free plug-ins nowadays with built-in screen capture capabilities, such as Video DownloadHelper in Firefox
  9. I'm not sure if order matters, but if it does, make sure you put the --sel command before the --dub command. Also, make sure you log-in before downloading anything, since a log-in token is required, even for free episodes, most likely.
  10. This series is based on a mobile version of the same game. I haven't played the game, though, since the international server shut down before this started airing, so I'm not sure if it takes place before or after. The fact it is based on a game that involves chain attacks, though, is likely why they use them in the show. There are also leaders that are stronger than the smallfry. The energy drain also never happened until after their defeat by the Black King, but the one person they meet up with has a superior ability to control mana, which essentially means he isn't too affected by the energy drain effect of the enemy leaders. It will likely be a bit confusing unless they explain things for those who haven't played the game. That is just what I have pieced together so far from not playing the game. I am also just on Episode 2, since I am watching the simuldub instead of the simulcast.
  11. What is funny is how people keep saying, as well as news articles, that Netflix will be streaming Season 2 of Seven Deadly Sins. It is NOT season 2. It is just a 4 episode special, or an OVA.
  12. Of what I read in this topic, there is no way to batch download, currently, at least.
  13. The most recent anime I bought was a pre-order of 3 movies from RightStuf: K - Missing Kings Boruto: Naruto the Movie Steins;gate The Movie - Load Region of Deja Vu They total $around $59 with free shipping from Rightstuf.
  14. Irecently finish Amagi Brilliant Park. Hopefully there is a new season after more of the Light Novels are released.
  15. For those who don't know, Primo TV is only in a few select areas. Here is a list from their website with the areas that you can get the channel with comcast: http://www.primotv.com/watch-primo