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    High School of the Dead Manga Creator Daisuke Satō Passes Away at 52

    By Koby,

    BtaU7uy.jpgWriter and manga creator Daisuke Satō passed away due to ischemic heart disease on March 22. He was 52. His immediate family have already held a funeral service, and his younger sister Yūko Shinmyō was the chief mourner.

    Satō's works include the High School of the Dead (Highschool of the Dead in Japan) manga with artist Shoji Sato and the Imperial Guards manga with artist Yu Ito. Highschool of the Dead had been effectively on extended hiatus since March 2011, although a new chapter did debut in April 2013.

    sin Nanatsu no Taizai Anime's 2nd Video Previews Opening Song

    By Koby,

    PbSTiKT.jpgThe official website for the sin Nanatsu no Taizai, the television anime adaptation of Hobby Japan's multimedia project The 7 Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai, not to be confused with the similarly named manga by Nakaba Suzuki) began streaming the series' second promotional video on Thursday. The video previews Mia REGINA's opening theme song "My Sweet Maiden."


    A flyer at the AnimeJapan 2017 event, which is being held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center from Thursday to Sunday, revealed that the anime's official English title is "Seven Mortal Sins."


    The anime's main cast will appear on the special sin Nanatsu no Taizai Jirashi Tokuban ~Shinri Test de Cast ga Maruhadaka?!~ television program on Tokyo MX on April 7 at 25:05 (effectively 1:05 a.m. on April 8). The special will also air on AT-X and BS11. Additionally, Akane Fujita, Arisa Sakuraba, and Megumi Toda will attend a special stage event at AnimeJapan on Saturday.


    The anime series will premiere on AT-X on April 14 at midnight (effectively April 15), and will then air an hour later on Tokyo MX. The series will also air on BS11 starting on April 17. The website lists the anime with 12 episodes.


    In the story, the prideful archangel Lucifer disobeys God and is cast into the lowest level of hell as a fallen angel. On her way to hell, Lucifer happens to meet a high school girl on Earth named Maria, who helps her. In hell, Lucifer meets Leviathan, and Leviathan explains to Lucifer about The Seven Mortal Sins, the seven demon king rulers of hell. After The Seven Mortal Sins seal Lucifer's powers, Lucifer goes on a journey with Maria and Leviathan to defeat them.

    Godzilla Anime Film Reveals Full Title, Story, New Visual, November Premiere

    By Koby,

    xDvczBg.jpgThe official website for Polygon Pictures' Godzilla anime film revealed the film's November debut in Japan and the film's full title on Friday. The full title is Godzilla: Kaijū Wakusei (Godzilla: Monster Planet). The site also revealed a new visual for the film:


    The tagline on the poster to the right reads "We will definitely take back this 'Planet'."


    The official website describes the story:

    The last summer of the 20th Century. That day, the human beings learn that they are not the only ruler of the planet Earth.

    The appearance of the giant living creatures “Kaiju's” and the ultimate existence that destroys all monsters: Godzilla. Through the battle against kaiju's that lasted for half a century, human beings has experienced continuous defeat, and finally plans to escape from the Earth. And in 2048, only those who were selected by the A.I. managed under the central government boarded the inter-sidereal emigrant spaceship “Aratrum” to head for “Tau Cetus e”, the planet beyond the distance of 11.9 light-year. However, the environmental condition differences between that of the Earth and Tau e, which they finally arrived after 20 years were far beyond the predicted numbers, and was not an environment considered to be habitable by human beings.


    The young man on the emigrant ship: Haruo, who saw his parents killed by Godzilla in front of his eyes when he was 4 years old, had only one thing in his mind for 20 years: to return to the Earth and defeat Godzilla. Shut out from the possibility of emigration, as the living environment in the ship deteriorates, the group of “Earth Returnists” led by Haruo became the majority, and determines to head back to Earth through a dangerous long-distance hyperspace navigation. However, the Earth they have returned has already passed the time of 20,000 years, and has become an unknown world with the ecosystem reigned by Godzilla.

    At the end, will human beings win back the Earth? And what will Haruo see beyond his fate?

    The film will also stream globally on the Netflix service this year.

    Attack on Titan 2nd Season's 2nd Promo Video Features Beast Titan

    By Koby,

    The official website for the Attack on Titan television anime began streaming the second promotional video for the second season on Saturday. The video features the Beast Titan and battle between the Titans and main human characters. FUNimation Entertainment later streamed the video with English subtitles.



    The second season's first promotional video, which includes some of the same footage, premiered in December. Funimation streamed the video with English subtitles. The series will premiere in Japan on 21 networks, including Tokyo MX and MBS, on April 1. Funimation will also begin streaming a simulcast version on the same day. Funimation announced in December that it licensed the second anime season.

    Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Director, Character Designer Launch Yakusoku ~sunnyrain memories~ Novels

    By Koby,

    Pony Canyon's YouTube channel for anime began streaming a teaser video for anime director Ryosuke Nakamura and animator Mieko Hosoi's new project Yakusoku ~sunnyrain memories~ (Promise ~sunnyrain memories~). Pony Canyon's PonyCan Books imprint will publish the first novel for the project in early summer.



    Nakamura and Hosoi previously served as director and character designer, respectively, for the Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Aiura, and Psychic School Wars anime. Their doujin circle Matsukaze Kōbō published an illustration collection titled sunnyrain memories Yakusoku in summer 2015 with a story by Nakamura and art by Hosoi. The book that focuses on the daily lives of four girls who live on an island.