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  2. Was working on a project, but discovered I had the wrong settings for the quality halfway through... Yup. Profile picture is pretty much how I feel at the moment. Have to start over. Maybe this time I can streamline the whole process...

  3. Does this help? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRBkqWC92z9C1cIG1VS7qGA
  4. Does anyone know if Crunchyroll/FUNimation/Daisuki alter/edit/update their subs and/or videos from time to time on their streaming sites?

  5. How often does this site come back online? I have Jdownloader but I forgot to save down the decryption key...
  6. Today
  7. Adventure Time S08E18 - Horse and Ball US Airdate: January 26th, 2017 at 7:45PM Synopsis: When disaster befalls James Baxter, it's up to Finn and Jake to help him pick up the pieces. 2 minute preview + subtitles: https://qt.vidyagam.es/95EDPjG.mp4 Images:
  8. x-men

    Amazon Video's is probably low bitrate as they usually encode SD stuff to CRF22 which is bad. Netflix doesn't seem to have it. If I had a Hulu subscription I'd be willing to check it out there.
  9. just used ffmpeg to convert to mkv. yaaa me, video and sound look good but got this error frame=34480 fps=3338 q=-1.0 Lsize= 838307kB time=00:23:58.20 bitrate=4775.0kbits/s speed= 139x video:827254kB audio:11295kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead: unknown the muxing overhead: unknown is that something i need to worry about
  10. HI guys I'm looking for the Creditless Openings of the One Piece Anime made by Funimation. These videos where available on the DVDs, but here i found only the normal episodes. It should have a resolution 480p. Can anyone please help out? Thanks
  11. remux sound good could you recommend a program?
  12. @storm134 You can just remux it into mkv, or demux with tsmuxer and mux in mp4 with mp4box.
  13. what about the ts extension, can i just rename it to mp4 or do i have to use a program to convert it?
  14. Currently on the latest chapter of One Piece. It's really interesting.
  15. weird I think @Koby sor someone else said their rips were 155. tbh SBR with 64kbps s sounds horrible. people said the previous 125kbps was bad but this sounds way worse. why would they downgrade their audio
  16. Newest season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Came out on Netflix the other day.
  17. Thank you!
  18. v2 beta 3 - new options: --alt - alternative episode listing (if available) --ss - select season (by default 1) https://mega.nz/#!ZtQHGJwY!E3C5HubCLKqGSjShJnoNX6OI2iak1Wcbm3NjRILe60g
  19. I found out that this amazing series have been made from better (un-cropped and slightly better image quality) source for streaming services, compared to the original NTSC DVDs. Below are 1:1 image comparison from the first episode "Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)". So anyone can re-check my findings. Unfortunately iTunes is in low quality encode (and slightly cropped). Amazon Video version looks great, anyone able to record from them in lossless (or near-lossless) quality? Also, maybe Netflix and Hulu plus can be the same as Amazon Video, or better (I wasn't able to check). I am willing to share the purchase expenses from whatever streaming service is best for this.
  20. HI everybody I'm looking for the Shout! Factory bluray version of the Last Unicorn. This version is suppose to have dialog that was cut in all the other home versions (i.e. Molly Grue saying "damn you where have you been?" was cute to remove the damn you). Can anyone please help out? Thanks
  21. Been playing League of Legends again, really enjoying it so far
  22. Possibly in the whole "mass-email" "notification disabled" saga, something happened upon starting it up? @IkarosBD did say that no user preferences would be changed other than everyone getting unsubscribed from Admin emails... so might be worth checking with him. I personally like those settings because usually if I do comment on something, I'd like to know what happens afterwards \o/
  23. woops must have been destracted and just went into the first few forums and not noticed... ta
  24. This is the discussion board.
  25. Oh I'm confused with what is going on at this forum now.. where are the links?
  26. I always thought I was one of those guys that it couldn't happen to... Boy was I wrong! I recently had all of my drives fail virtually at once. As one began to fail, I ordered a replacement. The very day that the replacement drive arrived, my second drive began throwing some catastrophic failures, and then croaked entirely. I was able to salvage the data on the first drive, containing all my movie collection and personal backups. But I lost all the data from the second drive. I've even swapped out the PCBs and ROM chips. It's gone. So there goes my entire television and anime collection. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is missing. I'm kinda bummed I can't find Qrazed release of Dragon Ball Kai now, but I am slowly rebuilding what I had. Lucky for me I was running Sonarr, Emby and a Kodi/mysql setup so there is a detailed documentation of the stuff I had, if not the specific releases. I dunno where I am going with this rant. It just sucks.
  27. I am not sure if I am the only one, but my notification settings suddenly changed on its own. I am sure I didn't change it, and my PC is not physically accessible to anyone so it is very unlikely that someone else changed it. Well, only two setting got changed at that.. Both above settings were unselected due to some reason.
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