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  1. Today
  2. UPDATE TO ALL USERS, PLEASE READ: As part of our efforts to restore mail functionality, we have forcefully unsubscribed all members from receiving admin mails. This does NOT affect your subscribed threads notifications or any other notifications settings - you will still receive emails for those including new PMs and any other options you may have enabled. Only admin-generated mails are disabled now, as it's not used very often if at ALL here. The thread at http://kametsu.com/topic/56969-mail-server-temporarily-disabled/ will be updated with this information shortly.

  3. Pardon me...


    I heard that you're uploading your Steven Universe encodes to Mega for now.


    Where exactly could I look for them?

  4. Yesterday
  5. Hey pikanet thanks for your encodes and dl tool however i believe the new funi site upgrade means that ur old tool may no longer work


    i have found it very useful ;) 


    is it hard for u to make another? will this one work in time? or have funi put up some kind of barrier ;P


    anyways i hope alls going well :D 


  6. I am really disappointed to hear that one of our very own members has decided to leave, due to people disrespecting his wishes.

    I reached out to him in his initial post because I was genuinely shocked to hear the news in the Simpsons thread.  Anyone who tries to convince a forum member to come back, solely for their releases is awfully selfish and should really reevaluate themselves, do some soul-searching, and ask why they joined this community in the first place.  If your answer is "Oh, I only come here for the downloads," you've missed the point.  These forums more than just a place to download files for your personal viewing!  Kametsu is a COMMUNITY, FIRST and FOREMOST.  REMEMBER this, folks!

    While I will CONFESS that I initially joined Kametsu to get the ONLY WEB-DL release of MTV's Good Vibes, I STAYED BECAUSE of this great COMMUNITY.  I've learned about some great software and improved on my own SKILL as an encoder, myself.

    While I haven't uploaded anything new in a while, I do plan to in the not-so-distant future, as I have some files have yet to pop up here, as I try to post things unique to Kametsu.

    I suppose that's all I have to say without sounding like I'm talking over myself.


    1. rand


      I have been getting more then 60% of my media downloads from nyaa.  Its just click, add torrent file then i wonder off.  I dont come here for community as its too small and close knit.  My home forum is blizzhackers.cc while its quite dead its fun to talk about old times.  Only a select few users actually here talk to each other or have like interests.  I actually joined in 2012 but lost my account back in 2015 due to exploits.  But in that time i saw the same people come and few go, it seems to be a cycle for small communities.  At this point i don't give it much thought when people come or go because i know very soon those accounts will be inactive.  Just add the next item into the download que, and fill the media hard drive and not over think it.

    2. ZeroPenguins


      I get 100% of my downloads from torrents via my seedbox. I only go on this forums for the lols...

  7. OK if you haven't seen the sticky in Broadcast Station yet, remember the mail server is temporarily disabled for 48 hours to address a spam issue with sending too much+too fast. There won't be any new subscribed threads emails or registration confirmation emails of any kind for that time period, as a result, sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Etzimal


      Yeah, noticed I wasn't getting emails when I got PMs.


      Thanks for the heads up.

    2. IkarosBD


      @Etzimal Whoops yeah I forgot to include PMs in that, but yeah we're still trying to deal with the server host about this. Communication has been problematic to say the least. We'll make an annoucement in the related thread when we have more info on this.

  8. Last week
  9. are you alright? it's been ages since you've been on here

  10. FUCK IT. Gonna preorder the Nintendo Switch. I need my Zelda fix ASAP. Hopefully I can grab one with the Neon color joycons.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. deanzel


      Yeah, there definitely will be a price drop in the holidays (or maybe bundle a game with the $300 pack), but I don't know if I can wait that long. Breath of the Wild looks amazing.

    3. deanzel


      Well nm. It looks like preorders are sold out everywhere. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    4. DarkGanta


      Yeah they really Nintendo'd the the stock with this. Seriously wish they'd realize how much better manufacturing based on demand via an open preorder window could be. Especially with collector's editions and things that aren't as difficult to manufacture as a new console.

  11. geEEVsH.png

    I'm now an Uploader!


    Thank you everyone!

