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  1. The only versions of uTorrent worth using are whitelisted. Every version of uTorrent after 2.2.1 is shit.
  2. Please try reading. We have specific boards for recommendation requests. *moved to correct board.
  3. [Kametsu] isn't doing it because Baal and Etzimal wanted to do it under [HTT]. No idea when they'll get it done though as it doesn't seem to be very high on their priority list.
  4. Yeah I'll admit given that it's WhiteFox and the premise I expected a 2-cour show and was disappointed when it was announced to be a single-cour, but I think they can do it alright. It's based on a light novel series which currently has 9 volumes out. They do have a manga being done as well which is currently at 4 volumes. Not sure which the anime is actually following or if there were any big changes between the novel and manga versions.
  5. I see a "Roughnecks.Starship.Troopers.Chronicles.S01.DVDRip.AAC5.1.x264-TVV" encode. But it seems they used Handbrake and encoded all episodes on each disc into one file. Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E37.Pluto.And.Beyond.DVDRip.x264 TVV.mkv 191.66 MB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E32 36.The.Homefront.Campaign.DVDRip.x264.With.Commentaries TVV.mkv 1.29 GB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E38.Propaganda.Machine.DVDRip.x264 TVV.mkv 207.76 MB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E39.Marooned.DVDRip.x264 TVV.mkv 172.70 MB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E40.Court Martial.Of.Lt.Razak.DVDRip.x264 TVV.mkv 196.75 MB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E31.Trackers.DVDRip.x264 TVV.mkv 237.97 MB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E26 30.The.Klendathu.Campaign.DVDRip.x264.With.Commentaries TVV.mkv 1.09 GB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E06 10.The.Hydora.Campaign.DVDRip.x264.With.Commentaries TVV.mkv 1.15 GB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E11 15.The.Tophet.Campaign.DVDRip.x264.With.Commentaries TVV.mkv 1.41 GB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E16 20.The.Tesca.Campaign.DVDRip.x264.With.Commentary TVV.mkv 919.49 MB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E21 25.The.Zephyr.Campaign.DVDRip.x264.With.Commentary TVV.mkv 1.17 GB Roughnecks.Starship.Trooper.Chronicles.S01E01 05.The.Pluto.Campaign.DVDRip.x264 TVV.mkv 905.21 MB Only other option I found was an xvid encode by the same group which was also joined the same way.
  6. Added the groups current pick ups for this Spring season to the list. I don't think FUNimation has fully announced their line-up still so if they announce anything else, the list may grow. Otherwise this is probably it. Idle wanted to pick up Akashic Records as well but there just isn't any reliable group actively handling it and we opted not to go the extra mile of all the subtitle and video encode work for it... Although I am doing the subtitle work and video encode for The Silver Guardian which was a surprise that it got announced for Simuldub and I still don't really understand why I opted to do it because so far it hasn't been that impressive from the first two episodes I watched subtitled, but atlas it is what it is. So there, hope you like our picks, lol... we've covered everything currently announced except for Akashic Records and My Hero Academia, both of which don't have any groups covering them anyways.
  7. Apparently *!*@.pt was banned back on December 6th. Not sure for what... but I've removed the ban. Let me know if you have any other issues.
  8. She's not really a typical loli, she's actually a man like in his 30s from our world that was reborn in another world so that God or "Being X" could make him basically submit to him and believe in him. There is magic in this other world and Tanya is extremely smart, to the point that she is usually several steps ahead of her enemies, yet her superiors tend to ignore her warnings so things never end up how she wants them to go. Everything she does is to live a comfortable life out of the dangers of the frontlines, but it backfires every step of the way and she sees herself placed exactly where she didn't want to be. Being X gave her extraordinary abilities, but she can only utilize them by saying a chant that praises him despite despising every fiber of his being, so she hates to do it but does it anyways for the sake of the battle. If you liked things like Code Geass or Death Note, then you'd enjoy it.
  9. I deleted the TVRips once an official dvd release existed, so can't help you with TVRips. If you'd prefer to get dvds, there is of course encodes of the USDVD.... But there is also a made made uncut dual-audio edition as well which was made using the JPDVD and splicing in segments of audio from the Japanese track for the missing scenes.
  10. It seems there’s no end in sight for Jace and Clary’s war against Valentine — Freeform has announced that Shadowhunters was renewed for a third season. This news comes just two days after Freeform held its annual upfront presentation in New York, which — due to scheduling conflicts — the Shadowhunters gang was unable to attend. The second half of Season 2, currently being filmed in Toronto, premieres Monday, June 5 at 8/7c. Will Tudor (Game of Thrones, Humans) is joining the cast as Sebastian, an iconic character from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments novels, upon which the series is based. “We really put our own spin on him the character,” showrunner Todd Slavkin said. “As we’ve done with all the episodes you’ve seen, we’ve always had our own spin on everything — and Sebastian is no different.” Your hopes for Shadowhunters‘ third season? Drop ’em in a comment below.
  11. You'd get a lot more help if you were willing to help yourself by actually reading, cause you couldn't even take the time to read the difference between discussion areas and a request section. *moved to the request board.
  12. It doesn't really represent anything other than the site itself. The logo was designed by @Taylorloves when everyone was offered the ability to design a logo for us, and his was the one I decided to go with. It is basically a semi-warped "k" with another one mirrored. The colored aspect (on Titan it's purple) will change depending on it's use and to match the other themes when it's finally added to them.
  13. It wasn't canceled, it was a planned ending before the season even began... So we got a proper conclusion and everything.
  14. Hi, please try reading. If you help yourself, you'd be more likely to get help. Completed Anime Discussions section is not the place for download requests. The Request section clearly is. Welcome to the forum. *I moved the thread to proper place.
  15. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I added some to a few of the themes at one point in time, but software updates and fresh install of themes wiped them and they were never re-added. I will of course attempt at re-adding them to the themes as I can figure out just how I'd like to embed them depending on the way each theme it setup.