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  2. Games. Silver and Gold in particular.
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  4. Tuneskit

    Crack for NotBurner not working. Anybody know where find it or how runni g this crack?
  5. Frontier - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4686698/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  6. Sure. I went to the irc channel for the group and asked if anybody there had any info on them or could share them since the torrent and links were dead. Luckily there was somebody there at that time who was willing to re-seed the torrent long enough for them to fully download. That doesn't always work with some groups/channels, but I figured it was worth a shot and it panned out.
  7. Thank you! been searching for all naruto movie
  8. Lol. Gotta love a character that reads manga on a major network tv show. d8aaac4bff.jpg

  9. Okay, some good news: I've installed a new (yet large) cooling fan, 4 4GB memory sticks, and a 630W power supply. Now my PC's working. About dam ti---


    The bad news: My monitor won't show shit. In DVI. HDMI. Nothing. WTF?

    1. NeutralHatred


      Take out your GPU and plug into the mobo. If it works, you'll know why. And you're not gonna have a good time.

  10. I prefer the games only these days. I have out-grown the anime as well as the trading cards. I never got into any of the various manga.
  11. Did you want a live-action spin-off of Kametsu? I will say yes.
  12. Energy drinks aren't as bad as some legal things like alcohol or tobacco. So no I don't think they should be banned. If people abuse them, that is their own fault.
  13. Yesterday
  14. 150 known Pokémon and many yet to be discovered. Boy, that sure was a lovely thought back in 1998, and this is coming from Bill (episode 13).

  15. im pretty much ready for the universe tournament. we needed a good fight anime.
  16. I Know I should bother and asking like getting into a Telegram access, I tired to getting that account so I can download more Steven universe episodes. and I've been wondering about Star vs The Forces of Evil season 2. so yeah, I don't get the can access to see the content, it wants my phone number but I don't have a phone number cause I don't have one. so chance of getting the access to get more Steven Universe episodes, Poof. cause telegram don't work for me.
  17. Here you go. I'm glad I was able to help you get these. I can't promise I can leave the files on my Mega indefinitely, but no rush. I'll leave them up for a good long time so you and anybody else interested has a chance to download them.
  18. G.I. Joe Sigma 6 and G.I. Joe Extreme are on kisscartoon.se. They are from my same homebrew DVD set. I didn't have season 2 of Sigma 6 though. I'm going to upload Extreme anyway because they added black bars to the episodes.
  19. I think I have the old 7 DVD set but I think there was something wrong with them. I always felt the episodes were out of order or not shown chronologically. There would be an episode where say Gumby is driving a car. A future episode would show how Gumby got the car in the first place. It was so annoying, I couldn't watch it. I never knew it had a different soundtrack. I don't have the newer Gumby set but it can be bought on Walmart for cheap. I think I seen a few episodes from the newer set on a streaming website. Forgot which one.
  20. Hi, thanks for preserving the Toonami dub of DB. As you live in India, could you please record the intro and ending of Ninja Hattori in English? There are a lot of recordings of the Nick English dub but all seem to cut out the opening and ending.

    1. Subhraneel


      yes sure!

    2. PannenkoekenNL


      Thanks! Let me know when you have done it.

  21. Congrats for this awesome milestone!
  22. Gumby (from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1980s) - All from DVDs with original soundtracks (including the rare 7-DVD set with redubbed soundtracks)
  23. Good thing Season 2 is almost at the door. It's taken me a lot of willpower to avoid reading further into the story after S1.
  24. I would recommend using Handbrake as was suggested above. It is fairly simple to use for beginners and keeps relatively up to date libraries for a gui encoder. The size of a video file is mostly determined by the resolution, codec and amount of time the encoder is permitted to use. x265 offers better quality over most x264 at any given bitrate so if you have the time, you could do avc to hevc transcodes using the very slow preset. At crf <=20, it becomes difficult to notice any loss in quality unless using screenshot comparisons. Downscaling 1080 to 720 or 720 to 480 also helps with the size but necessarily throws out a lot of information that cannot be recreated perfectly when upscaling during playback. If you would like to get more involved https://yukisubs.wordpress.com/guides/ Go to the Encoding section and start reading.
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