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  2. I get annoyed by the constant spam barrage of OneDrive on Windows10. It constantly loads itself without asking and insists I create an account or login. I have no intentions of using it, searching for ways of removing it has led to zero positive results on how to get rid of it.
  3. and how much is that?
  4. as per capacity of my pendrive
  5. I think i will have to hunt for a cable wala in my area. All my recordings are encrypted. I still think if you ask whose cable network you are on to the person whom you pay the monthly tv charge, he might tell you. If he says what, tell him cable networks like DEN cable, SITI cable. btw, how much can you record from your ACC stb.
  6. cable like before!
  7. Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ni-Hao-Kai-lan-Season-1/dp/B002AL4A4E https://www.amazon.com/Ni-Hao-Kai-lan-Season-2/dp/B0172Q2XRM
  8. ^^oh, ok. I don't know much about current cable tv situation. So you receive tv signals from small dish like airtel/reliance/dish tv or from cable like before.
  9. Watching NHKL.
  10. yes actually it was a cable tv till 31st Dec 2015 then there came Cable TV digitalization in Urban India and we just put the cable in a stb n port as AV connection, so the network doesn't belong to any company!
  11. sorry if this might seem annoying. So you don't know whose service, as in whom you pay for the tv channels, you are using.
  12. Today
  13. bro, Idk myself, I am blessed with such a stb which provides me to record episodes beautifully without any watermarks, I know the stb name is ACC n nothing else
  14. Have been looking for this since i saw the vertical comics hardcover (left to right version). Does anyone know of a right to left "unflipped version" that exists in english? If not, maybe there are scans of the raws that could have the translation added to them. Any info would be a big help!
  15. Can someone give me rocknaldo episode of Steven universe with subtitles.srt on mega please?
  16. Thanks a lot for checking it out! Appreciated!
  17. I know the title is "Marvel Comics" Discussion Thread...but its actually just a thread for me to yell about how everyone needs to read The Vision and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. What you guys and gals reading?
  18. Worked well for me. Thanks.
  19. Seconded!
  20. I'd love to see this too even tho I don't have access to the Live Action section yet. I will eventually!
  21. My favorite song on the planet!
  22. Heres to 500,000 more!
  23. Currently watching Timeless, This is Us, and Riverdale from my DVR. Recently catching Alaskan Bush People when it airs on tv.
  24. I am so damn excited!
  25. So i also downloaded your last DBS upload. There is no airtel watermark. Also i found Toonami is now also available on Tata Sky and a few cable networks. I know DEN cable has watermark. So you aren't using DEN cable. What source are you using, pls tell.
  26. here is a few sec decrypted rec https://mega.nz/#!uNBT1ZbC!Kbg7Jh_JzKyq10yeystXgQ0Byg-kl2DyH2bniJ_L46Y
  27. ^^then whose
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