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  1. This is the discussion board.
  2. Artifacts aren't something that happen from upscaling. So if you're seeing that, it was already on the unupscaled encode or you're seeing something else and calling it artifacts rather than what it is. As for upscaling when encoding, or upscaling on playback... depending on your video player configuration, and what you used to resize upon upscaling when encoding; it'd be identical. If you're getting different results, you're doing it wrong. Upscaling a 480p video during playback will have the same blurring as upscaling a 480p source to 1080p during encoding. To counter this people often use dumb filters like warpsharpening which ruin line-art. The problem is the majority of anime and cartoon encoders don't know how to encode. They think they do, but they don't. Unless you're capable of using x264 CLI (no GUI) and writing your own .bat and your own avisynth script with proper scene by scene masks, rather than a "one setting rules them all GUI encoder" or a "filter the whole episode the same with no masks".
  3. It's a simple copy & paste. Same thing as copying a file host link and pasting it into a download manager. Can't be made any simpler than that. But you can find active torrents on BakaBT for those specific groups I believe as well. Just be sure to use a torrent client that is on their whitelist.
  4. Because it just started airing two weeks ago.
  5. It's being released weekly on Netflix. The fansub/fanedit groups doing the show are utilizing Amazon rips for their releases.
  6. I'd recommend [DragonFox] for the series. I have it up on my XDCC Bot in our IRC Channel. For the Trust & Betrayal OVA: The Motion Picture: And the Reflections OVA:
  7. Heh, still waiting on AgK and Michiko.
  8. So the first week of two has come and went. Seems Drifters has taken the lead from Izetta, while Keijo and Yuri have fallen further behind to the point that it looks like it'll likely be either Drifters or Izetta that takes the cake. Lets see if some underdog can pull a surprise feat before the poll closes in a week. Hopefully we see plenty of new votes pour in through this week.
  9. Don't forget to vote for your Anime of the Season Fall 2016 pick while you still can!

  10. I don't at least. I started this a couple years ago, got everything together, worked on an episode or two, and said screw it. I didn't like C;H and decided it wasn't worth spending the time on it. Deleted the video and audio and subtitles, but I did upload the subtitles to MEGA first. I can't remember what needs to be done on them though. But if someone wants them to do a remux just let me know. At the time I was just going to remux philosophy-raws.
  11. Raizel already has an excellent encode that is dual-audio and utilizes Coalgirls edit of GG's subs. The subs aren't that great because it's GG, the typesetting is pretty bad at times because it's dated and they didn't really try to make it fit or match, but they're watchable and honestly not worth redoing... and I doubt anyone here wants to deal with redoing all of the signs in the show from basically scratch. Someone asked DDY if they'd do it and they turned down the request and told people just to get Coalgirls; but Raizel's video quality is better.
  12. I thought it wasn't being Simuldubbed either so I watched the first two episodes subtitled. However once I found out it was being Simuldubbed, I decided to wait and watch the rest that way. It seemed alright so far, but idk, it's not exactly something great. It's not bad, but it's not great either at this point. As to if we'll work on it, IDK. Free time is a precious commodity that I don't have much of and I've already picked up one Simuldub project while having plenty of BD projects to tend to as-is. Hence I'd like to be able to hire more staff to pick up the Simuldub slack. Though in elDLIVE's case, no one has been fansubbing/faneditting it, so it'd literally require syncing to HS, or encoding and doing the subtitle work from scratch and I dislike dealing with having to fix timing, typeset signs, and edit on a weekly basis all by myself. Especially when I'm not that good with motion tracking signs or gradients (I'm mostly an editor and encoder).
  13. I thought it was good in this case that they were starting from scratch rather than continuing from the OVAs. It's been confirmed for 25 episodes so they should be able to flesh out the characters more and still advance the story past that; and so far they've done it in a way that feels fresh, rather than just some long recap of the same events. It feels different, and I'm enjoying the show much better than I thought I would. In fact I thought the OVAs were kind of meh because the lack of time to actually develop the characters and the world and still progress the plot, while this series I feel has been doing great. It's a surprise hit for me this season so far, because honestly I'm usually not that fond of Trigger productions and I went into this show expecting to drop it within the first couple episodes.
  14. The official website for Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season has announced the new cast members, preview, and streaming dates for the anime. The ONA will start on March 24, 2017 with the fifth episode and will end on June 20, 2017 with the eighth episode. New Cast Members Bianca Carlyle: Yurina Furukawa Himouto! Umaru-chan) Vincent Pike: Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama.) Billy Hickam: Ryota Osaka (Tales of Zestiria the X 2nd Season) The first season of the series covered four 18-minute episodes animated by studio Sunrise. The anime was streamed online from December 25, 2015 to April 22, 2016. It was later released together as a movie on Blu-ray.