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  1. Yesterday
  2. Come to negotiate, eh, have you, you slimy git? Look what I got. *sings* I got a jar of dirt, I got a jar of dirt, and guess what's inside it?

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    2. DabDeity710


      It's not just anime, it's EVERYTHING

    3. SallySubs


      Are we yelling at hollywood for fucking up everything they touch? *silently joins the party*

    4. DabDeity710


      I'm still waiting on Hollywood to get scorsese to make a Trump biopic. It'd be a gangster movie in the vein of Wolf of Wallstreet. It'd be just like Wolf of Wallstreet except for the part where he gets arrested for all the super illegal shit he did because Trump's too gangster to get caught. He's so gangster he even became the head of his country's government LEGITIMATELY. Would that not be the greatest gangster film of all time? But on a serious note fuck Trump, fuck him in his filthy orange butthole.

  3. Last week
  4. That's weird-- the Kametsu Projects header says I posted in the Kametsu Attack on Titan thread 21 hours ago, but I didn't? The last post in there was from March 13th. I wasn't even at home at that time yesterday...

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    2. Koby


      I have a 'bump' feature which allows me to 'bump' topics when I want to. It'll show the last post as being at the time of the bump, despite the last post being at some other time prior. Unfortunately I don't think it adds it to the unread activity stream which means it doesn't fully get the attention it would had it been a legit new post. But yeah I'll sometimes bump releases from time to time.

    3. PDoggy77


      Oh, got it. Thanks for letting me know.

    4. Catar


      admin abuse

  5. okk! So recorded around 2 hrs continuous English episodes of Kiteretsu Encyclopedia! That means around 12 episodes (considering 1 ep equivalent to 10 min)! Since, I do not know about the JP airing order I will add them in continuous 2 hours order!

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    2. elegeng


      I was recently thinking of downloading the series but was surprised that no one did a quality 1080p release. And  since you posted this status, i thought maybe there will be a definite release of this in 1080p as kametsu known for its quality releases but i can understand the lack of available sources for subs, audio and not a single 1080p encode. This would be the best release for the time being and will grab this. Thnx for doing this.

    3. Koby


      Trinity Blood was animated at like 400p and released on DVD only until FUNimation upscaled it. Still does not have a Japanese Blu-ray. If I encoded it, I honestly could not see myself justifying a 1080p encode. The 720p resolution already has enough issues as it was from the upscale. I'm not fully sure that I wouldn't just opt for a 540p encode if I was doing it myself, as that was about what the rest of the FUNimation upscaled Blu-rays looked decent enough like Claymore and Gungrave. But I'd probably go with 720p just because, idk.

    4. elegeng


      That explains what stopping you from doing a 1080 encode of this. While a 540p will be perfect for this, its worth a shot but i guess its not worth the time for you to do this as you already got your hands full with other projects. And no need for doing a 540p when we already have, not a high quality, but decent looking 720p archive worth quality.

  6. If anyone here has experience with building a simple website from scratch, reply to this post, I could use some help here.

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    2. Arian


      I would like it to be HTML, if possible.

    3. SallySubs


      What's the problem you're having? Or do you just need a full site build?

    4. Arian


      I need a full site build, exactly.

  7. Can you empty your message box, please? Thanks.

  8. Can you empty your message box? Thanks.

  9. Think I might rewatch Gundam Wing :) I did watch it 4 years ago... and I just saw this lol


  10. Seen as Dropbox's Public folder is no longer public, if you come across any images that are broken, please let me know? (I have replaced what I can)

    1. Pollux


      Well, you fixed you sig, so posts from you are waaaaaaaaaaaaay less horrible to look at now. :P


    2. Moodkiller


      hahaha...Implying my posts are still horrible to look at either way.

      Fu Pollux, F.U. :|

    3. Pollux


      I meant they are not ugly to look at now...Lol.

  11. OK, from now on, I won't be announcing any projects I work on. I'm too damn lazy and can never finish anything :(

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    2. mrbaer
    3. MysterySword


      I'll still do projects, but I don't want to disappoint people who are waiting on them. Like I still have yet to complete Mushishi season 2. So I'll release projects, but without announcing them first.

    4. mrbaer


      OK !!! thanks

  12. Hi, any chance you could re-upload your scooby-doo links, particularly the boos brothers and be cool scooby doo?

    1. Tooncore


      At the moment matt17 I have no means to upload any files. No MEGA and no Amazon.

    2. matt17


      Ok well if your looking for a few free uploading sites I have some, 1filcher, usercloud, ezfile, uplea, and solidfiles. Maybe you could give one of those sites a try. Also this is just an idea but I have found out that uploading files as rar files helps protect them from jerks trying to report them as illegal uploads.

  13. Hi, I've sent you something in PM. :D

  14. Damn my sides and flank been hurting all day

  15. Did funimation skip this weeks dub for Fuuka?

    1. Koby


      Looks like it.

  16. Noticed something weird about the Amazon rips of Samurai Jack S05. When looking at the first picture in this comparison, I can see horizontal artifacts (not interlacing) on Jack's armor in the Amazon encode that don't exist in the iTunes encode. Not sure what could have caused it. Similar artifacts appear on more solid surfaces throughout the episode, but not on every one, only on a select few, without any apparent rhyme or reason. Any ideas on what could have caused this? It bothers me quite a bit. I'm considering keeping the iTunes copies just because of it, even though Amazon is better in every respect, these artifacts just really irk me for some reason.



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    2. PDoggy77


      Great, I was about to come and ask if you could do a REPACK for those episodes-- the fix you used for the latest episode worked really well. Thanks so much for doing this!

    3. truedread


      All released, but I'm curious, where do you download my releases?

    4. PDoggy77


      Well, I saw the screenshots of S05E03 on IPT, but I actually downloaded it from RARBG.

  17. Dear Tooncore,


    I want to download Flintstone Comedy Show, but the links are not working anymore. Please fix them and please let me know about it.


    1. Tooncore


      Sorry amir I have no Amazon or MEGA accounts to create new links.

    2. amir


      Thank you so much for your kind reply.

  18. Yo! Please add this thread "BLEACH || 480P || 720P COMPLETE (DATTEBAYO, KAA, ELEMENT+BLAZER SOUL, FLOMP & SGKK SUBS)" to the list in Subbed anime section. 

  19. Earlier
  20. @Mr. Kimiko I have a new phone (same #), but I lost your cell phone number sadly.


    Please send me a text with your name so I can add you to my contacts.


    1. Etzimal


      Spoiler alert.


      But really though, that show is terrible.

  22. Uploading Wolf's Rain 16-22 and 28-30 NOW!!

  23. Hey, man


    Do you have Bleach 130-190 Dattebayo subs? I'm been looking for them for a very long time..

    1. Harry-Potter
    2. SylentEcho


      I found it and I posted it in the Subbed section. :)

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