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  1. Yesterday
  2. hello!


    Is there any update about the Dragon Ball Ultimate Edition you were talking about in this post?



    I would also like to know the details about what it contains...

    I'll wait for the Ultimate Edition (if it's still ongoing) or download DBNL's releases (if the project's dead).



    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      I help form a team to work on it.


      As of now I have dropped from the ranks. Plus our main source where we were uploading all of our content will be shutting down shortly. So I have no idea what the team is doing, because last I checked they were trying to get Every resource imaginable for Dragon Ball.

    2. ColdFlaMes


      Oh, I see. That is sad to hear. :(

      Thanks for replying, though! :D

  3. Last week
  4. If you're interested in getting one of the last NES Classics, BestBuy will have them in stock tomorrow morning. Mine is handing out tickets an hour before opening. This will probably be the last shipment EVER.

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    2. Etzimal
    3. deanzel


      It's a beautiful little box and I'm actually very very tempted to just open it up and play it. Must resist. Anyways, already up on CraigsList with the extra controller and cables that I got at a discount.

    4. Etzimal


      If no one buys it, hmu. I'll pay over the MSRP, but not 250$... xD

  5. Anyone has an extra dedicated server or shared server? (Which u don't use much) so I can use it to encode my stuff. Well i'll make a deal. I can share my google drive (unlimited storage). Just for storage purposes. Not to share stuff on the web. Pls PM me. Thanks. 

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    2. Harry-Potter


      Well it's my university account. and it's given for us free of charge 

    3. Cryptic


      Ohh. So it won't be unlimited once you graduate.

    4. Harry-Potter


      Well Google says they have removed that limitation. who knows? 

  6. Watching Attack on Titan then Eromanga-sensei confuses the mind. Going from horror to moe is not something the body is used to.

  7. Hey, quick question. Are you going to add episodes from Naruto Shippuden 374 and higher (375 - 388) anytime? The episodes you have so far are great! 

    I continued off of your episodes since the Netflix batch of episodes were only up sometime after Pain's Arc and stopped.

  8. PLEASE fix the links 

    I want to get all the 1080p's! PLEASE!!! :love:

    1. leatherpuppetz


      He doesn't post on here no more, so don't expect a fix.

    2. vic47


      Then what? :/ There's no way I could get those cartoons? omg... How I can contact him or etc... ???

    3. leatherpuppetz



      Then what? :/




      There's no way I could get those cartoons?


      1: You can try the search function and see if another member has posted those.

      2: There are people who have them, but unfortunately when the link goes down they don't help out and repost them to help the original uploader.

      3: You can try and find another place that might have them, and if you do your more then welcomed to download and upload them yourself and share them with members here.  It would help others out not to be in the situation you are in now with dead links.



      How I can contact him or etc... ???


      Normal contact is done by PM. But he's not receiving messages, so you can't.  Unfortunately a combination of file hosts deleting his files, and other members reporting his Awesome work to have it taken down lead him to stop uploaded here.  Cant blame Tooncore, why spend all that time and effort, days weeks months to encode/upload these great cartoons just to have it taken down in less then 24hrs.



      Cant wait to see what Great cartoons you have to share with all of us here.   :)

  9. I dont really bother doing 720p with my own releases but for the sake of knowing who wants Aria The scarlet Ammo AA released in 720p along side my 1080p release?

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    2. Catar


      Winter has also turned out to be the best encode every time I've brought them in for comparison, which was Rolling Girls and Phantom. So yeah, I second their quality. I've seen Winter encodes on nyaa/AB frequently enough, but if you're having trouble getting them off rutracker try using a torrent index, or search rutracker using google with site:rutracker.org, for less Cyrillic.

    3. NeutralHatred


      You should always do both resolutions regardless. It's a standard at this point for most groups.

      Mainly why I only do SimulDubs remuxes. I don't have the time or patience for remuxing, timing, and editing for a BD release. I'm only doing Heavy Object to help Koby out. I probably won't request anything again. Unless someone really needs help.

    4. Etzimal




      I usually do what I feel like in terms of which res to release. Ofc, if someone asks, I'll go and do the other resolution, if there are sources available. But, for the most part, because of the shows I work on being some of the... less good ones... 720p is enough imo.

