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  1. I would really like someone using that gun on Pudding.
  2. Kubo and the Two Strings. Good animation but not that good of a story.
  3. I think Luffy will go to war with her with his crew alone (along with those under his flag) after his alliance with Law accomplishes the goal of defeating Kaidou. This way when he faces Blackbeard it will be as another Yonkou leading to epic showdown. [who knows that might be the tale that is yet to be told]
  4. The guy really does seem crazy though!
  5. Moana.
  6. Thanx a lot. Its gonna take quite some time to download this.
  7. @ragnawind Can u PM me DDL's from this link http://arearaw.com/dvdiso-家庭教師ヒットマンreborn-katekyo-hitman-reborn-338-01g/
  8. @ragnawind No the site is down for me here.
  9. Up.
  10. No. Couldn't find fb or twitter account for it. Ya. I had checked if the site was down for just me or all; it said down for all. What I don't get is how I can open the site through google translate but not directly .[I just checked again; it opens through translate but not directly] So how does a site which is down can be accessed through google translate? The site btw provides DDL for raw anime files.
  11. I have been trying to access the site;[www.arearaw.com] but unable to do so. It says connecting when i open it in firefox or chrome but site doesn't load. I tried using various proxies and vpn; same thing. I checked if the arearaw.com is down for me or all and they all sites say its down for all but when i use the google translate the site opens but here lies the problem; If i search anything the site tries to open outside google translate and it hence it goes back to connecting. Also there are few post where you have to reply to see the download link, same thing happens there, i cant register since site goes out of google translate again. Does anyone know whats going on? Any solutions?
  12. Redeem?? Not gonna happen even if they are full of bullet holes!
  13. I really liked the opening and ending theme. Though i feel like they shouldn't have shown those fillers (that pope thing) in the last season.
  14. Everyone faces after brook showed them prints made my day.
  15. Sanji finally asks the question we all have been asking ever since he decided to go see that damn 3-eyed girl!