  12. I am thinking about getting back into Muxing and cutting...   Would love some help on a project I have had to put on hold or a long time due to Lack of background in AVIsynth... and other techniques

  13. If anyone feels like taking a shot at making promos for URT Ruby programmes, mail the link or inquire to ecmegastation@airmail.cc

  14. And Now, I'm VIP.  NOICE!

  15. Finally changed image hosts to imgur.

  16. Don't forget to vote for Anime of the Season: Fall 2016



  17. My password got hacked, changed it and doesn't mean I'm coming back, GoodBye and GoodLuck.

    1. artycharred


      aww man... x- x do you know where i could find the new adventures of winnie the pooh HD rips you had?

  18. #PitSenyor to Everyone at Kametsu!!! Official Stream from #SkycableCebu:



    -- weazelone

    1. weazelone


      UPDATE: STREAM ENDED! The Sinulog 2017 Stream broadcast from YT is only 12 hours long = now limits through the last 4 hours until now. Hopefully someone will download the highest quality (if you're only have a filipino citizen at once)... Awarding Ceremony concludes Monday tomorrow at 1pm in CEBU local time / 11pm CST Sunday night.

    2. weazelone


      FINAL UPDATE #2: Here it is, everyone! FULL video is UP! 12hrs. of runtime (after a few hours of enconding), available now exclusively for a limited time on YT. It's the local religion & tradition in Cebu. You may download one now.


      https://youtube.com/watch?v=6rPiDwK1_h0 (full video)


      NOTE: 360p viewing download is only 3.28GB. And 720p viewing download is only 12.05GB. You can choose your quality wisely; to catch-up or relive the festivities out of town. It's like, we're in Cebu for a vacation week.


      Enjoy from now & Pit Senyor from all of us at Kametsu. ;)


      -- weazelone


  19. So, Asenshi or eraser for Little Witch Academia?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. deanzel


      eraser's doesn't have an annoying watermark. Thus, eraser :P

    3. Koby


      @deanzel cause it got erased amirite? ha. Nah but they used a web source. =)

    4. NeutralHatred


      Doesn't bother me either. Again, airing show. Not expecting BD quality.
      Besides, TV station watermark makes me feel like I'm watching it on TV all legit like. I feel less bad for stealing then. Because I feel bad for my 1.5TB of anime.

  20. Nintendo.Switch....that's the joke. Heh.

  21. Going to be making some changes soon, one of which is making the jump to SSL / HTTPS. The other is the possible arrival of a VIP type board for Cartoon / Live-Action uploaders who are having issues with people stealing links to post on other sites; which would require someone to have been actively posting or contributing to the site for a while; which should cut out the people more prone to link sharing.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ARRBEE007


      I make not-so-many pretty videos for fun.

    3. Alice


      Blue names are for the GFX which only consist of two and me being the active one.

    4. rand
  22. Would someone be able to help me out with a soft subtitle file of tawawa on monday, preferrably .ass but .srt is fine.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ARRBEE007


      The trouble is that group TAC and kami-translations both harsubbed episode 5 and softsubbed the rest. What I thought was to translate krosis's sortsub line by line with tac' hardsub, but that's a lot of work with aegisub and mkvtoolnix. TAC's subs were off by roughly 1500 ms - 2150 ms when mixed with moozzi2 bluray release of tawawa on Monday. I only need episode 5.

    3. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      Get from Horriblesubs. Sure there's no OP+ED karaoke because HS rarely does them but it's better than nothing, right?

    4. ARRBEE007


      Horriblesubs didn't take on tawawa on monday, i think its because it's not on crunchyroll either.

  23. I hope those that used to enter SOTW and those who want to try them out will start to enter the SOTW contests.  I'm thinking of adding the incentive of a custom graphic from myself to those who win the SOTW or customizing and award to add to your signature.  Let me know!!!

  24. I hope this won't be your last SOTW for awhile.  I miss your work.  It would be nice to have more than me and urbatman each week.  :)

    1. ParasiteEve


      I'd like to try getting back into it, my skills are super rusty lol, but I won't make any promises.

      But I'll try to enter as often as I can :)

    2. Alice


      That would be awesome.  :)

  25. Sorry to bump you sir but did you read my latest message?

    1. retal4


      Sorry, but I've been ignoring private messages recently. I will read it though.

  26. Watching boobs and butts...

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