  10. Why no fansub doing Reikenzan: Eichi e no Shikaku :(

    1. Koby


      Why eraser no "revival no jutsu" for rage of bahamut 2. lol

    2. diamonddustlove


      The only place I found the first season subbed was on watch cartoons online. They'll probably get the second season.

    3. BluerGost


      @Koby Are u saying why eraser no doing Rage of bahamut 2. It doesnt matter to me as long as there is a sub. Also kind of hostile toward that anime after the 1st season ending. So ...... Ya . 

      @diamonddustloveI dont think watch cartoons online subs anime. But Horrible sub did. I watched it from there. But unfortunately HS not doing the 2nd Season . 

  11. Happy Birthday to Me

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    2. DeathTheKid


      Happy Birthday Alice!

    3. Etzimal


      Mine was earlier this month. :P


      Have a good one!

    4. Vaux


      Happy Birthday Alice

  12. Anyone here collect Thunderbean Animation's Blu-ray releases?

  13. Don't forget to vote in the Anime of the Season poll!

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    2. mrbaer
    3. Vaux


      Does it sound bad if I say I can't find it?

    4. Koby


      It's in the Polls board, or on the sidebar of the index page of the forum or portal.


      Alternatively, here is the link: http://kametsu.com/topic/57995-voting-anime-of-winter-2016/


  14. Hey! Just now seeing you never got house of cosbys lolol almost 2 years too late, so with that said were you still in need of the files?

  15. (cough, cough) damn this joint so, goooooooooooood (cough, cough)


    Valkyrie Drive eps 3-5 later tonight

    1. mrbaer


      get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. NeutralHatred


      mrbaer is aborable.

  16. Just to heads up Floopaloo is airing on Yoopa.

    1. DJStarfish


      Sadly my provider Rogers doesn't even have Yoopa.

    2. Pacific85


      I hope it will air on Unis too.

    3. The Anime
  17. Could I have those sailor moon episodes too? 80 - 89.

  18. ...................


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    2. PDoggy77


      Huh. I thought it was another case of translators taking "creative liberties", like Crunchyroll's Gabriel DropOut TL.

    3. NeutralHatred


      @Koby I take it you're watching this series then?

    4. Koby


      I'm going to when I finally get around to it. Was actually typesetting the show to do it myself when Kaitou said he was going to do it and asked me if I'd help them. By the time I was around to respond, he'd already gotten someone else but I honestly didn't want to be doing it weekly so glad I didn't have to. Just gonna watch their release as long as they keep it up timely enough.


  20. Something I've never done at all, encode 2 shows at once. Expect the first 2 eps of Aria TSA AA and Valkyrie Drive tomorrow!

  21. Earlier
  22. Tanya ended stupid. If we don't get a second season, the whole series is shit. It was a good 1-12 but, if NUT fails to give us a second season... Imma be upset.

    1. Etzimal




      I guess I'll wait for BDs then

    2. PDoggy77


      They're a brand new studio, I can't see them having anything else lined up, especially with how well Tanya did. It wasn't expected to do nearly as well as it did, no?

    3. Hark0n


      While I am not following the novel, I am fairly certain that it is still ongoing, so that could also be the reason why they can't put out 2nd season just yet.

  23. Moving tomorrow...sigh...I'm already so tired from packing up the house.  Now to move it and un pack it...

    1. Koby


      Bet you'll enjoy your new house though once you've got settled in.

    2. Alice


      I hope so.  Right now I am just dreading all the work left to do.

    3. DabDeity710


      Do you like your new house more than your old house? I've been packing too cuz I'm moving either this week or next week I honestly don't remember I'd have to ask my dad but for so long I've said I would do anything to get out of this rathole of an apartment and now I finally canxDMy new house is kinda nice too which is mad nice cuz I've been living in trashy apartments/complexes and this one super shitty house inbetween since 4th grade.

  24. I really hate when it almost reach to the end of this month to catch up all my homework and take the finals testing. I'm stressing out already.
    1. ashven


      Good luck on your finals, hopefully you're able to kill it.

  25. Will aim to finish seraph next 2 days \o/


    Some days off work finally.

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