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  1. Waiting for a good quality release of this, just hoping Yibis releases this quickly.
  2. How many episodes will this second season have, did they announced that?
  3. I hope there is considerable development in next chapter seeing how we are taking a break so soon.
  4. Well he is the future crew member of the Pirate King!
  5. well in any case i am glad pudding turned out the way she did. There wont be any hesitation for Luffy's side when the fight begins.
  6. i m hoping no one dies; on the other hand if someone does dies, it may lead to Luffy awakening his devil fruit.
  7. well there might be something there. On a side note, didn't this one week break came too soon? Last break was after chapter 842.
  8. I want to know about resolution like 720p or 1080p so that i can read decently without having to enlarge every panel and also avoid those side black bars.
  9. Big mom had 4 commanders, one may be dead though!
  10. As per title, what is the best Screen resolution for reading manga on a tablet; such that we avoid those black side bars ? On a side note, what would be an ideal tablet screen size? (7",8",9" or 10")
  11. As one of the 4 commanders of Yonkou in this case.
  12. I think he kind of did but he was just too overconfident.
  13. In this week's chapter Nami's threatening look on first page and Luffy's finishing move on last page (which btw was a lot Luffy like) made this chapter the best in awhile! P.S : Cracker is going to Raftel btw!
  14. Seems like we may get some info about sanji's mother sooner than later.
  15. I don't think anything regarding Sanji's mother has been mentioned so far. Either way this family is getting on my nerves.